Equestria Girls: Graduation - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Sky and Stars Are the Limit

Once both Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer were at the diner they found, almost right outside of Crystal City, which was also practically just a short walk away from the modern cottage home of Sunburst, Starlight Glimmer’s old childhood friend…

…they ordered their lunch together, then got their drinks first, and then started talking about how Starlight should say to Sunburst, after being separated from him for so many years, especially since she felt like it was all her fault that their friendship ended in the very first place.

Starlight started by saying, “It really is so very surreal, you know?”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “I know, but honestly, I think fate could be at work here for us, especially for you.”

“Maybe… but what am I even supposed to say to Sunburst?” Starlight asked her.

Sunset answered, “Well, for starters… any good apology usually starts with ‘sorry’ and then you take it from there. As long as you truly meant it, and of course, the actions that follow it are just as genuine… everything will play out nicely. In fact, that’s basically how it happened for me and my ex-boyfriend, Flash Sentry.”

“Really?? You and that blue-haired guy, who is supposedly a rock guitarist, I think? :? ” Starlight asked.

“Yep,” said Sunset Shimmer, “As Supernova Striker and the Dazzlings may or may not have told you already… when I first came to Earth, I was running away from Equestria… and my own problems, too… because I was pretty much a selfish, arrogant, and just plain awfully problematic girl in, literally, a whole new world that was completely different from my old one. I met Flash, used his young rockstar recognition to make myself popular at the time, but he was smarter and wiser and more mature than most high school dudes usually are, so he broke up with me, and… well, after that, let’s just say that there was a whole thing… where A LOT of things happened, and it led to me waking up to my own bullcrap. Everything else after that, though? Well, I learned from my mistakes and grew up for the better, and I definitely couldn’t have done so without my newfound friends… of my newfound home. Eventually, I was able to talk to Flash, apologize to him for being such a mean jerk to him and everyone else in the past, and he and I have been cool with each other ever since. As time went on, he and I became good friends, and I think he also found himself just as much as I have by now.”

Starlight Glimmer smiled after hearing all of that, though she then said with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk, “So, you two are now such good friends, that apparently… you two are going to Prom Night together? ;)

Sunset couldn’t help but blush fiercely at that question, as she replied, “ O///O; …Well, uh, yeah. This is basically how things are between us. Although, we’re just going as good friends, and nothing more than that.”

Starlight replied, “…Uh-huh. :) ~So… how did he ask you out to Prom? :D

Sunset Shimmer answered, “Well, if you want to know the story, I could tell you. Although, promise me you’ll use this as inspiration to work things out with YOUR old friend, whose house we teleported to, many miles away from Camp Everfree, to visit and for YOU to work things out with, before the end of the day happens?”

Starlight Glimmer was a bit surprised by that statement, though she replied, “I guess that would be fair. ^^; Admittedly.”

So, it was at that point that Sunset Shimmer told Starlight Glimmer, and Flash Sentry told the other Equestria Girls and accompanying friends back at the Everfree Siblings’ house, the story of how these two good friends ended up going to Prom Night together…

LAST WEEK… 11 days ago, to be exact…

It was a nice sunny Tuesday afternoon in Canterlot City, and it just so happened to be Pinke Pie’s favorite time of the day…

“~AFTER-SCHOOL SNACK TIIIME!!!” the pink-haired girl exclaimed excitedly, already bouncing as she skipped quickly to the nearest ice cream parlor.

At the time, Sunset Shimmer had accompanied her to it. As soon as she opened the door, though, she ended up bumping into Flash Sentry of all people.

“Oops!! Sorry… Sunset Shimmer??” Flash said to her, before he realized that when he had bumped into her, he accidentally knocked her back a bit and then on instinct, caught her in a bit of dipping manner; much like how he ended up doing so with Princess Twilight, back when they first reunited during the Battle of the Bands fiasco.

“OH, uh, hey! What’s up, Flash? Speaking of which, care to help me back up?” Sunset said to him casually, though both of them were blushing a bit as the young rockstar helped Sunset Shimmer back to her feet, while Pinkie Pie couldn’t help but grin a bit teasingly at that.

“Whoa, wait, hold up!” Princess Twilight said, already interrupting Flash Sentry, as he was telling his side of the story, “Sunset Shimmer literally bumped into you? :?

Flash answered, “Yep, and I just as literally bumped into her. It was probably a ‘one-in-a-million chance of actually happening’ sort of thing, in fact. ^^;…You’re not by any chance jealous of - ironically enough - me bumping into her, instead of me bumping into you, are you, Princess? ;P

Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and everyone else in the Everfree Siblings’ cabin - except for Abacus Cinch, of course - and even Sci-Twi, both Spikes, and the Dazzlings all couldn’t help but smile and smirk teasingly at the Princess of Friendship, much at her flustered expense. Applejack, in particular, smirking and raising an eyebrow at Princess Twilight.

Twilight simply cleared her throat, though, as the Princess of Friendship then said to Flash, “Of course not. Please, continue?”

As Flash was saying, and so was Sunset Shimmer to Starlight Glimmer…

“Sorry about bumping into you like that,” Flash said to her, as he showed that he was on his smartphone at the time, “I was actually about to call you, though I guess that’s not necessary now.”

“Really? What were you about to call me about then?” Sunset asked him.

Flash replied a bit bashfully, yet still smiling as casually as possible, “Well, I, uh… I was gonna ask if maybe, if you weren’t too busy, maybe we could hang out this Friday? After school?”

“Sure thing,” Sunset replied with a casual smile, “I’m actually free Friday afternoon, so whatever you’re up for, I am, too.”

“Great!” Flash said, “Truth is, there’s this new plane service located right outside of Canterlot Town. You go there asking them for plane services of all kinds. Cropdusting, private package delivery, and even… Well, uh…”

“Certain romantic gestures?” Sunset Shimmer asked Flash in a bit of clever manner, causing him to blush fiercely while she had crossed her arms, smiled, and raised an eyebrow at him, all teasingly.

Pinkie Pie then said, “Ooooooh~ I think I can already tell where this is going~”

Flash then exclaimed while flailing his hands in front of him defensively, “WAIT, WHOA, hold on! I’m not trying to do anything of the sort! I just thought maybe, you and I could catch a fun plane ride and check out the entire tri-town area, if you wanted! You know, see Canterlot Town, Canterlot City, and Crystal City all at once, and maybe even see glimpses of Cloudsdale and Everfree Town from the skies, too. From what I’ve heard, this plane service I’m talking about offers the best views from the sky, even better than from what you’d get in a hot air balloon ride.”

“Well, that does sound interesting, Flash,” Sunset Shimmer replied, “Why ask me to join you, though?”

Flash cleared his throat, as he had already calmed down and said, “Well, as much as being a rock guitarist and music lover is my calling, I’ve also always been a bit fascinated by flying. Soaring through the skies, seeing the Earth down below, and this new plane rental service I found out about the other day does sound like the perfect opportunity, though I don’t feel like checking it out all by myself. So, maybe… if you’d like… we could check it out together? IF you really would like to, of course.”

Sunset Shimmer smiled sincerely and replied, “I’d love to, Flash. It really would be nice for us to hang out again… This time it being without, uh… Well, you know.”

Pinkie Pie asked, “ :? Without you being a mean, manipulative meanie-pants who could and/or would only use Flash’s emotions to then use his rockstar popularity to make yourself more popular at Canterlot High?”

Both Flash and Sunset were surprised to hear Pinkie say that, though they did say together plainly, “Yes, Pinkie, that.

They both then looked at each other, a bit surprised by the fact that both of them said the same thing at the same time.

However, Flash smiled a bit and cleared his throat a second time before saying, “In all seriousness, and putting THAT aside, I honestly think it would be a great way for us to really, properly, finally start things all over between us. Just you and me, Sunset Shimmer. You know, as friends for real, and for life. :)

Sunset Shimmer smiled back at him as she said, “I’d really like that, too, Flash. Thank you. :)

Flash then asked, “So… Friday afternoon, after school? We meet right at the statue / portal outside of it?”

“Sounds like a plan, so I’ll see ya there,” Sunset Shimmer replied.

“See ya there,” Flash agreed, waving bye to her and Pinkie Pie as he went on his way.

Sunset waved bye back at him, too, as did Pinkie. However, the latter girl had a clever, cat-like smirk and look on her face as she slowly stuck her head to Sunset’s left side and whispered to her…

“…Sounds like a plan, or sounds more like a da-a-aaate? * squee * :D

That, of course, made Sunset Shimmer blush again.

“After that, Flash and I went about the day our own ways. Him probably going to study or something, and I getting all kinds of ice cream and froyo with Pinkie Pie… despite her pestering yet persistent teasing,” Sunset Shimmer told Starlight Glimmer.

Starlight then said, “Wow, Shimmer, sounds like you and him had a real… shall we say… highflying adventure planned? ;)

Sunset Shimmer couldn’t help but look at Starlight a bit plainly for about 10 seconds, making the latter feel rather sheepish with each passing second, especially when some random guy coughed in the background.

Sunset then said, “…You’re not exactly wrong there, but even so… Really?

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie said to Flash, “You definitely had quite the Friday afternoon and evening planned for Sunset, didn’t you? Something that may or may not have made her heart… soar to new heights? ;) * squee * :D

Everyone around had found that statement amusing, even Princess Twilight. Instead of blushing, however, Flash couldn’t help but look at Pinkie Pie plainly for about 10 seconds, definitely unamused, as each passing second where he didn’t even smile made Pinkie actually feel a bit awkward, along with both Twilights.

Flash then said to Pinkie Pie, “…You’re not exactly wrong there, but even so… Really?

Anyway, both Sunset and Flash continued telling their story from their own perspectives, as they moved onto the following Friday afternoon, right after school had ended for the week and it was time for the weekend to start!

Flash was already in his black Camaro car when he pulled up to the sidewalk where the C.H.S. statue / secret portal was, right outside of the school, and where Sunset Shimmer was waiting for him. Flash parked his car, got out, and walked a few feet towards Sunset Shimmer.

He waved and smiled at Sunset, who waved and smiled back at him, before she said, “Oh, so we’re driving there?”

“Yep,” said Flash, “Had to get my car out of the student parking lot first, but I’ll get you to our destination for today and this evening in style.”

Flash then opened the passenger’s door of his car, saying to Sunset like the gentleman he genuinely was, “Shall we get going, Miss Shimmer?”

Sunset couldn’t help giggling a bit, humoring him as she said, “But of course, Mr. Sentry~”

She then stepped inside of Flash’s car and buckled up, after Flash gently closed the door right next to her, and then he quickly power-slid over the hood of his own car.

As he got back in the driver’s seat, Sunset Shimmer raised an eyebrow at Flash and said with a small smile, “You, uh… done that often, Hazard Dukely?”

“First try, actually, and I just nailed it!” Flash answered, which caused Sunset to actually chuckle a bit loudly yet adorably.

Flash then drove the two of them off to their destination: the newly established flight service located just outside of Canterlot Town.

As for what it was called, it was, “Skyline’s Sky Services!

“Ooooooh, catchy~” Pinkie Pie stated in response to where in the story Flash was at right now.

“Indeed,” Rarity added, “Of course, I am just finding this story of yours to be just adorable already, Flash darling~”

“I think we all are~” Fluttershy concurred.

Flash smiled as he continued his side of the story by saying that the location was your standard, local runway in a wide-open field with the local forestry close by. The usual airplanes for this place were each small in size and carried no more than 8 people at the most per flight. In fact, there were half a dozen planes located all over the place, but each one did look in good condition. There were three decent-looking hangars, too, with a small office building and a decently large parking lot to the far left side of the entire property.

The pilot herself was named Skyline, a young woman who was around Cadance’s adult age. She had sky-blue skin, silver gray eyes, long white hair with lilac purple highlight streaks and all held in a downwards ponytail, and she wore the typical yet stylish, smoky topaz-colored pilot’s uniform with matching brown boots and fingerless gloves, complete with a long, light red scarf and a pair of black goggles with lenses that were as clear as the sky itself was that day.

“Technically, the weather for that day called for sunny skies with some clouds, yet no bad cloudy weather at all,” Flash said to Princess Twilight and the other listeners, “I should know, I checked the weather for that Friday afternoon many times ahead of time.”

Sci-Twi then said, “Just what we’d expect from C.H.S.’s own talented, young weather man.”

Princess Twilight added, “Wow, Flash, I didn’t know you had forecasting skills.”

Flash replied, “Well, they’re not exactly ‘rockstar level,’ but I got ‘em. Anyway, Skyline was really great and cool.”

Indeed, she was. In fact, she sounded an awful lot like the world-famous voice actress, Jennifer Hale!

Oh, and her “personal symbol” was in the form of a bright, silver badge shaped like and detailed as a silver-white biplane. The badge was worn on the left side of her pilot’s uniform, right above where her heart was.

Once Flash and Sunset Shimmer both arrived at the place, he parked his car in the parking lot, and then both he and Sunset got out. They then walked towards the front door of the office building, which had its company sign located right on top of the building in cloudy white, Italic, cursive writing. The sign including an adorably small drawing of a red plane that looked like it was skywriting the company logo’s letters out.

Looking around them, Sunset Shimmer said, “This place doesn’t look half-bad at all.”

Flash added, “I know, right?”

“Thanks!” said the voice of Skyline herself, as she had just walked out of her office, through its front door, “Welcome to Skyline’s Sky Services! I’m Skyline, manager and owner of this company and its establishment, respectively. I take it you two are Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer?”

“That we are, Miss Skyline, and I am the very same Flash Sentry that you talked to over the phone the other day,” said Flash, as he and Sunset both shook hands with the professional-looking pilot.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, really,” Sunset added, “This place of yours does look pretty good. I kinda wish Rainbow Dash and her old friend Gilda were here to see this, actually. They kinda used to dream about being high-flying superstars one day, back when they were little kids.”

Skyline replied, “Well, I’m certain that you two at least will be having a super high-flying time today! My colleagues and I will do everything we can to make sure that your flying experience with us will be top-notch.”

“Great, thanks!” said Flash, “By the way, your voice sounds like it has a fancy and professional accent of some kind to it… You from Trottingham?”

Skyline answered, “That I am, luv! Anyway, we’ll be taking this company’s best plane, and my pride and joy, the Silver Falcon.

Ooooooh…” Flash and Sunset both said out of intrigue.

“Follow me, please,” Skyline said, leading both high school seniors straight to the hangar where her precious plane was.

She then called out to the two employees working in the hangar. They both looked like they could be of young college age.

One employee was a tall, young man with short, light green hair and matching eyes, moderate cerulean skin, a well-fit physique, and he wore a primary blue T-shirt with what looked like an upside-down lightning bolt on the front of the shirt, and he also wore dark blue jeans and black boots. He looked like he was an auto-mechanic for airplanes, especially since he was working on the engine of one right now.

The other employe was a young woman who was less than a foot shorter than her male co-worker. She had light chartreuse skin, light turquoise eyes, and stylishly long hair consisting of various cyan, light green, and yellow colors. She wore light blue shorts and black-and-white sneakers with white socks, and an emerald green T-shirt with a yellow shooting star symbol on it. She looked like she could be a navigator of some kind, as she was reviewing geographical maps for the local area.

Skyline then said to both Flash and Sunset Shimmer, “Let me introduce you two to my crew-mates for today. The lovely young lady is Vapor Trail, and the fairly big guy is Sky Stinger, no relation to yours truly.

“What’s up?” Sky Stinger said with a friendly smile, waving hello at them.

“These are our clients for today, boss?” Vapor Trail asked Skyline, while also waving hello at the high school students.

“That they are,” she replied, “Flash Sentry and his girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer.”

THAT made both high schoolers blush a quite a bit, as Flash replied, “WHOA, whoa, whoa! I’m sorry, Miss Skyline, but Sunset and I are NOT a couple.”

“We’re just good friends, that’s all,” Sunset Shimmer added, agreeing with the rockstar.

Skyline replied teasingly, “Suuurrre, you are~ Why else would he treat such a pretty, young, redhead lady like you to literally a high-flying experience on a Friday afternoon? ;)

The lady pilot’s teasing was causing Vapor Trail to giggle quite a bit, while Sky Stinger gave Flash a bit of a smirk that clearly said, “Noice, bro.

Flash then cleared his throat loudly, trying to prevent himself and Sunset from feeling any more embarrassment, though Sunset did smile just a little bit while parting her hair over her right ear.

The blue-haired guitarist then immediately said, “Is the plane ready for takeoff yet??”

Sky Stinger replied while getting back to work on his latest engine maintenance assignment, “If you mean the Silver Falcon, then it almost is ready. Just making one last adjustment to the engine, and then she’ll be ready to soar for today.”

The engine of the plane he had been working on was that of the Silver Falcon itself, a modern biplane that could hold one pilot upfront and two passengers together behind the pilot’s seat. It was silver gray with a black front rotor, black borderlines on the wings, along with the symbol of a white falcon on both sides of the chassis. Despite it being a biplane instead of a much more modern airplane, it definitely looked well-built, well-maintained, strong, and could fly just about anyone to just about anywhere, including maybe even close enough to the sky’s clouds, so the pilot and passengers could reach out and touch those clouds themselves. The biplane’s tires were pretty standard black and white ones for the aircraft, but they did look like they were in nearly mint condition, too.

Sunset Shimmer took a good look at the Silver Falcon, as did Flash, and they were both amazed by the design, look, and sturdiness of the biplane.

“Wow, this plane looks so amazing, Miss Skyline!” Sunset Shimmer said.

Flash added, “Yeah, it also looks like you have taken good care of it. Everything about it, from top wing to bottom wheel, says that it’s been maintained quite well for quite a while.”

“Well, thank you,” the lady pilot replied proudly, “I designed, customized, and built her myself with my own two hands. Well, admittedly, I did have a bit of help from my good ol’ inspirational granddad, Firefly.”

Rainbow Dash then interrupted Flash’s side of the story, as she asked ecstatically, “Wait, Firefly?? As in, THE Firefly?? As in, THE Firefly, who was THE greatest athlete in ALL Canterlot High School’s Wondercolt history?!”

“Uh… Yeah, I guess that was him, and who Skyline was talking about,” Flash replied, before continuing his story, “I mean, Sunset Shimmer did say…”

“…Firefly??” Sunset Shimmer asked Skyline, “That name sounds familiar to me for some reason… Did he ever go to Canterlot High School?”

Skyline replied, “That he did, back when he was around your age, luvs. Why do you ask?”

Sunset Shimmer answered, “Well, believe it or not, Flash and I are both from C.H.S.”

“OH, you don’t say!” Skyline said, “How lovely! Well, you should know then my grandpa, Firefly, was quite the young athlete and scientist when he was enrolled at Canterlot High, way back in the day. However, after he graduated from there, he enrolled at Trottingham U and eventually graduated from there, his degree being in aerospace engineering. Even got his pilot’s license in that country, before moving back here in the quainty ol’ Canterlot Region and got his pilot’s license for this one. Such an inspiration to me, he was… So much so, that I decided to become a pilot, just like him, and I eventually started my own airline service here, as you can see.”

Skyline then walked over to the Silver Falcon and patted its right wings, “Once I turned 18 me-self, and graduated from high school too, he and I worked on creating this beauty of a biplane you see before you.”

Sunset Shimmer said, “Wow, Miss Skyline, it sounds to me like your grandfather was a bit of a legend. Starting at Canterlot High, all the way to you becoming a pilot yourself and then creating your own biplane from scratch and the ground up.”

“I’ll say,” said Flash, “You know, I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Trottingham myself. Maybe I can this summer, after graduation.”

“OH, you’ll love it, then! Especially if you’re fresh from high school graduation!” Skyline said, before hearing Sky Stinger clap his hands.

“I heard that,” he said, “Anyway, Boss, the Silver Falcon is finally ready for takeoff!”

“Excellent work as always, Stinger, thank you!” Skyline said to him, before she then said, “Vapor Trail, you and him better head to the navigation room, stat!”

“Copy that!” Vapor Trail said, both she and Sky Stinger giving their boss a double pilot’s salute before they headed to the small, white and black-striped tower at the end of the three hangar buildings.

“You two lovebirds ready to take flight?” Skyline asked a very flustered Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry.

“We’re not lovebirds!” Sunset and Flash said together, though they did look at each other after saying that together.

Flash cleared his throat yet again before saying to Skyline, “We are ready for takeoff, though, so let’s get this silver bird of yours up in the air.”

“Of course, luvs,” said Skyline, as she handed both high schoolers a couple of protective pilot’s helmets, which were dark gray. She also gave each of them a pair of regular gray goggles with clear lenses; protective eyewear was definitely a must when flying a biplane, or even just riding in one.

Skyline hopped into the pilot’s seat, while Flash and Sunset Shimmer both got in the passengers’ seats located behind her. Flash sat in the passenger’s seat behind Sunset Shimmer, then they both put their helmets on, before Skyline finished her routine systems check both of and through the biplane’s meters and controls upfront.

With the pilot’s station looking 100% in the green, both before and after Skyline started the biplane’s engines and front rotor, revving up and spinning around respectively and efficiently, the Silver Falcon was ready to fly!

Skyline strapped on her goggles, as did Sunset Shimmer and Flash with their own goggles, and Skyline then slowly and steadily drove the Silver Eagle out of its hangar and straight for the long runway road. It was about 1,000 yards in length, meaning that it was over half a mile of aircraft-friendly pavement.

Skyline lined up the Silver Falcon perfectly upon the runway, before looking back at both Sunset and Flash and saying to them loudly over the roar of the biplane’s engine and turbines, “Ready to earn your wings, darlings?

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” Sunset Shimmer replied.

“Ditto!” Flash agreed.

“Alright then!” Skyline said, before reaching for the biplane’s two-way radio at her station and said, “Sky Stinger, Vapor Trail, all systems are green and go on my end! How does it look from your position?”

Vapor Trail replied through radio at the mission control tower, “Weather is 100% good, which means the skies are 100% clear of any possible bad weather! Plus, the runway is 100% ready for the Silver Falcon’s takeoff sequence!”

“You’re good to go, Boss, and we’ve got your back from here!” Sky Stinger added.

“Copy that, darlings! Standby for takeoff!” Skyline said, “In 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

With that, Skyline kicked her beloved biplane into full drive, having it run on the runway, building up speed, which turned into velocity. Sunset Shimmer and Flash were both already buckled up and strapped in, yet they could feel the takeoff sequence’s full force as the biplane ran as fast as it could, before it could fly.

In a matter of seconds, Skyline pulled up and had the Silver Falcon take flight, high into the cloud-filled skies above the Canterlot Region!

Sunset Shimmer exclaimed, “~Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! This is awesome on SO many high-flying levels!”

Flash asked, “I know, right?”

However, Starlight Glimmer interrupted Sunset’s side of this story again, asking her, “I’m sorry, while this story is definitely a pretty good one alright, just how many times did you people even say ‘high-flying’ that day? Or any other flight puns, for that matter?”

Sunset replied, “Oh, enough for one day, and also for one prom-related story with planes in it.”

Starlight said, “Fair enough. Continue, please, because it is pretty interesting and then some.”

Sunset continued by saying that they really could see just about all of Canterlot Town, Canterlot City, and Crystal City from the sky. Even the big yet most humble metropolis of Cloudsdale was not too far away from view, as they could see it to the north. The same could be said of Everfree Town, Camp Everfree, and their local huge forest, all to the south.

The entire, airborne view from up in the sky was truly unforgettable to Sunset, Flash, and Skyline that mid-to-late afternoon.

“It’s all so amazing, isn’t it, Flash?” Sunset asked him.

“Totally!” the guitarist agreed with Sunset.

Skyline flew the Silver Falcon and them over Canterlot Town first, then Canterlot City, Crystal City, Cloudsdale, and then all the way over to Everfree Town. The bottom half of Skyline’s long black hair, and the bottom half of Sunset Shimmer’s long red-and-yellow hair had been flowing through the airstream of their flight. Thankfully, no one’s hair was hitting anyone behind them in the face at all, especially Flash.

Sunset Shimmer then said to Flash, “You know, seeing all of these towns from up above makes me think about all of the unforgettable times and adventures the girls and I have all had together! I can’t believe that in just a matter of weeks… we’ll be graduating from C.H.S.!”

Flash replied, “Same here, Sunset Shimmer, but you really have left a good mark on this world since that fateful victory you and your girls accomplished at the Battle of the Bands! Especially on a lot of people, including me!”

Sunset smiled at him as she said, “You really think so?”

“I know so!” Flash replied, “You’ve positively influenced and even saved so many people, so many lives, so many times! You might be graduating from high school, same as me, but I know that even after that happens, your real magic… The magic to change and save people’s lives… won’t even stop there at all! It could very well go worldwide, and then some!”

Sunset replied, “That’s really sweet of you to say, Flash, and I promise that even after graduation happens, I won’t be leaving for a good while! And even when I do, I’ll come back soon enough! By then, though, I’m certain you’ll have left a good mark on this world, too, like you already have with me!”

Flash and Sunset smiled and blushed at each other, while Skyline overheard everything and smiled happily, too, for both of them.

Eventually, Skyline piloted the Silver Falcon back to her home base, just as sundown was arriving.

Once the biplane reached the long runway pavement, Skyline piloted it carefully and professionally to a perfect landing. It was a bit bumpy upon re-entry, but they landed safe and sound.

Skyline slowed the biplane down once it finished landing, then stopped it completely just 30 yards from both the nearest hangar doors and the mission control tower.

Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger gave Skyline a double thumbs up, before the former said over the radio, “Another perfect landing, right after another perfect flight, Boss!”

“Totally!” Sky Stinger agreed.

Rainbow Dash then interrupted Flash’s side of the story again, as she said, “WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, hold up!

A perplexed Princess Twilight asked, “What is it this time, Rainbow?”

Rainbow answered, “I’m sorry, it’s just that… THAT is all you guys did that day, for your very first personal biplane flight experience? Just flying around the Canterlot Region? NO high-flying stunts or tricks? NO barrel rolls? NO aileron rolls? NOTHING???

Flash then looked up at Rainbow Dash and said to her, “Uh, you DO know that neither me nor even Sunset Shimmer - despite her actually having some general flying experience through magical transformations and powers - are actually trained for handling high-altitude tricks and stunts, right? Plus, it was ‘Skyline’s Sky Services!’ NOT ‘Skyline’s Sky Stunt Show!’ In fact, I don’t think Skyline is even actually THAT kind of pilot at all! I mean, you DO know and realize all of that, don’t you, Rainbow ‘I Love Flying, Fast Speeds, and Dangerously Reckless Fun’ Dash?

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but blush out of embarrassment, just a bit, from Flash’s remark. Everyone else, including the Dazzlings and even Abacus Cinch herself - surprisingly enough with the latter - smirked and grinned at Rainbow Dash’s expense.

She then cleared her throat before saying, “…Point taken. Continue your story, please, Mr. Rockstar?”

“Gladly,” Flash replied, a bit smugly.

After Skyline had turned off her biplane’s engines and turbines, she unbuckled her seatbelt, as did Sunset Shimmer and Flash with theirs.

The three of them then got out of their seats, and then Skyline asked, “So, luvs, what did you think of your first flight together?”

Sunset replied, “It was definitely a high-flying experience that I don’t think we’ll ever forget.”

“You got that right, Sunset,” Flash agreed, before the two of them shook hands with Skyline, and he said, “Thanks again for everything, Skyline! This was awesome!”

Skyline replied, “Aw, no problem at all, luvs! Always a pleasure to personally show a couple of young lovelies like you two that the sky’s the limit, literally!

“You can say that again!” Sunset Shimmer agreed.

Skyline then said to Flash, “By the way, Mr. Sentry, you do remember why you wanted this truly high-flying experience to happen in the first place for both you and your lady friend, right? ;) From what you told me over the phone the other day?”

“Uh, yeah, heh heh heh… Of course,” said Flash, smiling and blushing a bit endearingly.

Seeing and hearing all of this, Sunset Shimmer smiled at Flash, crossed her arms, and asked him with a raised eyebrows, “Alright, Mr. Sentry, what does she mean by that?”

Flash scratched the back of his scalp before saying, “Well, this was actually Part 1 of what I wanted us to do today. Part 2 is waiting for us all the way back at Canterlot Park.”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Practically all the way back home, where we more or less started? :? Well, you’re certainly taking this girl for a ride… Kind of literally… though, this ‘riding a biplane in the skies’ experience was really fun, so alright. I can keep an open mind for the rest of today, for you, Flash. :)

Flash responded, “And you certainly don’t need to be a magic mindreader to do that. ;)

The two of them laughed together at that clever remark of his. Skyline chuckled lightly at that, though she mostly had NO IDEA what Flash really meant by it. She assumed that it may or may not have been an inside joke between the two close friends, though.

Anyway, Sunset Shimmer and Flash then said goodbye and thank you, one last time to Skyline and both of her employees, for everything.

Flash then held out his left arm to Sunset, like the gentleman that he was, and escorted her back to his black Camaro car. Sunset, of course, humored him and took his arm, letting him escort her back to said car.

Skyline waved goodbye at both of them with a cheerful smile on her face, as did both Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger.

Vapor then said, “Those two are just so sweet together~”

Sky Stinger added, “Yeah, they do make a pretty good couple, don’t they?”

Skyline remarked, “~Ah, young love. I’m certain good ol’ Granddad Firefly would’ve loved to see this.”

Flash then drove Sunset Shimmer all the way back to Canterlot Town, particularly to Canterlot Park, while there was still more than enough time before sundown could finish. Probably about an hour or so, in fact.

Anyway, where Flash took Sunset Shimmer was the big cherry blossom tree that Canterlot Town was well-known for, which looked beautiful in the topaz- and amber-colored sunlight that evening, while there was also a lovely breeze to make the even lovelier cherry blossoms fall and dance in the wind with astounding grace.

Waiting for them at the bottom of the tree, though, was a huge picnic spread. A red-and-white checkered blanket with a picnic basket, a red cooler, and white plates and glasses, all waiting for both of them.

Sunset happily gasped a bit, asking, “And what exactly is all of this, Flash?”

Flash replied, while blushing yet smiling a bit and scratching the back of his scalp again, “Well, if you’d like to, Sunset… I was hoping maybe we could have dinner here together?”

Sunset smiled and blushed back at him, before she said, “I don’t see why not. After all, this whole setting is quite beautiful.”

The two of them sat down as Flash said, “Honestly, Pinkie Pie help set this up for us. I asked her for a favor, yet told her NOT to make it a big spectacle at all, and she clearly did well. I prepared dinner for us, of course, but I told Pinkie Pie to surprise us with dessert, as long as it was NOT over the top.”

Sunset said, “I see. So, while you thought us going to Skyline and flying in the air together would be fun, it also bought Pinkie Pie the time she needed to set this up for us.”

“Yep,” said Flash, as he brought out from the picnic basket a fairly small yet delicious pizza with black olives and green bell peppers, set upon a plate of equal size.

The pizza itself was surprisingly still warm and fresh, clearly thanks to Pinkie Pie’s careful and precise skills when it came to handling food, including even how to keep it as constantly warm as possible. Desserts and snacks were definitely her specialty, but she also knew how to treat a pie or two with care, regardless of what the pie was made of: apples, cherries, or even a combo of cheese and tomato sauce.

The small pizza itself was cut into six slices, and Flash got a slice for himself while Sunset got one for herself, too.

Sunset took a whiff of her slice as she said, “Mmm, this looks and smells great, Flash! You really made this pizza yourself?”

“Of course,” said Flash, as he then opened up the cooler chest and revealed that it was filled with plenty of ice and quite a few of their favorite bottled sodas.

As for dessert, Flash pulled out of the picnic basket to see that Pinkie Pie had prepared for both of them half a dozen red velvet chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Sunset said delightfully, “~Aww, these are so cute, that I could just eat them up… In fact, I think I will, in a few minutes. ;)

Both she and Flash chuckled together, before Sunset said, “Really, Flash, this is all very thoughtful of you… and Pinkie Pie, of course. So, thank you.”

“No problem,” said Flash, as the two of them ate their dinner together, much to their joy and delight.

Starlight Glimmer then said to Sunset Shimmer, “Wow… A sunset picnic dinner in the park like that sounds wonderful enough, but all under a big, beautiful, cherry blossom tree? It sounds like classic romance to me, girl~ ;)

Sunset Shimmer felt flustered from that remark at first, though she did smile and blush while parting her hair over her left ear and glancing to the side.

“Well, I-I don’t know about THAT…” Sunset replied, “Still… what Flash did for me was really sweet… and what he wanted to talk to me about after we finished dinner and desert was even sweeter~”

After Flash and Sunset had finished their pizza dinner, their red velvet cupcakes for dessert, and had a couple of cold sodas together…

They both laid back against the huge, cherry blossom tree and looked up with content sighs.

“Definitely our best dinner together in a long while… Wasn’t it?” Flash asked Sunset.

Sunset answered, “I’d certainly say so, and give it five stars, so thanks… Not just for dinner, but also for all of today. I had a really great time, and I’m really glad we could spend time together like this. Just me, you, and NO magical problems nor world-threatening baddies.”

“I know, right? That would have just plain sucked rotten eggs… and all on a Friday, no less!” Flash said to her, as the two of them laughed it off together.

Sunset Shimmer then said, “This was definitely a really great way to start a weekend, Flash… though, I do know and realize which weekend, or rather what kind of weekend, is gonna happen in two weeks from now.”

A surprised Flash replied to her, “Oh, uh… You do, huh? ^^;

Sunset then gently placed her left hand upon Flash’s right one, then moved a bit closer to him, while asking him, “The high-flying fun via a real biplane ride? And then a very nice picnic dinner in the park, right under a big, beautiful cherry blossom tree? All while the Sun is getting closer to an equally beautiful and warm sunset?”

Flash replied, “Uh… yeah, yeah, and yeah, heh. <:///) ”

Sunset Shimmer then looked up at him, straight in the eyes before asking him, “Why did you want to spend today with me like this, Flash Sentry? Really?

Flash took in a deep breath, exhaled calmly, then gently held both of Sunset Shimmer’s hands with his own, also holding them up in-between both of them as he replied…

“It’s because for a long time now… ever since the Camp Everfree incident, in fact… I’ve really noticed how much you really have changed for the better. You really have influenced and inspired a lot of people, including even me, which is why that if high school graduation is right around the corner… I want to meet it head-on with you in a truly great and memorable way… Because I can’t really see myself being by anyone’s side… except yours.”

Sunset was a bit awestruck yet taken back by Flash’s kind, genuinely sincere words to her, before he then said, “Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not saying that I want us to get back together or anything like that. Not really… and I know you and I already started over a long time ago, and that we have gotten along with each other a lot better than we ever did when we were supposedly ‘dating’ if we could even actually call it THAT, but it was an even longer time ago. Anyway, the point is… I really have grown to like you and admire you, girl, for real. For a long time, and honestly… again… after everything we’ve been through together, and after all of the truly admirable good you’ve done up until now… I really want to meet high school graduation, with you and me standing side by side together… So, I think the best way to get THAT started… and to show you how much you really do mean to me… I wanted today to be great for both of us… because you really do mean a lot to me… and that’s why I want this great day to end, and perhaps a new REAL beginning for us to start, with me asking you what I’ve been wanting to ask you for so many days now… and even more so today, after the great day it has been…”

Flash then gave her the warmest, most sincere smile and an equally sincere look in his true blue eyes and said…

“Sunset Shimmer… would you like to maybe… go to Prom with me?”

She was definitely awestruck now, her cyan eyes practically glimmering and her mouth open yet speechless just a bit…

…and then she gave Flash the biggest, warmest smile she could give him, ever so adorably as she clearly adored the blue-haired guitarist dude next door more than she ever did or could right now.

Seriously, it was like the same happy expression she had on her face when she first met her pet leopard gecko, Ray, except it was basically TENFOLD RIGHT NOW.

Speaking of awestruck, it was EXACTLY how the Rainbooms, Princess Twilight, and Gloriosa Daisy were all feeling right now from what Flash told them.

Gloriosa then asked Flash Sentry a bit ecstatically, with her hands placed upon her smiling face, “She totally said ‘yes’ to you, didn’t she?”

“PLEASE, tell us that she said ‘yes’ to you!” Fluttershy added.

“~PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEASSSE!!!” Sonata exclaimed, practically squealing happily as she got in on this story’s intriguing tale.

Flash replied, “Well, you all kinda already know the answer already, I’m certain. Still, even with that being said… What do you all think? ;)

It was at that moment, the rock guitarist found himself being pulled up and into a big ol’ bear hug by Timber Spruce himself, much to his surprise.

Timber said to Flash happily, “YES, way to go, buddy! :D I mean, honestly, I knew you were a truly likable guy, despite what anyone else might or could say otherwise, but THIS is amazing beyond belief! :)

Flash replied, “ :) Oh, uh, well, thanks, Timber. I think. :?

Arrow Swift then used his right prosthetic arm to wrap Flash into a buddy headlock and noogied his very short yet somewhat spiky blue hair as the young archer said, “Yeah, man! Look at this rockstar, LOOK AT THIS ROCKSTAR. :D

As Flash chuckled that off, Rainbow Dash then said, “Seriously, Flash… This is. Without a doubt. SO AWESOME~ ^3^ ”

Rarity added, “Indeed. Flash, what you did for Sunset that day and how you asked her out to prom? It is without a doubt just the sweetest, most thoughtful and gentlemanly way possible. You should be very proud, darling.”

“Thanks, guys, really,” Flash said, definitely feeling proud of himself.

Timber and Arrow Swift both let go of Flash, then the guitarist said to everyone, “Although, I can’t take all the credit. After all, Skyline and her crew deserve at least some of it, too, and so does Pinkie Pie, of course.”

“Yep!” Pinkie Pie agreed, “Honestly, he called me the Tuesday night following when he first asked Sunset Shimmer to hang out with him, since I was right there with her when he asked her that. He said that he needed a favor from me, as in preparing a special picnic at Canterlot Park for the two of them on the following Friday evening, because he wanted to ask Sunset Shimmer a very important question. I had a feeling at the time that it maaayyy or may not have been asking Sunset out to prom, but when I asked him that… Well, YOU said…? ;)

A very flustered Flash cleared his throat before answering, “I, uh… I said that I couldn’t confirm nor deny THAT at the time. Heh heh. <:///D ”

Gloriosa replied, “Of course, you couldn’t have. ;)

That made everyone, even the Dazzlings yet not also Abacus, chuckle and giggle in response.

Princess Twilight then asked Pinkie Pie, “So, let me guess, Pinkie, you promised Flash that you would help him set up that big, lovely picnic in the park for him and Sunset while he took her to Skyline for that fun airplane ride, but you also promised him NOT to tell anyone about it, including Sunset Shimmer?”

Pinkie Pie nodded, “Uh-huh! And then after Sunset Shimmer said yes to going to the big Prom Night with him, Flash told me that his date with her was a big success! However, even though he thanked me greatly for it, he then asked me to also promise NOT to tell anyone else about it. I guess he wanted Sunset Shimmer to be the one to break the big news to us, her fellow Equestria Girls.”

Flash replied while smiling and blushing a bit again, “Yeah, I, uh… I really did want to take things one step at a time with her, and still do, and I figured that me blabbing about me and her going to Prom Night together would probably give all of our friends, especially her fellow Rainbooms, if not also the whole school itself… the wrong idea about us. I mean, we are close friends now, but us getting back together? Uh, well, like I said… One step at a time… and we’ll see what happens, but no promises or guarantees. It’s all really a whole, ‘Just Live in the Moment’ thing, ya know?”

“Yep,” said Pinkie Pie, as she then brought out her smartphone, “Honestly, keeping that pizza warm without getting burnt at all and doing so all that time was no easy task for even me, but I managed to get it done. As soon as I saw Flash and Sunset Shimmer heading for the cherry blossom tree, though, I skedaddled on out of there. After I had finished setting up their picnic just 5 minutes before they showed up. Anyway, I promised Flash BIG TIME on keeping everything about all of this secret with the following message.”

She showed the Princess of Friendship on her smartphone a modern human world messaging process filled with all kinds of faces and symbols, as if it were a highly encrypted message…

Also known as, texting with emojis.

Princess Twilight asked, “Uh… and what you’re showing me says…? :?

Pinkie Pie replied, “Obviously, these emojis clearly state that I promised Flash Sentry that I would definitely NOT tell anyone about his and Sunset Shimmer’s great date and hopefully even greater upcoming prom date… by zipping my mouth closed, then locking it tightly with a lock and key, then digging a deep hole to burry the key, then burry the key itself personally, then build a house right on top of the hole where I buried the key, then move into the house on top of the hole… or at least rent it out as a B&B for newly weds. * squee * :D

Princess Twilight responded, “Uh… yeah. Obviously. ^^;

Pinkie Pie then said, “I’ll admit that keeping the secret all this time… All up until NOW, though? It was NOT easy, ‘cause both before and after Sunset Shimmer said yes to Flash? I’ve been nervou-cited for a week and a half, now! Still, needless to say right now, Flash Sentry… You and Sunset Shimmer going to Prom together? Way to go, Rockstar. ;)

“Uh, thanks, Pinkie Pie <:///) ” Flash replied, embarrassed yet truly grateful for the Equestria Girl of laughter and joy’s help.

He then said, “Anyway, after Sunset Shimmer said yes to going to Prom with me, we hugged, and then I drove her back to her place, we said goodnight, hugged one more time, and then she went inside her place. So, I then went back to my house, and that’s pretty much how that Friday date went for both of us. Still, we’re both looking forward to Prom Night, as you can all already tell by now.”

Adagio then said with a casual smile, “Well, if that is the end of your story, Flash… I have to say, I’m kinda impressed. I mean, taking things slow and steady isn’t really MY sort of thing, but it sounds like you knew just how to impress a girl like Sunset Shimmer, at least. Didn’t really know nor realize you had it in you.”

“Uh… thanks, I guess :? ” Flash replied.

Aria then spoke, “Eh, I guess it wasn’t the worst love story I ever heard, admittedly, and I usually don’t really care for ANY of that cliche romance stuff. Still, it sounds like you did alright, Mr. Rockstar.”

Sonata added casually, “I’ll say, and all this ‘Prom Night’ and dating stuff has really gotten ME interested already! Although… I guess it’s not gonna happen for me or my sisters, is it?”

Flash noticed how sad Sonata looked as she said that, and so did Noble Wind, though the Pegasus stallion turned male human tried to change the subject, by clearing his throat first before talking.

“That was definitely a great story, Flash Sentry,” Noble Wind said, “And I’m certain that we’re all hoping that you and Sunset Shimmer will have a great Prom Night together.”

“Me, too,” said Princess Twilight, “I just hope I won’t be too much of a third wheel, though. ^^; After hearing THAT amazing story, I mean.”

Flash smiled and rolled his eyes before saying, “You’re not gonna be a third wheel at all, Twilight. Trust me. :) And I’m glad that everyone here liked my story, including you, Noble Wind. In fact, dude, you and anyone else for that matter could probably say that said story really shows and proves that… every guy and girl, like Sunset Shimmer… deserves a second chance?

Noble Wind blinked a couple of times, before Flash continued while eyeing at both him and Sonata Dusk, “Maybe even that a certain type of girl who, despite their flaws and faults and mistakes, can sing a different tune for herself? If given a second chance? No matter what time of day it is, whether it is, especially in this case… sunset, twilight, or even dusk??

With an unamused yet somewhat hilariously deadpan look on his face, Noble said, “Alright, first of all, clever puns and wordplay… regardless of how good or bad they are… It’s MY thing. Secondly, I get what you’re saying and where you’re going with all of this, Mr. Rockstar, so you can stop singing this cheesy, repetitive song of yours now.”

That last part might have stung Flash a bit, though he then finished speaking with a proud smile, still letting himself be on a clever roll, “If you know what you have to do and say now, then go ahead. I’m just here to cheer you on.

Sci-Twi, her hat-wearing Spike, and the rest of the Rainbooms - excluding Princess Twilight and her Spike, of course - all saw what Flash Sentry did right there and then, as did even both Beo and Ray. They all couldn’t help but try to hold in their laughter.

Although, Princess Twilight said, “Uh… O-kay, don’t know why that last part is clearly so funny. :?

“Yeah, me neither,” her Spike added.

Flash replied to both of them, “I’ll explain it to you later.”

Timber Spruce, Gloriosa Daisy, Abacus Cinch, Arrow Swift, Cheshire, and all three of the Dazzlings were a bit confused too, including Sonata Dusk herself most of all, so clearly Flash would have to explain it to all of them later as well. He wasn’t exactly certain how he could explain to all of them - especially four Equestrian girls and their little dog, too - that he was referring to a song he came up with a while back, dedicated to the Equestria Girls of Earth themselves - perhaps especially to Sunset Shimmer herself. Particularly, the part of said song that somehow ended up including a crazy, giant robot in the mix was gonna be the most complicated to explain.

After all, even by THEIR own crazy lives’ already established standards and expectations at this point, it was just plain nuts.

Anyway, Noble Wind looked over at Sonata and said to her, “You and I definitely need to have a serious talk later, Sonata. However, I promise that as long as you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest with you back, and everything should be alright. Alright?”

“Alright,” Sonata said, nodding with a small yet hopeful smile.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer had just finished telling her side of the story to Starlight Glimmer.

Starlight actually shed a tear from such a beautiful story, before wiping it away with her left hand and saying, “Wow, Sunset… That story, especially its ending, was just beautiful. It sounds like you had what must’ve been the best pre-prom date ever.”

“I certainly like to think so, and thanks,” Sunset Shimmer replied, before asking, “So, you see, Starlight Glimmer… If Flash and I have been able to work things out between us very well by now, so well in fact, that we’re happily going to Prom together, then you and your old friend Sunburst can work things out between the two of you, too. Despite how many years it has been since you two last saw and spoke to each other. All you need is a little faith in yourself and him, and hope for the very best, and everything should work out fine. Plus, you don’t have to go at it alone. I at least will be right there for you.”

“Thanks,” said Starlight, “I don’t think Supernova Striker will be helping out, though, since doing so with Sunburst around means that she’d have to first take off her mask and reveal her real identity, and I think she wants to keep it hidden for as long as she possibly can.”

“You really think so, girl?” Sunset asked her.

“Honestly, yeah,” Starlight answered, “In fact, for as long as I have actually gotten to know her, she really has seemed to be someone who can think a couple of steps ahead, as well as think and act on her feet. I mean, Supernova Striker has always acted like she has at least some kind of plan or two in mind, especially with Operation Payback. Although, if I’m being 100% honest… she’s also kind of given me at least… a vibe that she may or may not also be basically… well… making up things as she goes along. Taking exactly whatever happens and making the most out of it in her favor and our group’s, you know? ^^;

Sunset Shimmer asked, “Really? Well, she certainly does give at least some kind of ambiguous vibe like that. Still, you really don’t know who she is or who she might be?”

Starlight replied, “I don’t think so, but she really does have a bit of a fixation on you. Although, according to her, the Dazzlings, and Abacus… I guess it used to be an obsession instead, which is of course, even worse. Still, she told me yesterday evening, after I first met you and all of your friends at the restaurant I work at in Everfree Town… that if things were to ‘hit the fan,’ she already had ‘a Plan B in mind, though it IS admittedly… a very last resort. So, here’s hoping and praying that we actually don’t have to execute it.’ Her precise words, not mine.”

“Whoa, really? Seriously??” Sunset Shimmer asked, quite surprised to hear that sort of statement.

“Yep,” said Starlight, “As for what her contingency plan was… Well, I think she meant that if you girls refused to let me, Supernova, and our group consisting of some former villains you know get magical powers of our own, gaining them from that Everfree Cave… starting with me using said new magic powers to make things right with Sunburst… Well, if you had all refused to do that, especially even that last part? And considering that Supernova Striker was tailing you and your friends from afar, Sunset Shimmer, and has already gotten good at it by now, with and even without the help of the Teleport Prism… she was probably gonna bomb-rush right into the Everfree Cavern’s magical source and gamble on whatever would happen next, even if she already knew by then that you and your Rainbooms would’ve most definitely defeated her predictably, 7 against 1, just like it usually is and has been whenever you’ve fought against some kind of villainous person or force. However, then Adagio got turned into a ‘Seapony’ or whatever, along with you being turned into a Unicorn… AN ACTUAL UNICORN… and maybe when she saw that happen, Supernova had a bit of a change of heart for the better. I mean, another change of heart for the better, and still accessed that cavern’s magic after you and your group left it when you did earlier today, but this time, Supernova accessed that magic for the greater purpose of wanting to understand YOU better, Sunset Shimmer.”

Sunset then deduced, “Which is why she ended up gaining magic, yet felt like she should share it with me and Adagio, which she did and it turned us both back into humans, and powered up, so we could both talk… and sing… things out with each other.”

“It certainly seems that way,” said Starlight, “And if you and your arch-rival were able to talk things out, then maybe there really is hope for me and Sunburst, even though it has been a very long time since we last saw or spoke to each other at all.”

“Well, here’s hoping, though I really am certain of it,” said Sunset Shimmer, “And again, I’ll be right there with you, Starlight Glimmer.”

“Thanks,” said Starlight, “Although, I don’t exactly know what to even say to him.”

Sunset replied, “Well, if you ask me, and I’m speaking from personal experience… it can start with ‘sorry’ and that you really want to make things right with him, for both him and your old friendship that can be repaired… and/or renewed, whichever is more accurate. You two really could start all over again, and do things right this time together.”

“Well, like you said,” said Starlight, “Here’s hoping…”

After the two young ladies FINALLY got their lunch delivered to their table - slow food-making and delivery to tables both happening sometimes with diners in general yet still problematic - finished their lunch, and then also got and ate dessert together, they paid the diner their bill and then headed towards the Racing Hooves gas station that wasn’t too long of a walk away from where they were now. There, they got for Supernova Striker her requested couple of slices of pizza; black olives and bell peppers, just as she asked. Sunset and Starlight first got a couple of slices of that kind of pizza for themselves, one slice for each of them. Turns out Supernova was right, that despite it being gas station pizza, it REALLY was good on so many levels. Sunset and Starlight had enjoyed those pizza slices themselves when they took those first couple of bites, just to be certain about it. They also got her a zero calorie cola in a bottle, for something to drink with that pizza.

After Supernova Striker had received from Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer her requested, surprisingly good, gas station pizza slices, she ate them with her back turned against both of them and her mask a bit lifted up, all so she could eat peacefully.

10 minutes of Supernova eating pizza and drinking zero cal cola later…

It was finally time for Starlight Glimmer to go talk to Sunburst, and hopefully, make things right with him.

She took a deep breath first, then knocked on the front door of his modern cottage home, while Sunset Shimmer stood right beside her and Supernova Striker hid and waited right behind a lamp post that wasn’t too far away from the home itself.

At first, there wasn’t any response nor even sounds of footsteps from behind the door at all, so Starlight then tried ringing the doorbell. That actually worked, because then they heard all kinds of clutter and various funny noises, as something or someone approached the front door from the other side.

The person who answered the door was a scruffy-looking guy who seemed to be around the same age as Starlight herself. He had short yet fairly messy hair of a vermillion red color, with a matching goatee, and both looked like they could use a bit of a serious trim. He had sunny orange skin and white freckles, both features being thicker than Applejack’s own. He also had cyan green eyes and wore simple, circular glasses, though he had to be at least a foot taller than Starlight. Finally, he wore a teal hoodie with long blue jeans and white sneakers. The hoodie itself had cyan green star patterns on its sleeves, while the front of the hoodie had a symbol that looked like a big, bright orange sun shining its yellow rays down upon the left side of his stomach, while the sun symbol itself looked like it was actually shining with cyan and teal stars.

“H-H-Hello?” he asked, a bit startled because he clearly wasn’t exactly a people person, let alone was he expecting visitors or company today.

However, when he adjusted his glasses to see who it was visiting him, he was a little confused before asking, “Uh, can I help you?”

Starlight then said, “Sunburst?”

He replied, “Uh, yes, that’s me. Who are you?”

She answered, “I don’t know if you even remember me or recognize me, but well… You and me grew up as kids, before… well, I kinda ended our friendship because I was jealous that you got into a big prestigious school for smart prodigies like yourself, while I didn’t get into it at all…”

It took a few seconds for Sunburst to recognize and understand the young woman’s words, before he asked, “Wait a second… All of that does sound very familiar to me… You even look pretty familiar to me, now that I think about it. Are you… by any chance… S-Starlight? S-S-Starlight… Glimmer?”

She replied with a small yet sad smile, “Yep, that’s me. Starlight Glimmer, your old… former… bestie from childhood, when we were both living in Sire's Hollow all those years ago. Over a decade ago, in fact, which really is how long it’s been since you and I last saw each other, isn’t it?”

Sunburst didn’t say anything in response, just looked at Starlight with an awestruck look on his face. Both Starlight and even Sunset were feeling a bit unsure of what should even be said right now, except for the obvious choice. When Sunset Shimmer looked at Starlight, though, she smiled at her and it reminded her what could be said to Sunburst next.

Starlight sighed a bit and then said, “Look, Sunburst… I know it’s been a very long time since you and I last saw each other, and I do know and remember… that things between us ended on very bad terms… and I’m certain you definitely know and remember, too…… However, the reason why I am here is, well, honestly… first and foremost… I… I am… so… so sorry, Sunburst… for everything… For getting mad at you, when you didn’t deserve that from me at all… and I’m truly sorry for ruining and ending our friendship over something that was so… so trivial and childish in the end… Because I was childish… and selfish… and just plain stupid… I know you probably haven’t forgiven me for ANY of it, even after all of these years… I certainly don’t blame you, if so… I do want you to know, though, Sunburst…”

Starlight was already beginning to tear up a bit by now, before she continued, “…I really am so very sorry, and I really have missed you so much-”

Before Starlight knew it, she had been tightly hugged by Sunburst, as he embraced her in his arms while crying a bit himself. Neither Starlight nor even Sunset Shimmer saw THAT coming at all.

Sunburst then said to her, “I’ve missed you too, Starlight Glimmer… and even though you and I have a LOT to talk about and catch up on… I want you to know that I do forgive you for back then. In fact, if I’m being honest… I think I… I think, deep down, I might’ve already forgiven you a long time ago.”

Hearing Sunburst’s sincere words, Starlight couldn’t help but smile and actually cry happily a bit as she hugged him back just as tightly.

Sunset Shimmer smiled and shed a tear herself, happy for Starlight Glimmer, even though part of her couldn’t believe that something as important as a long-awaited friendship reunion and repair had happened so simple and easily just now, or rather it was already off to a good start at least.

Seriously, usually in these sorts of friendship-related situations, there would’ve most definitely been a huge argument, things being talked out, either or even both of those happening through an intense or charming yet very memorable song or musical number with a fair amount of flashbacks, and said song or musical number would’ve lasted maybe about 3 minutes long AT LEAST.

Still, what was happening right now was getting the job done right already, too. After all, sometimes, the best solution to go with for ANY problem - including even an important friendship problem - is actually the simplest yet sincerest solution imaginable.

Granted, it seemed like it was ALL happening WAY too easily, but one could also say that sometimes, for whatever reason or reasons, life itself - if not the very Universe itself - decides to throw you a good freebie.

In fact, there is also a “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” proverb here, too. However, officially stating it FOR SO MANY OBVIOUS REASONS HERE… particularly because Sunset Shimmer (who is originally from Equestria) was there, yet Pinkie Pie who is usually the actual “gift horse”? Human, Equestrian, or otherwise.

…Yeah, we’re better than that, right?


Starlight and Sunburst then wiped their tears away, before Sunburst asked, “I have to ask, though, Starlight. How did you even find me here in the first place?”

Starlight replied, “Uh, it’s kind of a very long story. ^^;

Sunburst then invited both Starlight and Sunset Shimmer into his cottage home, where they shared tea and talked together. Starlight and Sunset told Sunburst everything about how Starlight found him in the first place and why they were here to see him. Minus all of the crazy magic-related stuff, of course.

Anyway, about an hour of explanation and catching up later, Starlight and Sunburst hugged each other again as the ladies headed back out the front door.

“It really was great to see you again, Sunburst,” Starlight Glimmer said to him, once all three of them were outside of his house, “And I’m really glad we’re friends again.”

“Same here,” said Sunburst, “And thank YOU, Sunset Shimmer, for making this happen.”

Starlight then hugged Sunset, saying to her, “Yeah, seriously, thank you so much! You really are a great friend yourself.”

Sunset replied, “No problem, though I can’t take all the credit here. After all, Starlight and me? We may have had a bit of help from, well… Let’s just call them an unlikely ally, at least for now.”

Sunset was glancing back behind her, towards the light post that Supernova Striker was standing behind, actually very stealthily and/or covertly.

Sunburst asked, “An unlikely ally? :? Well, that’s a pretty specific way to describe them, but alright, I’m not complaining. :)

Starlight giggled a bit at that, before holding up her smartphone, which she already got Sunburst’s phone number to add to about 5 minutes ago.

“Let’s stay in touch from now, okay?” Starlight asked him.

“Of course,” said Sunburst, before waving goodbye at both ladies, “You’re both welcome to stop by for a visit anytime. I’ll make sure to have at least a decent amount of my house NOT be filled with so many dang books and papers the next time you visit me, though. ^^;

“It’s okay, Sunburst,” said Starlight, “I’m actually glad to see that even after about a decade later, you’re still the nerdy, nice guy next door. ;)

All three of them chuckled a bit at that, before Starlight and Sunburst shared one last hug goodbye, and then both girls left with smiles and waves for him.

“Bye,” Sunburst said happily, waving back at both girls.

“Bye,” Starlight said, just as gratefully.

Both young ladies then met up with Supernova Striker, as Sunburst closed his home’s front door to go back to his important historical research, the topic being Manehattan’s best musical theaters that are STILL standing even many decades later, instead of being replaced by some sort of tacky modern art gallery that only millennials and Gen Z like and get.

Supernova Striker then asked both girls, “So, I take it that your little surprise reunion with your old friend went well?”

“Definitely,” said Starlight, “So, Supernova Striker, Sunset Shimmer… Thank you both for this, and for everything else.”

“No problem, and thanks for bringing me that pizza and zero cal cola earlier, because they were GOOD,” said Supernova, as she brought out the Teleport Prism, “Anyway, you two ready to head back to Camp Everfree? Everyone is probably worried sick about you two by now.”

“Yep,” said Sunset Shimmer, as she said sarcastically yet casually, “I mean, after all, I’d be worried about me, too, if I had been immediately snatched up and teleported away by a mystery gal with a Safari-themed horse mask and a magic stone in-hand. OH, wait, that’s exactly what happened about two hours ago.”

“And I really am VERY sorry for that,” Supernova Striker said, as she then hooked both of her arms around Sunset and Starlight’s, before using the Teleport Prism to magically teleport all three of them right back to Camp Everfree. Right outside the door to the Everfree Siblings’ cabin home, in fact.

Once there, Supernova Striker stepped back from both girls and said, “You two are probably wondering by now who I really am, aren’t you?”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Uh, THAT is EXACTLY what we have been wondering THIS WHOLE DANG TIME, GIRL.

“No crud!” said Starlight.

“Well, funny thing about that, ladies…” Supernova Striker said, before she actually, slowly lowered her mask down just enough to reveal her cyan green eyes and look right into Sunset Shimmer’s, while strands of her long orange hair popped out of her hood, too.

Supernova Striker then said with a slightly less muffled voice, “…the answer has been looking at you this entire time, as if looking in a mirror.”

Sunset Shimmer asked, “Wait, what exactly do you mean by that?”

Before Supernova could answer it, though she probably had no intention of doing so, she used the Teleport Prism one more time to make herself teleport and disappear.

“Hey, wait!” Sunset said, before realizing that the mystery girl had disappeared from sight.

Starlight sighed, “Well, I guess we should’ve seen THAT coming.”

“Yep,” said Sunset Shimmer, “Well, at least despite everything and all of my previous suspicions, Supernova Striker does seem to be legit and on the level, after all… That is, at least for now, anyway.”

“Yeah,” said Starlight, “Well, all’s turned out well, so I guess we better rejoin the others.”

“Definitely,” said Sunset Shimmer, as the two girls then walked over to the Everfree Sibs’s cabin home and opened the door.

“We’re back!” she and Starlight both said to their friends, as they walked through the door and back inside the cabin home.

As expected, everyone had been in it, waiting patiently and hoping for the best. Much to their delight and relief, they all saw that both Sunset and Starlight had returned, safe and sound. In fact, they had all just finished eating lunch that mainly the Everfree Siblings had prepared for everyone, when they had heard the cabin door open.

Princess Twilight was the first to give Sunset Shimmer a big hug, as did Sci-Twi and Flash Sentry.

The Princess of Friendship said, “OH, thank Equestria you’re both back! I know you called us earlier to let us know that you were both alright, but still, we were really worried when you two both just got teleported away by Supernova Striker like that!”

“Yeah, sorry to make you worry like that,” Sunset Shimmer replied.

Flash asked, “What happened, though? I mean, did you both really see that Sunburst guy, like Supernova said?”

“Yep,” Starlight answered with a nod and smile, “Long story short, thanks to her… and also thanks to Sunset Shimmer’s story about you two lovebirds… I was able to be motivated enough to speak with Sunburst, reconcile my friendship with him, and we even caught up with each other quite a bit. He even said that he forgave me for how badly I acted all that time ago, when were both just kids.”

“Really?? That’s great!” Sci-Twi said, “Although, did you just say that Sunset Shimmer shared a story about her and Flash?”

“Uh, yeah. It was about how Flash asked Sunset out to Prom not too long ago, in fact. Why?” Starlight Glimmer replied.

Flash and Sunset looked at each other, before their fellow Equestria Girls, along with both Everfree Siblings, all looked at Flash with smirks and grins on their faces. When that happened, the blue-haired guitarist couldn’t help but smile and blush while glancing away and scratching the back of his scalp, clearly indicating that he may have shared the same story with everyone else in the cabin while Sunset, Starlight, and Supernova Striker were all gone.

Realizing that, Sunset Shimmer simply smiled and blushed a bit, too, while Sci-Twi answered Starlight’s earlier question, “Oh, no reason~ ;)

Flash then cleared his throat before saying, “SO, anyway… I think we got all of the answers we were looking for in our investigation of the Everfree Cave, Sunset Shimmer and Adagio both finally settled their arch-rivalry and differences with each other by reaching an understanding and agreement with each other, and Starlight made amends with Sunburst. Am I wrong or missing anything?”

“No, I don’t think so, Flash,” said Sunset Shimmer, as she walked over to where her pet leopard gecko Ray was waiting for her yet again, this time on the couch and she gently picked him up in both of her loving hands before petting the top of his forehead, “In fact, I’d say we’ve accomplished just about everything we’ve needed to, AND MORE, through this pre-Prom weekend trip to Camp Everfree.”

Both Spikes then spoke up, “So… what now then? :?

Both Twilights answered, “Good question.”

All four them looked at each other, though they did smile and chuckle it off. Great minds thinking alike, and all that.

Arrow Swift then asked Sunset and Starlight, “Hey, wait a sec, where’s Supernova Striker right now? Didn’t she teleport you girls back here with that Teleport Prism thing?”

“She did,” said Sunset, “However, even though we did thank her for everything… and of course, for actually being on the level with us… she teleported herself away, before she or we could say anything else.”

“Wow, really?” Noble Wind asked, “Well, that’s kinda weird, isn’t it? :?

“It is,” said Starlight, “And we STILL have no idea at all who she could be, or really is behind that mask of hers. She did say before taking off, though, that ‘the answer has been looking at us this entire time, as if looking in a mirror.’ However, I really have no idea what she could mean by that.”

Timber Spruce replied, “Well, I’m certain we’ll figure out her identity soon enough. Anyway, if you’d all like to, you’re more than welcome to stay here for the rest of the day and tonight, just like most of us had originally planned.”

“That would be great, Timber, thank you,” Sci-Twi said to him gratefully.

Abacus replied while adjusting her glasses, “Well, I suppose it would be rude to turn down such hospitality, though if I may… I think it would be reasonable if the Dazzlings, Starlight, and myself spent the night in a nearby motel. We wouldn’t want to impose on you all, since I’m certain you all have more than enough people that this cabin of yours can take and handle.”

Adagio added, “She’s not wrong. Plus, as much as it might be enjoyable to really catch up with you Equestria Girls for the rest of today, I don’t think we’re exactly up for a last-minute sleepover or anything like that.”

“I’m certainly not. Sorry, people,” Aria said.

“Fair enough, I guess,” said Gloriosa, “Sorry to hear all of that, though.”

However, Sonata whined as she said while practically glomping upon Noble Wind’s right arm, “Aww, but I wanted to cuddle with Noble Wind in the same sleeping bag tonight! It would be the first time in forever!”

Sunset Shimmer said, “Well, it would be just like old times. Right, Noble Wind? ;)

Noble Wind blushed fiercely at that, while Adagio and Aria rolled their eyes at them, though his friends were all now giving him and his potential Siren girlfriend looks and smiles at HIS expense now.

Starlight added, “I honestly wouldn’t mind spending the night here, Miss Cinch, if that would be alright with you. I honestly want to get to know Sunset and the others here a bit more personally, rather than from afar via the Internet, you know? ^^;

Abacus replied, “Very well, but Adagio, Aria, and myself are all leaving before dinnertime. With all due respect to Gloriosa and Timber here, of course.”

Gloriosa replied, “Again, fair enough.”

So, they all spent the next few hours talking to each other and catching up with each other on what each person has been up to and missed out on; everything involving the Spring Fling, the Friendship Games, the first time they took on Mantisio, followed by the first Camp Everfree trip, then the Summertime Specials, the trip to Gleamlake, the Spring Breakdown, the Starswirl Music Festival, AND EVERYTHING ELSE BEYOND THEM, AND IN-BETWEEN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

By the time they were all done talking to each other, it was close to dinnertime.

At the end of the huge, several hours-long conversation, Adagio said, “Wow, it really sounds like you’ve all been very busy, just like we thought… and then some.”

“I know, right?!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, “I know it’s only been about a couple of years since we all first met Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight, but it feels like we Equestria Girls in particular have been having a LOT of crazy adventures that could be like, A WHOLE DECADE’S WORTH of them, ya know?”

Sunset Shimmer said, “Uh… that’s a very specific thing to say, Pinkie Pie, don’t you think? :? Although, you aren’t wrong. We REALLY have crammed a LOT of craziness in just a short matter of high school years, haven’t we? ^^;

“It certainly sounds like it to me,” Adagio answered, “Then again, I did tell you once, Sunset Shimmer, that your own pack of friends here are all a bit of a handful, didn’t I?”***

***Check out “Equestria Girls: The Spring Fling” in my gallery to see what she means by that.

“You weren’t wrong then, and you’re not wrong, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sunset Shimmer said with a sincere smile, “By the way, Adagio, earlier in our huge conversation… I KNEW it was you and your sisters in disguise during that ‘Bad Reputation’ number during karaoke night! And yet, despite having fun - clearly - you went back to hating humans. Kind of questionable of even YOU, yet shows that even back then, you didn’t completely think humanity was overrated. Don’t you think? ;P***

“Don’t push it,” Adagio replied sternly, while Flash and the rest of Sunset’s friends couldn’t help but smile or chuckle a bit.

***Check out “Equestria Girls: High School Chronicles” in my gallery to see what Sunset Shimmer is talking about.

It was time for Adagio, Aria, and Abacus to all head out now, as they had planned.

However, Abacus did shake hands with both Gloriosa and Timber first.

“We appreciate your time and hospitality, you two,” she said honestly, “And I suppose we do owe you an apology for… well, everything we put you two through today.”

“Apology accepted,” Gloriosa said, “After all, at the end of the day, no real harm done. Kind of quite literally, yet very fortunately, of course. ^^;

“Definitely,” said Timber, “And in all fairness, sorry for being so harsh with you earlier today, Miss Cinch. In my defense, though, I did suspect you and the Dazzlings of nefarious intent towards my girlfriend, so… you know. Go figure, am I right, ma’am?”

“Of course,” said Abacus, “Alright, Adagio, Aria, it’s time for us to leave. Sonata, we’ll back here tomorrow morning at 11 on the dot to pick you up, so be ready by then.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Sonata.

Adagio then said, “For what it’s worth, Sunset, we’ll also try to reach out to Supernova Striker and see if she can tell us where exactly she’s gone to and why she left you, me, and everyone else here hanging. Don’t be too surprised or disappointed if she doesn’t respond to us at all, though.”

“I’ll do the same, but what she said, too,” Starlight added.

“Duly noted, girls, and thank you,” Sunset Shimmer said, “We’ll see you in the morning, Adagio.”

The Dazzling Siren leader nodded, before she turned her attention to Arrow Swift with a flirty smile on her face and an equally alluring look in her eyes.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to join me and my colleagues for dinner tonight, would you, Arrow? For old times’ sake, if not for much more than that?” Adagio asked the young archer, definitely hoping that she could get some one-on-one time with him somehow, much to Rarity’s adorably pouting displeasure, and to a lesser extent yet a still important one, Applejack’s iconic raised eyebrow of NOT being very amused either.

Arrow Swift replied to Adagio’s proposal casually, though he did so with neither a smile nor a frown on his face, “Tempting offer, really, but I’m good.”

Adagio shrugged, keeping a smile on her face as she replied, “Hmm, your loss. See you in the morning, though~”

She winked at him, much to Aria and Abacus’s own annoyance, as the three of them headed out the door and back to their van parked outside, not too far away at all from the Everfree Siblings’ cabin home.

Sunset Shimmer and everyone else waved goodbye to the three ladies, as Abacus started the van and then they all drove away.

Once the van was out of sight and most definitely on its way to the nearest motel in Everfree Town, Flash said, “Well, for better or worse… though, most likely for better… I’d say today turned out pretty great, from start to finish.”

Sunset Shimmer agreed, “Definitely, and it really did turn out to be a Saturday that I won’t ever soon forget, and not just because it happened a week before Prom Night itself.”

Gloriosa then said to Timber, “Well, I think we should get dinner started right now, before it gets too late.”

“I heard that, Sis,” Timber replied, “Although, now that I think about it… even though we had a simple yet nice homemade lunch earlier, I think our cabin is now down to about only a third of our entire food storage and pantry.”

Sci-Twi said, “OH, no, I hope we haven’t been imposing too much on you two these past couple of days!”

“OH, don’t be silly, of course not!” Gloriosa assured her, “Still, maybe we should go out to eat, or order in takeout?”

“I’m up for quesadillas, along with some chips and salsa, like we had yesterday!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, “Should we call and ask Adagio, Aria, and Abacus if they’d like to join us, though?”

Starlight replied, “I think they were giving us a polite implication earlier that they may have had enough of our company for one day, at least until tomorrow morning.”

Sunset Shimmer responded, “Somehow, I’m inclined to agree with you there, even though spending almost all day with them did actually turn out to be alright… for the most part. OH, uh, no offense to them or you at all, Sonata, of course.”

“None taken,” said Sonata, “Still, are we going out to eat or what?”

Gloriosa said, “Well, it is getting close to sundown, so it would be smarter to go out to eat than to order takeout.”

Timber added, “Not to mention safer for delivery dudes everywhere within a 10-mile radius, I think. After all, delivering a bunch of food for a bunch of people located in the middle of a huge forest, just before or at nightfall? Not exactly safe for them, especially since all of that food may or may not attract plenty of wild animals.”

“He’s not wrong,” said Fluttershy, “I don’t think even MY magic, animal-talking powers could keep a bunch of hungry critters at bay all at once.”

“Going out for dinner it is then,” Rainbow Dash said, before saying to Starlight, “I don’t suppose you would mind if we ate at the restaurant you work at a second time, and for the second day in a row, would you?”

“Of course not,” said Starlight, “Today was a day off for me, anyway, so…”

“Then let’s move, people, before any of us start getting hungry and antsy,” Pinkie Pie said, “Or as I’d like to call it… ‘HANTSY.’ ”

Starlight Glimmer raised a bit of an eyebrow at that, before she looked at both Sunset Shimmer and Applejack, who both said with casual smiles, “Just go with it.”

Rarity happily rode right behind Arrow Swift on his ATV, while Applejack rode right behind Rarity on the same ride, just like they did yesterday evening from Everfree Town to Camp Everfree. Just as well, Sci-Twi and her hat-wearing Spike both rode with Timber Spruce and Gloriosa Daisy in their red truck, while everyone else rode with either Flash and his black Camaro car, or Sunset Shimmer and her red Cruiser car that she was renting.

They all drove to Everfree Town together, and soon enough, they arrived at the Everfree Saloon, which is where they ate the evening before and where Starlight Glimmer worked at as a waitress, though tonight, she was there as a customer with her new group of friends. As for the group’s pets - both Spikes, Ray, Beo, and Cheshire - they were allowed in the place, as long as their owners kept them from running around and disturbing all of the other customers. Starlight vouched for them all, so it would be alright, as long as the pets were on their best behavior.

As their entire group all ate together, Noble Wind and Sonata got their own private booth to share. There, they could talk, catch up, and hopefully, make up with each other as well.

The thing was that Noble Wind really couldn’t think of anything to say to Sonata, and was almost completely breathless in her presence…

…mainly because Sonata was in the same seat as Noble Wind, instead of sitting across from him, and hugging and snuggling up to him just a bit too tightly.

Honestly, Noble Wind really didn’t know if he should feel flustered or uncomfortable, or both. Needless to say, though, Sunset Shimmer and the rest of their friends were kind of looking over at the adorable couple, smiling and grinning again, once again at Noble Wind’s expense.

Noble Wind then said, “Uh, Sonata? Not that I’m complaining all that much, but think you could sit across from me, please?”

Sonata replied while rubbing her face up against his, “~Sorry, Noby-Woby, no can do! After all, even though we do have a lot to talk about, this is our very first date in forever, and I want to make the most of it with you~”

Noble replied, “Fair enough, but I would really like to have my lungs back right now… Can’t exactly breathe all that well, let alone eat or drink… even less, if I’ve literally been snuggled to death…”

“He’s not wrong, you know, Sonata,” Sunset Shimmer stated, “Although, it is pretty nice and pretty cute seeing you two like this right now.”

Flash whispered to her, “As long as neither of them order a spaghetti plate to split, I think he’ll be alright.”

“I heard that!” Noble Wind said.

Eventually, everyone got their dinners and drinks, including Noble and Sonata. They ordered just a huge plate of sweet potato fries to share, as well as a couple of glasses of ice cold zero cal cola for Noble and water for Sonata.

As they ate, Noble Wind said to Sonata, “Look, girl, I really am sorry for being so harsh with you earlier today. It wasn’t really all that fair on my part, if I am being honest with you. I do hope you understand why, though.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Sonata, “My sisters and I acting and living deceptively, like everything we had been through with you, Sunset Shimmer, and the rest of your friends… who are our friends, too… It wasn’t cool of us at all. I do feel really bad about it… Really, Noby-Woby.”

Sonata looked up at Noble Wind with a very sincere look in her raspberry eyes. Noble Wind was a little taken by it, but after a few seconds passed, he smiled at it just as honestly.

“Apology accepted, and I really have missed you, Sonata. You and those sweet, adorable eyes of yours,” Noble Wind said to her very sincerely.

Sonata blushed a bit when she heard that, though she did smile happily and cutely then and there, before giving Noble Wind one more big, face-snuggling hug.

Starlight cooed, “Aww, you two are so cute!”

Sunset replied, “I know, right? So, Noble Wind, is there by any chance a certain question you should be asking Sonata right about now?”

Noble Wind answered, “Yeah, I know, I know. Not tonight, though. Not yet.”

Sonata pouted, “Aww, no fair! You’re gonna make me wait even longer for you to ask me to your big Prom Night thingy?”

“One step at a time, Sonata, though I promise that it will be worth the wait,” Noble Wind assured her sincerely.

“It better be, darling, for her sake,” Rarity stated, “After all, keeping a lady waiting for you to ask her one of the most important questions of her life, and yours? YOU of all people should know better than that.”

“She’s not wrong,” said Arrow Swift, “In fact, believe it or not, Applejack and I ended up asking Rarity out to Prom on the exact same day because we didn’t want to keep her waiting any longer than she needed to. We kinda, may have NOT let each other know that we were thinking the same thing, though, because we may have kinda wanted to beat each other to asking Rarity out to Prom. Just as a friendly yet unspoken competition amongst the two of us, of course. NOT that we were trying to treat Rarity as some kind of trophy or prize to be won, though, mind you. I’m just saying.”

Arrow Swift added while scratching the back of his scalp sheepishly, “That said, though… Applejack may have beaten me to it by 3 hours. ^^;

Noice ;) ” Rainbow Dash responded.

“And what about you, Flash?” Gloriosa asked him, “After all, you’re going to Prom with both your ex-girlfriend turned best friend AND your old friend who is a Princess of her own entire nation back in her world! Aren’t you?”

Flash replied, “Well, yeah, I mean… definitely with Sunset Shimmer, and maybe with Princess Twilight, too. IF they’re both alright with that.”

Both girls actually hugged the guitarist tightly, in the same dining booth with him, as they said, “Definitely!”

That, of course, caught Flash by surprise yet made him smile and blush quite happily as he gently hugged both girls back.

Starlight giggled at all of the charming sweetness that was going on and around in the restaurant she usually worked at, before saying, “I gotta admit, I could probably get used to hanging out with all you. I mean, clearly, your life’s philosophy is ‘Friendship is Magic’ for an endearing reason or two… as well as, obviously and evidently, a very literal reason or two… Especially the magic part, that is.”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Well, Starlight, you’re definitely more than welcome to visit us in Canterlot Town whenever you feel like it.”

Starlight said, “Thanks, I really appreciate it, and I’ll be sure to visit you and Sunburst this summer when I can. It’ll be tricky to find the time, though, especially since I don’t have that Teleport Prism. Speaking of which, I gotta admit that I do wonder where Supernova Striker could’ve gone off to with it earlier, anyway.”

“I don’t know,” Sunset Shimmer replied, “Although, I have a feeling that even regardless of whether or not you, Adagio, and the others find or figure anything out regarding her, we haven’t exactly seen the last of Supernova Striker for realz.”

“Totally,” said Flash, “Still, you don’t think she might show up out of nowhere on Prom Night of all times, do you?”

“I hope not,” said Princess Twilight, before rolling her eyes with a bit of an irony-based smile, “Although, now that you brought THAT up, and given our luck when it comes to crazy, magic-involved situations like the ones we had this weekend… I wouldn’t exactly put THAT possibility past us at all.”

“UH-HUH,” all of her fellow Equestria Girls agreed, before everyone laughed it off together.

After everyone had dinner together and paid the bill, Timber Spruce, Gloriosa Daisy, Arrow Swift, Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry, and Starlight Glimmer paying for all of it six split ways, the entire group all headed back to Camp Everfree.

By the time they got back to the Everfree Sibs’ cabin home, it was nighttime, but the night sky was filled with a lovely amount of stars.

“Look at that,” said Sunset Shimmer, finding the starlit night to be amazing.

“Yeah,” said Flash, as he and everyone else looked up to enjoy the starry sky.

Flash then gently held both Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight’s hands, who smiled and blushed with him as both girls held his hands back.

The three of them continued looking up at the starry night together, along with everyone else, knowing that these past couple of days were most definitely NOT what any of them had expected…

…Crazy yet wonderfully memorable overall.

So, needless to say that the Equestria Girls and all of their friends knew that whatever was gonna happen within the next week… PROM WEEK… along with all of the other weeks leading right up to graduation, and even after that?

They could handle anything and make the absolute best of it, especially Sunset Shimmer and Flash, and Starlight Glimmer knew that she and Sunburst’s repaired friendship was off to a good start already.


…within the shadowy darkness of the nearby trees of Camp Everfree’s own forest…

…a certain someone with a truly mysterious look yet a rather striking character and personality watched from afar once again, seeing Sunset Shimmer enjoy the night with her friends, while said certain yet mysterious someone spoke to herself quietly with her Safari-themed horse mask off, yet her face was still hidden, thanks to the trees’ shadows that night…

Enjoy your Prom Week, Sunset Shimmer, and I do hope you have a nice one… because when Prom Night itself arrives, I’ll make certain that it’s one you won’t EVER forget… Because even though things between you and me ARE good… this isn’t over.

And with that, she used the Teleport Prism to teleport herself away from the forest’s nightly darkness, and practically into thin air.

I originally hoped that I could get this chapter written and uploaded for Valentine's Day, but I failed there. So, here I am a couple of months later than planned with it. HOWEVER, I am certain that it may possibly inspire readers and/or make them nostalgic for Prom Night, one of the most important nights of a (young) person's life that they CANNOT miss out on.

If this chapter inspires you to ask someone you like and care about out to Prom, while there's still time, or if it just makes you nostalgic of your own cool Prom Night, like it may or may not have for me and mine, then great. 🙂

MLP: FiM and Equestria Girls are both rightfully created and owned by their original creators and owners, particularly HASBRO.

6/14/2024 EDIT: I realized recently that I made a bit of a plot error while writing my story here, but I have gone and fixed said errors. Sorry about any and all confusion they might've caused regarding the EG's canon timeline of events, though. ^^; That's my bad, but I am certain that all of them have been fixed and this story is (still) good to be read.

© 2024 saber360
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