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I have been goddamn busy, guys, and what time I've had for art lately has been taken up by something that requires a lot less intense emotional focus than this comic. I plan to put it online at some point and in some form--possibly on a different DA account since I only want sequential comic pages on this one. It's a pair of handwritten books done in calligraphy (because I'm insane) as companions to the D&D game I'm in right now: my wizard's spellbook and her journal account of the campaign as well as her backstory. They've got like illustrations and stuff and are pretty cool if you're into that sort of thing, and I got the privilege of having them signed by all of Acquisitions Incorporated as well as Chris Perkins at PAX South.

Apart from that I've been DJing for 106.7 The Eagle (Waco's Classic Rock!) and ring announcing for Heart of Texas Wrestling. And still working at Starbucks because the benefits are just too good.

And I heard a song on my show that I hadn't ever heard before by a band that I wasn't even sure was a real band called The Guess Who. I had heard the name before but had thought it was people making a joke out of The Who or something. Bands have weird names. Anyway, I heard this song by them and I've listened to it about ten times today alone. It makes a good anthem for Apocalypse Johto. I might have the fever again. So get your hopes up guys, because mine are up too. Here's the song.
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I'm still gonna be waiting for an update cause I love your comic.
I hope everything is well with you.