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It's been almost three months and that's uncool, but I was busy getting settled at a new part-time job as a local radio DJ! Shouldn't take up too much of my time from here out though.

Hm, what else. Oh yes, a new Summer version of the Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza is slated to start in a week or so! Check the details here!

Oh, and for those of you who missed it, the logs of the raucous and chaotic Nuzlocke Panel I was involved in can be viewed here!

Finally, the first chapter of Kanto is done! I'm going to try really hard to keep things shorter and less wordy from here; if I don't then the comic will never end. Action next time, I promise you guys. Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!
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Just started this comic last week and am finally caught up. Love the characters and story, very emotive art. Just had to chime in and say how much I enjoy your work and congratulations on getting to be a DJ!