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SoulSilver: Battlefield Kanto - Page 0935

Chapter 34: Power Surge
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Lugia should have been named Migi, Lol. Freaking creep. XD
RileyTehRiolu's avatar
i just binge read this and holy FUCK its so good. this is one of the BEST stories i've ever read PERIOD.
Liria10's avatar
so.... I sorta binge read through all of it tonight, and I just wanted to say, congratulation, it truly is one of the best nuzlocke I've ever read ( actually I can classify it among one of the best comics I've ever read) Between the characters and your world building, it is a griping story, and one I just want to read more of. Your art too is beautiful, and I love the inked style you are using.

All in all, sorry if this is rambling, but this as such an awesome read, and by the end of it I care about the characters and the story, so idk really what to say but once again, congratulation on such an amazing job? Yeah sorry for the rambly comment...
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Is this on hiatus?
DeviousLuxray-GRAnon's avatar
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I second Karnak44.
And also, as a note, oh my god such attention to background detail!
I love when you do interiors because I can always find something neat, such as that Charmander lamp some pages back.
Not to mention that, even colors being nice and all, I say your art style works better as black and white.
Thank you very much for this series.
Karnak44's avatar
I have no idea when this comic stopped being a simple web comic and started delving into legitimate graphic novel format.

Seriously, your art style is both defined, but incredibly skillfull. It might not seem so at first glance, but once I realized that I can NEVER make eldtritch abominations on the level that you do, Saber, I could see the immense amount of talent you have.

For comparison, you should look at some of Junji Ito's stuff. I find a remarkable similarity between your art and his. It's that fucking good.
MegaSylar's avatar
Ya know? If the are cultivating Shiftry trees, couldn't they be able to, I dunno, make it bear seeds and synthesize them to make either or both, a drug to make people immune to psychic powers outside the safe zone having a "Dark type" inside their bodies and something to make TP powers over Candace weaken?

Other than that, awesome drawings as always SABER Clap 
TheAshiro's avatar
Trump Cards used Ominous Wind...
Luck-Of-The-Draw-207's avatar
Trump Card is attempting more control...
DrillBoysGirl's avatar
Can you take out Sabrina first Trump Card? Is that in your plan? I think it would be. She feels like False Priestess with her abilities and what she's done.
millgiass's avatar
*Muffled digitized voice.* This nightmare has strengthened the soul of : Candace.
songwithnosoul's avatar
Eww. That arm REALLY isn't looking too good.
royalP's avatar
this chapter was like a really well set up exposition to a really good plot structure and i'm really excited :O
lilnillasundae's avatar
i agree with coldfire; the atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal. well done! this update was brilliant.
Ryua's avatar
Whitney has such balls. Like, Candace is hot and they're in love, but the fact that she sleeps next to that. Every night.
lopsidelibby's avatar
This can't be good.
SaturnCheese's avatar
Oh jesus I do not like where this is going.
Again what is Trump card up to? (Not being subtle with her arm there)
coldfire323's avatar
you are a god at setting up atmosphere.
Kidforlife's avatar
...... I don't like this foreshadowing...
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