Equestria Girls: Graduation - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Caught Between Worlds

By the time the Equestria Girls and all of their friends had made it back to the Everfree Siblings’ home cabin, Adagio Dazzle didn’t waste anytime saying, “Aria! Sonata! Get out here, right now!”

They both did just that, as they walked outside of the cabin, while Aria said, “Alright, alright, Adagio! You don’t have yeeeAAAHHH, what the heck?!

Both Aria and Sonata were shocked and surprised to see that Adagio was actually an Equestrian Seapony now, trapped in a floating, diamond-shaped cage via Sci-Twi and Rarity’s own magical powers, respectively. Not to mention that Sunset Shimmer herself was now in her original, Equestrian Unicorn form.



Of course, the shocked reactions and facial expressions of Noble Wind, Gloriosa, Timber, Abacus Cinch, and especially Earth’s own Starlight Glimmer were all even more awestricken… and hilarious.

Sunset Shimmer then said, while still as a unicorn standing before them all, “Yeah, hi, guys. Uh, sooooo… funny story. * squee * ^^;

10 Minutes Later…

After everyone explained to everyone what they had missed out on, both in the Everfree Cavern and at the Everfree Siblings’ own house, Princess Twilight concluded, “…so, now that we know why you 5 ladies are here at Camp Everfree, here’s the deal: we’ll help Starlight Glimmer here make amends with Sunburst, though it will be on OUR very much sane terms, and we’re also gonna have to figure out how to turn Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle here back to their normal human forms, regardless of whether or not they are in their original Equestrian forms right now.”

Sunset added, “And after all of that is figured out and done, we go our separate ways.”

Adagio replied, “Sounds good enough to me, admittedly. Although, I suppose this means you’re gonna keep the Teleport Prism all to yourselves?”

Rainbow Dash held said magic prism up in her right hand as she said, “Uh, YEAH, you’re dang right we are!”

Applejack added, “Us lettin’ y’all keep somethin’ so magical and powerful any further, as in lettin’ it stay in the wrong hands instead of ours or at least Princess Twilight’s? It’s like givin’ truffles to rabbits and carrots to pigs. It don’t make no darn sense!”

Fluttershy stated, “She’s not wrong.”

Aria groaned before she then said, “…Alright, fine, whatever. I suppose it’s not the worst thing ever, since after all of this is over, we won’t have to see any of YOU ever again. Still, what I wanna know is how come when Adagio got reverted back into an Equestrian like Sunset did, Adagio got turned into a Seapony instead of her original, huge Siren form?”

Twilight replied, “Well, now that you mention it, that is bizarre. Then again, from what I recall, you three Sirens are all originally from the Seapony Kingdom that is located in Equestria’s Atlantic Ocean, instead of from Seaquestria and Mount Aris… and some of the Seaponies from the Atlantic Kingdom became Sirens because of Scylla… LONG STORY there… though, I’m pretty certain that they all have at least front hooves like anypony else, instead of flippers.”***

***Check out “MLP: FiM - Legend of the Seapony Kingdom” in my gallery for more details.

Noble Wind replied, “No, you’re right. I should know since I’m the official liaison between Equestria and the Seapony Kingdom of Equestria’s Atlantic Ocean, and have been as such for quite a while. As for why Adagio Dazzle looks more like a Seapony from Seaquestria right now, though, with the flippers instead of hooves and all… I don’t know. Maybe the Everfree Cavern’s magic thought it’d be safer if Adagio didn’t even have her front hooves to try and stomp on others? Both metaphorically and literally. Not to mention she really won’t be able hold or use that Teleport Prism anymore. Regardless of whether or not she is in that diamond cage right now.”

Still using her diamond magic to keep Adagio imprisoned, Rarity replied, “It all sounds like a reasonable and quite legit enough explanation to me, darling, especially given how maliciously bad she acted both before and after she got turned into THIS. Not to mention how cold-blooded this Siren acted towards poor Arrow most of all…”

Noble Wind replied, “Yeah, I hate to admit it, but Adagio probably did bring THIS kind of fate upon herself. Plus, Arrow is not the only dude who is disappointed in a Siren girl that he likes… or did like.”

He then turned towards Sonata with arms crossed, not looking happy right now.

Sonata replied with a confused look on her face, “What do ya mean, Noby?”

Noble Wind then sighed before saying, “Sonata, I am very sorry to say this, but I already know by now all about what you and the other Dazzlings have been up to here on Earth since the last time you and I saw each other. Particularly that… What was it called again, Princess Twilight and Sunset? ‘Clickbait video’ thing? Or whatever it was called. Anyway, the point is, you and your Siren sisters took the whole Spring Fling experience we all shared together all that time ago and practically betrayed it! Betrayed all of us here, including ME. You might as well have chucked it right into the ocean, in fact, and I am ticked off about it right now! Worse than that, though… I am very disappointed in all three of you. Especially YOU most of all, Sonata Dusk.”

Sonata looked both shocked and quite heartbroken from what Noble Wind just said to her, as did Sunset Shimmer and her entire group, and both Gloriosa and Timber. Heck, even Adagio, Aria, and Abacus Cinch were surprised.

Noble Wind then said, “You wanna know what the worst part of all of this is, though, Sonata? Last night, all of my friends were talking all about their big Prom Night, and even though I’ve already been through it once before, back in Equestria… well, when I found out that YOU and your sisters were here at Camp Everfree… deep down inside of my heart, I was kinda hoping that if things worked out this weekend… between you Sirens and the Rainbooms, I mean… maybe you and I could go enjoy said Prom Night together. It’d probably be just like the Spring Fling dance for us, all that time ago, except maybe even better. Right now, though… * sigh * …I don’t even know if it’s even possible, considering that you wanted to use poor Starlight Glimmer there and her painful past, just to get and have magical powers AGAIN.”

Noble Wind then just walked past Sonata and straight towards the Everfree Siblings’ cabin as he said to Sonata, without even looking at her, “I guess this means you really have forgotten all about the magic within yourself, especially when you really sing straight from the heart… and that you forgot all about me, too, Sonata Dusk… because I’m also guessing my heart just doesn’t matter to you anymore.”

EVERYONE couldn’t believe what Noble Wind just said to Sonata then and there, even if it was out of disappointment in her, all things considered. It was actually enough to make Sonata feel like she was on the very edge of crying.

Sonata then said, “Oh, Noby… I’m so sorry-”

Noble held up his left hand to her, stopping her and also himself in their tracks, as he said to her without even looking at her, “DON’T. Just… don’t… at all, Sonata.”

Noble Wind then continued to walk over to the Everfree Siblings’ cabin, until he opened its door and walked inside of it, closing the door behind him in a way that almost sounded like a loud and angry slam.

Rainbow Dash then said out of fair disbelief, “Whoa… Harsh…”

Sonata Dusk then began to cry a bit to herself, making Aria a bit hesitant on whether or not she should say or do something to comfort her. On one hand, she REALLY didn’t do “nice” in general. On the other hand, however, they were still sisters.

Gloriosa walked over to Sonata and hugged her a bit to comfort her out of sympathy.

However, Adagio then said, “OH, grow up and suck it up already, Sonata!”

THAT really surprised everyone, including even both Aria and Abacus Cinch.

Flash then said, “Dude! I mean, dudette! What the heck?!”

Adagio replied, “It was always just a silly crush, and one that was basically and ultimately long-distance, in the end. It was always meant to fail.”

Sunset Shimmer then said, “Alright, you know what, Adagio Dazzle? That is enough! That’s still your own sister you’re criticizing!”

Adagio responded, “One who’s always been an airhead, while the other has never stopped complaining in all her life!”

Shocked and insulted by that remark, Aria said, “Hey! It’s not MY fault your so-called ‘leadership’ for our group has always sucked rotten eggs!”

Sonata added while sniffling and wiping her tears away, “And it’s not MY fault you three are always so mean! I mean, I’m mean, too, but even I have my limits, believe it or not!”

Adagio replied, “What’s always had their limits is that brain of yours, Sonata, particularly its capacity for both thinking AND oxygen!”

ENOUGH!!!” Arrow Swift exclaimed loudly, which caught everyone’s attention. Even Noble Wind’s, as he quickly stuck his head outside of the nearby cabin home’s door.

Arrow then said, “You three are just wasting your time AND OURS with your usual, cliche mean girl bullcrap! Not to mention my friends and I still have no idea where the last member of your team, ‘Supernova Striker’ is right now!”

“I’m right here!” said a mysterious, female voice behind the entire group of the Equestria Girls’, as everyone looked behind them and saw someone standing not too far away from them.

The mysterious girl was shown to be someone around Sunset Shimmer’s age. At least, the age of her human form, anyway. She wore a green and brown hooded jacket, long black jeans with matching hiking boots, and she wore what looked like a yellow and red, horse-themed mask.

A mask that was sort of Safari-themed, NOT an actual giant horse mask for comedic jump-scares.

Adagio then asked, “Wait, Supernova? Is that YOU? What are you doing here?! And why aren’t you using your voice modulator right now, now that I notice and think of it right now?”

Supernova replied, “I don’t necessarily need it right now. My mask will more than suffice in hiding my identity.”

It was true that her mask alone was hiding her voice as much as it was hiding her face, though it was more like muffling her voice than hiding. Still, everyone could hear and understand her, though her voice sounded familiar yet different at the same time for some very strange reason.

Sunset Shimmer then asked, “THIS is Supernova Striker?”

The mysteriously hooded, masked, and practically shrouded girl replied, “It certainly ain’t Optimus Prime.”

Flash then asked, “Who are you, REALLY? And why are you here?”

She replied, “…I’m sorry. I know you all have a lot of questions here, but all I can tell you is that I am indeed Supernova Striker, the one who came up with this whole ‘trying to get magic powers’ scheme in the first place, though I am not trying to be your enemy. At least, not nowadays, anyway.”

Princess Twilight asked, “Wait, what?? What do you even mean by that?”

Supernova answered, “The truth is that originally… the Dazzlings, Abacus, and myself DID want to try and take revenge and get payback on you Rainbooms, but then… something happened to me that made me change my mind, and then convinced the others to try a different approach, i.e. Starlight Glimmer there.

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Yeah, Adagio already explained that to us earlier, back in the Everfree Cavern. However, we’re still wanting the WHOLE story, including YOUR side of the story, Supernova.”

Supernova sighed and answered, “Well, to try and make a long story as short as possible… When I first found out about you Rainbooms online AFTER the Friendship Games at Canterlot High School happened? Let’s just say I took a very personal interest in you all… particularly in Sunset Shimmer herself. You see, I… I became jealous of her… Then one day, I came across a prism accessory in a shop that sold all kinds of handcrafted jewelry. It looked pretty enough, and the shop owner said that it was a lucky charm that would bring me good fortune and lead me to my ultimate destiny. I thought it was bullsnot at first, but at the time, I was… kinda desperate for SOME good luck that could help me out. Because I was not only having jeally problem, I was also having… well, an identity crisis… because of you, Sunset Shimmer.”

Sunset Shimmer asked, “Wait, what?? Why take such a personal and serious interest in me?”

Supernova hesitated before she said, “…I can’t answer that yet. That Teleport Prism there, though? Well, it’s the supposed lucky charm I bought in that store, but then the next day, some kind of crazy, weird energy hit it while I was… well, kinda wishing on the prism charm itself that maybe someday, I could find you and… talk to you, very personally, to put it lightly as possible.”

Rarity responded sarcastically, “Oh, THAT doesn’t exactly sound ominous at all, darling.”

Supernova replied, “Well, anyway, the prism became a magic teleportation device of some kind, the minute it got hit by that weird magic energy, because before I knew it… it teleported me close enough to where you were at the time, Sunset Shimmer. At the time, you and your friends were all getting off some bus, after what looked like an eventful camping trip. Hence, why I first called the now magic prism charm, ‘The Teleport Prism’ and have been using it ever since.”

Sunset Shimmer said, “Wait, seriously?? You’ve been having that Teleport Prism and using it to keep PERSONAL track of me from afar… straight up following me, if not STALKING me, since after the Camp Everfree incident with Gaea Everfree?!”

All of the Rainbooms and their friends were surprised by this revelation.

Supernova Striker then said, “It may or may not be true, yes… and that Teleport Prism may or may not actually be… possibly… the FIRST thing to be hit by strange magical energies AFTER the Camp Everfree incident. At least, from what I can tell and have kept track of online regarding all of that, and YOU and your friends, Sunset Shimmer.”

Everyone who wasn’t associated with Supernova was pretty surprised to hear all of that.

Supernova then said, “I spent what seemed like forever keeping track of you and your adventures, doing so both online and from afar… All because I couldn’t stand you. Eventually, I reached out to the Dazzlings and Abacus Cinch, though I did it as covertly as possible to protect my identity from them. After all, I had a feeling that as malicious as they all were, if I revealed my real self to them… Well, either they would find it very intriguing and tempting, and therefore, NOT refuse teaming up with me to get back at you Rainbooms… OR they might try to use my identity as leverage against me somehow. It was a 50/50 chance that I just couldn’t take with them, least of all with someone like Adagio Dazzle.

Adagio admitted, “She’s not wrong at all there, you know.”

Sunset Shimmer looked at the imprisoned Siren Seapony with an unamused look on her face.

Supernova continued, “Anyway… despite that they couldn’t ever know my real identity, I was able to at least convince them that my original offer of getting payback was legit… at the time… by using the Teleport Prism in action to teleport myself where each of them were, and shared with them all of the knowledge I had gathered on you Rainbooms… particularly, again, Sunset Shimmer herself. In fact, I first reached out to both the Dazzlings and Abacus Cinch sometime after that big music festival you and Pinkie Pie were very found of last year, Sunset… The one where the Dazzlings made their supposed ‘big comeback’ even though they were faking their singing talents and they know it… Ever since the final week of THAT summer, I think, we had been planning to take you Rainbooms down, by finding a way to get magical powers of our own. For so many months, though, it was NOT easy at all. Even though we kept tabs on you Rainbooms as best as we could for as long as possible, both with the modern power of the Internet and the magical power of the Teleport Prism.”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Alright, ignoring how uncomfortably cringe-y you’re making me and my friends feel right now by admitting that you’ve been basically STALKING US FOR EQUESTRIA KNOWS HOW LONG, what exactly made you change your mind about getting revenge on us?”

Supernova answered, “…Because like I’m certain that Adagio has already told you by now, it would be the five of us magic-less and powerless ladies with only one little Teleport Prism to warp us to virtually wherever on Earth we wanted to go, against the seven of you truly magical and powerful ladies who have taken on and defeated way worse than us. Plus, you’ve always found a way to beat the odds through LITERALLY the magic and power of your friendship, so what exactly would really even be the plan or even the point to defeat you all? We spent months gathering info on you all, both from afar through the Internet, and almost up close and personal with me using the Teleport Prism to watch you all more closely, trying to figure something out. Then, one night, not too long ago, in fact… I had a dream where I recalled the event of your ‘Spring Breakdown’ experience that happened last year.”

Sunset asked, “Our Spring Breakdown experience? You mean, that crazy magical incident with the cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, and the Storm King’s leftover power or whatever, and all that, right?”

Supernova replied, “Yes, that. I was onboard that very cruise ship and keeping track of you all from afar, all thanks to the Teleport Prism. However, when the cruise ship came under crazy attack from whatever was going on with the ocean… I was aboard it all, and I was about to use the Teleport Prism to get the heck out of there! However… in my dream, I recalled when I saw you and your friends use your magic to save all of those people, firsthand in fact… I was seeing you all, including you Sunset Shimmer, for who and what you really were. You really help and rescue people, whenever crazy magic strikes, don’t you? I mean, through the Internet and the Teleport Prism, I had just been watching you work from afar. I never actually did see you literally work your magic. At least, not as up close and personal as I did that fateful day, when my own life was basically in danger, too. Granted, I didn’t really need saving at the time since I could just teleport myself away to safety. Still, though, Sunset… You and were friends… You were, always have been, and still to this very day all so… amazing.”

Surprised to hear that so unexpectedly, Sunset Shimmer asked, “Really?”

Supernova answered, “Of course! You saved so many people, SO MANY LIVES that day. I still used the Teleport Prism to go back home and get myself out of that crazy ship show, of course, but still! It took me less than a year after that incident, but my dream about it… It really did make me recall and then realize that YOU came from Equestria to Earth for some kind of reason or purpose that probably not even YOU yourself could’ve ever predicted, let alone me or anyone else! It also made me rethink things about myself… About what I had been doing for so long, just to hurt you for… being you… I know, it sounds like I just made a crazy 180 for myself right on its head and my own, but I really did have a revelation that day. So, when I told the Dazzlings and Abacus Cinch EVERYTHING about my dream, about what I had witnessed and recalled… I was able to convince them that if we were to get magical powers of our own, to be on the Rainbooms’ level, considering that admittedly yet realistically we were out-powered, out-experienced, and outmatched in every single way imaginable, with or without the Teleport Prism’s own magical power to help us… we would have to try a different approach. One where maybe even the Rainbooms would be at least somewhat cooperative, if we promised you girls that we wouldn’t be using any newfound magic of our own against you at all. So, after thinking for a while, I remembered when that Starlight Glimmer girl… The one from Equestria, I mean… showed up out of nowhere and helped put an end to Juniper Montage’s ‘magic mirror mania’ at the Canterlot Mall that one time. I looked her up, but when I did, she looked so much different from how she looked when she took on Juniper. In fact, she wasn’t even living anywhere near the Canterlot area. She was living in Everfree Town. So, we decided to investigate, and that’s when we first met THIS WORLD’S human Starlight Glimmer, and when we got to talking to her about herself, we realized that the Starlight Glimmer that I had remembered must really have come from Equestria, just like how both Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight Sparkle here did.”

Starlight Glimmer then spoke up, “It’s true, and you could imagine my surprise that everything they were telling me about magic and other worlds and the like… not to mention that the whole ‘magic pony world’ thing… was all actually true. I mean, at first, I thought they had a few screws loose. However, they then used the Teleport Prism to take me to… Well, teleport me right outside of my father’s house in Sire's Hollow, which is actually - more or less - halfway across the country from here!”

The Rainbooms couldn’t believe hearing THAT, as a surprised Rainbow Dash then took out the Teleport Prism she had been holding onto since she swiped it from Adagio earlier.

Rainbow then asked, “Whoa, REALLY?? This little magic gem has THAT kind of range?!”

Starlight replied, “It certainly does! According to Supernova Striker, though, the Teleport Prism can teleport you to wherever or whomever you’re thinking of, but not exactly right where whomever you’re thinking of is standing, IF they’re currently inside some kind of building or tunnel or…”

“…or inside of a cave of some kind,” Adagio finished, “THAT is why when I teleported to the Everfree Cavern, to where YOU were, Sunset Shimmer, it only teleported me to standing outside of it. I guess the Teleport Prism somehow has some kind of safety function to prevent its user from teleporting themselves right into a wall or something.”

Starlight continued, “It certainly seems like it, yeah, and when Supernova and the other ladies told me what I could get in exchange for helping them… Magical powers of my own that could probably somehow… for the sake of me and Sunburst, repair our friendship after all these many years of being apart from each other… to undo my greatest mistake and regret ever… Well, I couldn’t exactly say no to their proposal. As for how my new friends and I all found out about your little trip here to Camp Everfree for this weekend in the first place, and that it was because you wanted to look into its magic cavern and see if it had any connection to Equestria… even when you all kept it all a huge secret as best as possible, even from online and social media and stuff… Well, Supernova Striker just needed to keep an eye on Sunset Shimmer from afar in real life, instead of just online, and she often saw and heard her talking to her fellow Rainbooms quite well enough, ever since your ‘Spring Breakdown’ adventure ended. Once she was certain that you were all going on a trip back to Camp Everfree to check out its magic cavern, and that there might still be magical power within it, even after so much time had already passed… we all figured that it was now or never, right then and there.”

Supernova then said, “And so, our plan basically worked in one way or another at least, because of this weekend and all of its events that have happened within the past 24 hours since you Rainbooms and your friends all got your big Everfree weekend started together… and so, here we all are now.”

Sunset Shimmer walked a bit towards Supernova, the radiant Unicorn still maintaining her distance before asking, “Well, for what it’s worth, your honesty is very much appreciated, so thank you for telling us all of this… but still, you haven’t answer one important question… Who are you, Supernova Striker? REALLY??”

Supernova Striker just stood there standing, not saying a single word for 10 seconds, until she finally said, “…I still can’t answer that question, Sunset Shimmer. Not yet. However, what I can do is something that’ll help both you and Adagio Dazzle.”

“Help us??” Adagio asked her, “Help us with what exactly? And how?”

Supernova answered, “Well, believe it or not, I just spoke to the Everfree Cavern and its magic. I wanted to know why exactly… Sunset Shimmer of Equestria is here on Earth… The REAL reason why fate itself brought her here to Earth, and where that leaves me. Why SHE is the better… girl than I am in the first place, admittedly. What her purpose here on Earth REALLY is, instead of it being back in Equestria. The cavern then shined its bright magic upon me… gave some of its power to me, and in that very moment, I think… I think I know and feel what I need to do next.”

It was then and there that Supernova Striker held out both of her hands, and they started to surge with what looked like multicolored, magical energy.

Everyone was quite surprised to see THAT, especially both Sunset and Adagio.

“So, what you’re saying is that… you have magical powers, but you think and feel that… you should help me and Adagio out with…?” Sunset Shimmer asked.

Supernova replied, “I feel like the magic is telling me that instead of using it for just myself at all - mainly because I already know and have already realized by now that even if I were to use this or any kind of magical power for myself, or even share it with the Dazzlings and Abacus Cinch, you Rainbooms would most definitely beat us all pretty predictably and inevitably… I should probably use this magic, or rather share it with both Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle here.”

“Why both of us, though??” Adagio asked Supernova.

Sunset added, “Yeah, I’d really like to understand that myself.”

Supernova answered, “Because I feel like in order to truly understand Sunset Shimmer better, my first step is to help her out, and right now, I think and feel like the best way to do that is to help both her and Adagio… Help you two reach a real understanding with each other, maybe even reach middle ground with each other, and finally settle your differences… and your arch-rivalry… once and for all.

Supernova then fired the magic right out of both of her hands, at both Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle. When it was fired at Adagio, the magic instantly shattered and completely destroyed the diamond cage that she was put in by Rarity, then the magic hit Adagio herself. Both Sunset and Adagio were now surging with the multicolored, magical energy, as it transformed both Equestrians back into their human forms, but with quite a few different features altogether.

“Whoa…” said a very dizzy Sunset Shimmer, as she held both sides of her head once again, except she noticed that this time, she was using her HANDS instead of hooves.

She then saw that she had indeed transformed back into her human form, though not just any human form. She was dressed in familiar white and pink clothing that made her look like she was a princess and a warrior at the same time, with golden orange boots to go along with it and prove as such. Not to mention that she had shiny, glowing yellow wings sprouting out of her back and a long, sharp horn sticking out of her forehead; both the wings and the horn looked like they were made out of bright, yellow, magical energy. Also, her long, red-and-yellow hair was standing up yet flowing gracefully, like she had been fully charged up to some kind of unbelievable level of power; one where if it was a burning yet shining thermal power similar to a small yet strong Sun, it could very well be a thermal level of up to OVER 9,000 DEGREES.

Oh, and she also more or less had red eyeshadow now, to go with her transformation.

Everyone around Sunset Shimmer, especially the Everfree Siblings, Aria and Sonata, Starlight Glimmer, and even the pets and Abacus Cinch were really awestruck by what they were seeing.

Flash then said, “WHOA, Sunset! You… You’re back to normal! I mean, back to your human self, and then some!”

Taking a good look at herself, before Rarity brought out from her backpack a hand mirror to show her what had just happened to her, Sunset Shimmer then said while looking at her own reflection in said mirror, “Oh, my gosh! I’ve… I’ve been completely transformed back into a human! And also into… into Daydream Shimmer, no less!”

Sci-Twi asked, “But how is that possible?! Both times that you transformed into Daydream Shimmer… first, at the Friendship Games, and then when we first took on Mantisio… you used the magic of our group’s friendship to do that!”***

***To see what Sci-Twi means by the latter, check out “Equestira Girls: High School Chronicles” in my gallery!

Supernova Striker said, “Wow, really? Huh… Well, I guess maybe the magic from the Everfree Cavern transformed you into what may be your most powerful form ever.”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Well, I do have a couple of other forms besides this one, but then again… this IS what I used to prevent the literal end of the world all on my own, during the end of the Friendship Games, so…”

They then heard what sounded like slow clapping and chuckling from nearby, and they all turned to see that it was coming from Adagio Dazzle herself…

…except that even though she was back in her human form, too, she was also looking pretty differently herself.

While still slow clapping and chuckling a bit, Adagio then said, “Well, I must say, Sunset Shimmer… OH, sorry, I should probably say ‘Daydream Shimmer’ right? You really do look quite stunning right now, admittedly yet sincerely… However, just as sincerely, I myself look ASTONISHING BEYOND BELIEF~

Adagio Dazzle was now wearing a long, surprisingly lovely yet also somewhat sinister-looking, indigo blue, cabaret dress that split on her left side, and the top of the dress strapped around the bottom of her neck, and she also wore a matching, indigo blue chocker with black spikes around her neck. She also wore black, high-heeled dress shoes that had strappings that went around just as elegantly from her ankles to her knees. Adagio also wore long, fingerless, indigo blue gloves that went up to her elbows. Adagio’s orange afro was still the same, though its scrunchie was now indigo blue with black spikes. She also wore black glamour eyeshadow. However, the biggest feature of Adagio’s new look was what looked like twin pairs of midnight purple, fin-like wings sprouting out of her back. Not to mention that her teeth showed just a tiny bit of sharp-looking fangs.

Everyone, including Sunset Shimmer, couldn’t believe their eyes from what they were seeing, especially Arrow Swift.

Plus, while Sunset Shimmer was giving off a faint yet warm, radiant aura that was sunny yellow and orange, Adagio Dazzle’s own aura was one of vibrant purple and dark aquamarine.

Arrow Swift then asked, “Adagio…? Is that really YOU right now?”

Adagio replied with a wink, “The one and only, darling~”

Rarity then exclaimed, “HEY!! Nobody calls MY Arrow Swift, ‘darling’ except ME!!

Starlight Glimmer then said, “Wow, Adagio! ‘Looking astonishing beyond belief,’ is right! I mean, the fangs might be a bit much, but then again, it does help bring out your whole Siren character, doesn’t it?”

Aria admitted, “No kidding!”

Sonata added, “O-M-Goodness, Adagio, you look totally gorgeous right now!”

Adagio replied while running her right hand through her orange afro-like hair, “~I always am… Although, this time, perhaps more so than usual, and then some! I mean, I honestly haven’t felt nor looked THIS good since that final act during the Battle of the Bands, all that dang time ago!”

Sunset Shimmer then asked, “What just happened to you, though, Adagio?”

Princess Twilight said, “It looks like Adagio has acquired a new magical form! Maybe one that could be equal to that of your Daydream Shimmer form, Sunset!”

Sci-Twi pointed out, “Yeah, but despite her sinister-looking appearance, she doesn’t necessarily seem all that sinister, compared to when I was transformed into Midnight Sparkle. Maybe it’s because the magic that Adagio has been given is more stable, compared to what I got back at the Friendship Games.”

Both Spikes then asked, “You really think so?”

Both Twilight replied, “It is most likely right now.”

Applejack then asked, “So… what in tarnation is even supposed to happen right now?”

Supernova Striker replied, “Like I said before, THIS is the only way those two Equestria Girls could possibly reach some sort of middle ground or compromise or understanding, if not a full agreement. After all, if words can’t settle this, then maybe action will have to do.”

“HOLD ON JUST A SEC,” Timber Spruce exclaimed, holding out his right hand while he and Gloriosa both looked very concerned right now, “You mean to tell me and my sister, that right now, Camp Everfree is about to be a magical battlefield?? AGAIN?!

“I’m afraid so,” said Supernova, “However, no need to fret. While both Sunset Shimmer and Adagio DO have a lot of magical power right now, hence their transformations, the magic I got is meant to bring out both Equestria Girls’ real, true, inner-selves and power, though only for the sake of them talking things out. NOT for combating each other.”

Adagio asked, “And what makes you think I couldn’t just use my newfound power to destroy Sunset and her friends right here and now?”

Supernova answered, “If you really wanted to do that AND really believed you could do so when it would be 1 versus 7, you would have attempted to do that already by now. However, here we are, because deep down inside, Adagio Dazzle… you do still think you could be friends with them, or at least NOT enemies at all with them. Especially after EVERYTHING you had been through with them. From when you first met them at Canterlot High, to the Battle of the Bands, to the Spring Fling after that. Because despite your differences with them, YOU don’t want to give up on reaching at least some kind of understanding with them. Am I wrong?”

Everyone waited for Adagio’s answer, a little curious as to hear what she would say.

Adagio was also surprised by Supernova Striker’s statement, though after about 10 seconds had passed, Adagio said, “Well… maybe, you’re not wrong about ANY of that… though, it’s mostly because of the ‘it would be only me against 7 powerfully in-synced girls’ part. Then again, what makes you think I won’t try to share my newfound magical power with both Aria and Sonata?”

Supernova Striker said, “Because I feel and know that the magical power I have given to both you and Sunset is only enough for two Equestria Girls, and ONLY two of them. So, needless to say, Adagio Dazzle… this is one performance you’ve got to do as a solo act. Although, since it’s gonna be you and Sunset- I mean, Daydream Shimmer here, I guess it’s more like a duet number.”

“I suppose,” said Adagio, though she took another good look at her new, stunning, Siren-themed form as she said with a smile on her face, “Hmm… Now that you mention it, however… if I am going to have to do this as a solo act, then I guess I’m doing this not really as ‘Adagio Dazzle’ right now, but more as… perhaps something along the lines of… Adagio Solo’ yes? ~OH, yes… Adagio Solo… I like the sound of that.”

Arrow Swift then said out of great concern, “Oh, no… She gave herself a new villain name, didn’t she?”

“Yes. Yes, she unfortunately did just now, darling,” Rarity replied, feeling just as uneasy, while grasping her forehead and eyebrows with her right hand and fingers, while shaking her head in disbelief.

Applejack added plainly with an unamused look on her face, “Eeyup.”

Noble Wind then said, while finally walking back towards the group, “Daydream Shimmer versus Adagio Solo… I don’t know, everyone. I think I kinda like the sound of that myself. :)

Sunset replied while rolling her eyes, “Of course, YOU probably would.”

She then noticed that standing right next to her, on the ground in fact, was her dear pet leopard gecko, Ray.

He was actually looking pretty concerned himself, looking up at Sunset and her reacquired ‘Daydream Shimmer’ form, worried for his owner’s safety and well-being.

However, Sunset Shimmer smiled assuringly at him, before gently picking the small leopard gecko up from the ground and carrying him in her hands.

She then said to him, “Oh, I’m sorry, Ray. Honestly, I almost forgot all about you, didn’t I? Well, hey, don’t worry. I’m gonna be fine, and so will everything and everyone else. Adagio and I are just gonna finally settle a few important things between us, but nobody is gonna get hurt, not even me. Alright, little buddy?”

Ray smiled a bit and nodded, before Sunset gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead and said, “That’s a good gecko, sweetie.”

Sunset then looked at Fluttershy and opted to hand Ray over to her, before saying to her, “Fluttershy, look after Ray for me until Adagio and I are done settling things, alright? Please?”

“Of course,” Fluttershy nodded, as she walked over to Sunset and let her hand Ray over to the truly kind animal expert.

“Thank you,” said Sunset, once that was done and she knew that Ray was literally in safe hands now.

Sunset Shimmer then turned to Princess Twilight and said to her, “I definitely was NOT expecting our camping weekend to turn out like THIS, ya know?”

“Likewise,” said Twilight, “Then again, I guess we should’ve known better. That we should’ve known THIS sort of thing was inevitable after all, even if we DID keep it on the strict down-low as best as possible.”

“Tell me about it,” said Sunset, before saying, “Still, before I begin this new… uh, confrontation with Adagio, there is something that’s kind of bugging of me. It’s… well… I realized this earlier, when this trip to both Everfree Town and back to Camp Everfree began… that since I’ve only been back to Equestria a few times between when I first arrived on Earth, all the way to today… meaning that overall, I’ve spent so much time here on Earth and far away from Equestria… What if what Adagio said is true? Despite how much I have evolved, as a friend to all… and as a person… Have I, well… Have I really forgotten what it means to be Equestrian?

Princess Twilight was quite surprised to hear Sunset Shimmer say this, but she gently placed both of her hands upon Sunset’s, as she replied, “Oh, Sunset… Look, considering that you HAVE returned back to where you’re originally from at least a few times, no matter how long or brief your return visits have been each time, and regardless of whatever the circumstances were each time… and also considering that your actions have helped save both Earth and Equestria almost more times than anyone can count, even by ME… I’d say you haven’t forgotten what it means to be Equestrian. In fact, I’d say that you’ve grown up into someone who is a great balance of both Equestrian and human. A great, living representation of BOTH worlds, especially right now. A true Equestrian Girl, if there ever was one, Sunset Shimmer. THAT who is you really, truly are… and it’s time for you to prove it, now more than ever, ESPECIALLY to Adagio Dazzle herself! Right here, right now, my friend!”

Sunset smiled happily at Princess Twilight’s truly sincere words, before giving the Princess of Friendship a big hug, and receiving one back from her.

Sunset then parted a bit from her and said, “Thank you, Twilight, and I promise that I’m gonna make both our home world and this one proud.”

Flash stepped in and gave Sunset a big hug next, much to her surprise yet also delight as the rockstar dude said to her, “Sunset… You already have made BOTH worlds proud. Believe that. :)

Once again, Sunset smiled and even blushed, as she hugged Flash back with a pretty big smile on her face.

Adagio then said, “Adorable, really, but are you ready to get this final bout of ours started yet?”

Sunset held Flash’s hands and gave him one more smile, then a kiss on his forehead, before walking over to Adagio and saying to her, “I’m ready as I’ll ever be, Adagio Solo. You?”

“Ready whenever you are, Daydream Shimmer,” the Siren leader replied with a grin and look in her eyes that were both pretty wicked.

Rainbow Dash then asked, “So… how exactly are you two gonna go all out, IF the Everfree Sibs obviously don’t want to risk their precious Camp Everfree getting destroyed by magic, a second time?

Sci-Twi pointed out, “Not to mention that we can’t risk portals to Equestria popping out this time. I mean, that doesn’t seem likely in this case, but still. Besides, we don’t know WHAT could happen!”

Pinkie Pie then sighed with a smile on her face, placing her hands on her hips and shaking her head a bit as she said, “OH, Rainbow, Sci-Twi, you silly worrywarts… Isn’t it obvious? They’re gonna resolve this the best way possible, and especially through the power of magic to keep it, shall we say… entertaining?

Sunset asked, “Entertaining? :? What is that supposed to mean exactly, Pinkie- O.O ”

She then realized something and said, “OH… So, it’s gonna be one of THOSE kinds of confrontations, isn’t it? ;) Then again, I am going up against a Siren, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. Plus, at this point, we’re probably WELL OVERDUE for it to happen.

:) That’s right, people. It’s FINALLY time for the first musical number of this story. Sorry to keep you waiting so dang long for it to happen, though. ^^;

The sound of violins started to play it the background in a serious yet quick manner, before Daydream Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle began to float themselves above the ground, still being a bit far apart from each other, and then they both floated quickly over to the lake. There, they floated above the water itself, with both of their reflections showing within its practically crystal-clear waters, and it was especially as such since it was still daytime.

Daydream Shimmer:

The time has come to finally resolve this

Humanity’s not perfect, but they’re not hopeless

They can learn, grow, and evolve

And my friends prove that with each problem they solve

Adagio Solo:

Even if that’s true, humans also prove

They’re foolish with almost every choice and move

In fact, as they themselves proclaim

“The more things and people change, the more they stay the same”

The tempo slowed down a bit as Daydream Shimmer then said…

Daydream Shimmer:

You say that, but I think I already know

Deep down inside, you know better, and it does show

See, humans leave their marks, as they rise and fall

That’s partly why they’re not that different from Equestrians at all

Daydream Shimmer then used her magic to make her side of the lake shine, and show a literal reflection of the past; of both her and her friends’ past…

Daydream Shimmer:

From the moment I realized the error of my ways

To the Battle of the Bands, the Spring Fling, and Friendship Games

To Mantisio, Gaea Everfree, Gleamlake, and everything else

My friends and I have learned, grown, and become better versions of ourselves

I’m Equestrian by origin, yet human by trade

And my human friends of my new home, their value can’t be outweighed

Adagio Solo made the lake’s water behind her float up into a huge sphere of water, also “reflecting” on the past, particularly from her perspective during her time in the human world…

Adagio Solo:

Not everyone nor every place has what you have

Some hearts are good, some hearts are bad, and they always act and live half-and-half

You and your friends may have evolved, but it’s ‘cuz you all found yourselves

And even then, not all humans want nor can be like you, ‘cuz some problems are stuck on them, down to their cells!

Daydream Shimmer then asked, “What is THAT supposed to mean?”

Adagio Solo explained, “It means that some people prefer to be dummies and jerks, rather than be better people, because the latter is too difficult for them due to their own nature. Because they have certain problems and issues that they may or may not feel like they can’t get over at all. That they really CAN’T get over at all.”

More of what Adagio Solo was “reflecting” on showed up in the big water sphere behind her…

Adagio Solo:

This world of humanity’s is always filled with constant problems

And too often, they’d rather keep them going instead of solving them

Even when they solve a problem here and there, another one pops up

Usually, the same story, and sometimes, a new one altogether has erupt

You say that humans evolve, no matter how much they rise and fall

But they’ve always been stuck in perpetual chaos, SO WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF IT AAALLLLLL???

Daydream Shimmer was surprised by what Adagio was saying and singing, then she asked the Siren leader, “So, what you’re saying is that even if humanity can and does evolve… Even if and when people do evolve, especially through helping each other out with acts of friendship and treating each other equally… and even if we could or even do help them out further…”

“New problems, and new problematic people, are always going to show up,” Adagio Solo continued, “Some of them may want help in dealing with their problems, others will more than likely smack away any truly helpful hands. You say that ‘the magic of friendship and all of its evolutionary power’ or whatever… can change humanity’s world for the better, Shimmer… but no matter how many people you or anyone else who is good help and inspire them to grow up and evolve as better people, no matter how many problems get solved through the real power of friendship… there are ALWAYS gonna be human beings who couldn’t care less about friendship, or evolving as actual people, or even becoming better people at all! And THAT IS PRECISELY WHY THAT NO MATTER WHAT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE DOES WITH THEIR LIVES… humanity’s world is always gonna be in chaos overall… no matter how much it and its people might actually change for the better. So, again I ask… what is even the point of it all?

The big water sphere behind Adagio Solo then fell down behind her, back into the lake, and created a huge splash yet didn’t get her nor Daydream Shimmer wet at all, fortunately.

Daydream Shimmer had noticed that the tone in Adagio Solo’s voice and even the look in her eyes all indicated that Adagio herself was actually sounding like she was in pain, if not on the verge of also crying.

Unbelievable? Perhaps, yet that really was what was happening right now.

The music then began to get much slower and sadder…

Adagio Solo:

All that I want… is to go back home

But I know that I can’t… because my heart is still made of stone

Equestria is beyond my reach, and my sisters can’t go back either

You yourself choose to stay and teach, being both a Pony and a human preacher

Daydream Shimmer gently floated over to Adagio Solo, as she sang to her…

Daydream Shimmer:

Adagio… You don’t have to be alone…

Can’t you see that your pride is poisoning you?

Yes, humanity is flawed and can be even hypocritical

But at the very least, with real friends beside you, you can face it all…

You can stand tall…

Daydream Shimmer then gently grasped both of Adagio’s hands with her own, as the beautifully shimmering young woman said…

And until you do find yourself, with help from your fellow Equestria Girls

You won’t be all by your lonesome… and I should know… ‘cuz you aren’t the only one who is caught between worlds

Adagio looked right into Shimmer’s eyes, as both young women then began to float upwards, higher and higher above the lake below them and even began to spin around a bit slowly together.

Daydream Shimmer then showed Adagio Solo in the lake’s water below them another “reflection” that she needed to see. One regarding both Equestrians and humans in their own respective worlds, side by side…

Daydream Shimmer:

Over time, both worlds have evolved as they’ve grown

Because Equestrians and humans are capable of it

However, it’s because one can’t do so all on their own

They become more by helping each other, such is the magic of friendship

Evolution through friendship is not just universal

As Noble and Arrow each once demonstrated, it can be inter-dimensional

And again, my friends and I have done so, many times ourselves, despite any flaws

So, please, my Siren friend… the time has come to retract your fangs and claws

Adagio Solo thought to herself for a moment, before sighing and saying to Daydream Shimmer, “All I’ve wanted is to be adored, whether it was in this world or back in Equestria… However, I’m stuck here on Earth, where the humans are all so… complicated, compared to Equestrians, you know? I mean, my sisters and I can’t really sing all that well these days, but even if you’re right that we don’t have to be alone, and we don’t have to pursue being adored through false methods in the arts of music and singing… even if you and nobody else we know judges us, and even if you do help us… what then, when the world itself and all of humanity are always just messing themselves up? I mean, will being a genuine singer and artist really change anything at all? Let alone for the better?”

Daydream Shimmer replied, “Adagio… In the end, it isn’t really about changing things permanently, even if it’s for the better. It’s about letting people know that you exist and that you want to make and leave your own mark on the world, but you should be leaving behind a mark that is positive instead of mean or deceptive. If people are inspired by what you do, especially if you’re honest about it, then good. If not, then that’s on them, not you. More importantly, though, you shouldn’t be worried about what the ultimate future of humanity is going to be. What you should be focusing on is the present, not the future, and hope for the best. Plus, it’s all the better if you don’t face whatever happens all by yourself. That’s what friends are for, and I’m certain that in time, you will be able to finally go back home to Equestria, when you’re ready and worthy of it. However, the first and most important step… is to let go of your pride. Yours and your sisters’, and replace it with faith in actual friendship… starting with me.”

Daydream Shimmer sang gently yet sincerely to Adagio Solo…

Daydream Shimmer:

There is always another way

You just have to take it day by day

And yes, it isn’t always easy

However, it ain’t supposed to be

Just have faith in friendship, starting with me…

Adagio Solo:

Have I really been a fool, all this time?

I must be, if I’m singing here with you, rhyme by rhyme

Still, maybe… you are actually not all that wrong

In fact… not that I think about it… this is the first time I’ve been able to sing such a beautiful song

Both Equestria Girls were still holding hands with each other as they sang together, though they had floated down to being right above the water, being just a few inches above it once again. As they twirled slowly yet gently above the water, it rippled below them gently and even shined beautifully in the daylight one last time. What was being shown in the “reflection” this time, though, was Sunset Shimmer in her original unicorn form and Adagio Dazzle in her Seapony Siren form that she was in earlier that day.

In fact, within the music that was playing right now, there was actually a gentle ballad about these little Ponies playing within their current song, before they continued singing its final verse…

Daydream Shimmer and Adagio Solo:

No one has to face the Universe all on their own

And no one has to try to conquer anything, nor harm anyone

You wanna survive and be adored, just lean on those you know you can trust

Because human, Equestrian, or anything else, we’re all born and made from the same life-dust

Whether things go well or turn out wrong

You don’t need to be a hero nor a villain to create your story’s song

You just need to live life, see where it takes you

And in the end, if you’ve got people who do care… then that’s enough, it is true

Both Equestria Girls then stopped spinning and singing, before Daydream Shimmer asked, “So, Adagio… Do you think you understand now what you need?”

Adagio Solo took a moment to process everything, before sighing a bit and saying, “Well, I can’t say that mine and my sisters’ overall opinion of humans is going to change right away, but maybe if we live in this world of theirs with someone who can show us that there is more to Earth and humanity than what we see daily on the surface, then maybe life amongst them will be more, uh… more manageable.”

“Maybe even finally embrace your own human side?” Daydream Shimmer asked Adagio Solo, with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

The Siren leader replied sincerely yet a quite bit strictly, “One step at a time, Shimmer… However, just so you know, I don’t mean hanging out with you, even if we have reached ‘middle ground’ after all… though, admittedly, it might be mainly because I know that you and your friends are all getting dangerously close to something called ‘graduationand whatever the sea devil THAT is, really… you girls are gonna be busy with reaching it and whatever comes afterwards, so… maybe that rockstar boyfriend of yours could give Sapphire Shores another call, see if she’d be willing to take us under her wing, even after all of this time?”

Daydream Shimmer replied with another smile, “Understood, and it’s definitely a start- Wait, what did you just say? :? My ‘rockstar boyfriend’? You mean, Flash Sentry?? Pffft, please! He and I are not at all-”

“…boyfriend and girlfriend, even though you two clearly have grown fond of each other by now, with very little chance of you messing things up with him this time around?” Adagio asked Shimmer with a clever smile and raised eyebrow of her own, catching the latter a bit off guard.

She then asked, “I mean, you ARE going to Prom with him for a very good reason or two, are you not?”

Daydream Shimmer blushed quite a bit fiercely at that remark, before saying, “O-KAY, I think we’re both officially done here.”

“Aww, but it really was just getting good,” Adagio Solo teased, as they both floated back over to the others, “Then again, I guess the REAL fun will begin on Prom Night. Still, all things considered, Shimmer… this wasn’t so bad at all.”

Daydream Shimmer replied, “Glad to hear it, because I’m not done talking with Supernova Striker just yet.”

Once both powered-up Equestria Girls had arrived back to both Twilights and the others, they landed on the ground and decided to power down, back into their normal human forms.

Flash then said, “So, what happened? You two alright now for realz?”

Rainbow Dash added, “And you better be honest with us, because we didn’t exactly catch ANY of the talking… or singing… that you two were doing at all. I mean, we did see your magical powers at work, but from WAY over here…”

Rarity added, “It looked like you two were merely doing random acts of magic, talking, and singing, darlings.”

Sci-Twi then stated, “The ONE TIME that I didn’t bring any super listening tech with me…”

Princess Twilight replied, “I think I feel your pain there. Not to mention it’s also the ONE TIME a nice musical number happens and we can’t even hear it all that well from here, though it did at least look and seem pretty enough.”

Sunset Shimmer said, “Don’t worry, everyone. Everything is fine now, really, even though it wasn’t all that easy.”

Adagio Dazzle added, “We were actually able to reach an understanding, after all. So, as the two of us might say in Equestria, no need for anyone to get their manes all twisted up.”

Rarity replied out of thankful relief, “OH, thank heavens. However, I believe someone owes a certain archer an apology?”

She placed her hands on her hips when she said that, and Applejack crossed her arms in agreement, while Arrow Swift walked up to Adagio.

“She is not wrong at all, you know,” he said to her a strictly.

Adagio then sighed a bit again and said, “I know… Arrow… You’re without a doubt the nicest, most relatable guy I’ve ever met in my entire life. You made me realize during that Spring Fling that even though losing my singing voice, if not my voice in general, was a very unfortunate thing… I could and can end up losing a lot worse than that… and even though life for me and my sisters, all on our own like we wanted it to be, was tough… I shouldn’t have cast aside… WE should’ve have cast aside what we learned through our… potential friendship with you, and Sunset Shimmer, and everyone else here… and I said some horrible things to you and everyone here earlier today… I probably can’t take any of it back, and I know for a fact that I don’t even deserve to ask you if you’d like for the two of us to go to Prom Night together along with Rarity and Applejack… However, I want you to know, Arrow Swift… I really am so very sorry, for everything.”

Arrow Swift did not reply for quite a few seconds, until he finally said, “…I know. Apology accepted, and here’s hoping maybe we can start all over. All three of you Sirens and all of us here, I mean. For real, this time, ya know?”

Adagio answered with an honest smile, “I certainly wouldn’t mind nor hate that.”

Arrow responded with a smile of his own, while both Rarity and Applejack smiled gratefully, too.

They both heard meowing next, then looked down to see that Arrow’s purple pet lynx cat, Cheshire, had walked in-between them casually.

She then meowed some more, while Fluttershy quickly used her Magic Geode to activate her animal-speaking power again.

Fluttershy then translated, “Cheshire says that she’s glad that both of you are gonna be alright, after all. She was actually really worried about Arrow Swift earlier, after the mean things that Adagio said to everyone, especially to him. The poor kitty didn’t want to show it, though, since she figured that Arrow needed some space at the time. Not to mention that Cheshire also figured that Arrow would want her to stay strong, despite what happened, for his sake.”

Arrow Swift then gently picked up Cheshire and carried the lynx cat in his arms.

He said to her apologetically, “Aw, Chesh… I was so focused on how Adagio made me and our friends feel that I actually overlooked how you must’ve been feeling. I’m really sorry, girl.”

Cheshire smiled a bit as she gently licked the right side of Arrow’s face.

Fluttershy giggled a bit as she translated again, “Apology accepted~”

However, Cheshire then looked at Adagio plainly, before the Siren girl sighed a bit and said, “Alright, alright. I… I’m sorry, too, Cheshire. Really.”

Cheshire smiled a bit at her next while swishing her feline tail.

Flash said, “Aw, that’s nice. :) Kinda reminds me of Banana right now.”

Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight then asked, “Who? :?

He replied, “Banana? My pet Boston Terrier dog? I once entered him in a dog show a while back?”

“~Aww, I remember him!” Fluttershy exclaimed with a happy grin.

“Same here!” Applejack said, “How is the pup doin’ these days?”

“Not bad at all,” Flash replied, while bending down to the ground and petting his pet wolf-dog, “And Banana is already like brothers with Beo here. Unfortunately, Banana’s more of a playtime dog than one built for adventure, like Beo is, so I had him be pet-sit by Lyra and Bon Bon for the weekend. Maybe once we get back to town, I could introduce you to him, Princess?”

“I’d like that,” Twilight replied with a sincere smile.

“OH, speaking of pets!” said Sunset Shimmer, as she walked over to Fluttershy to retrieve Ray from her.

She then pet the leopard gecko’s forehead and said to him with a warm smile, “Told you I’d be back, and that everything would be alright, didn’t I?”

Ray smiled and wagged his little reptilian tail in response.

Supernova Striker then spoke up, “Well, I guess all of this means that my work here is probably, officially done, so I’ll just leave you Rainbooms, Dazzlings, and other present company included to sort everything that’s left out.”

Rainbow Dash then magically zoomed up to her and said, “OH, ho ho ho, no no no no no no. YOU are not going anywhere just yet, Mystery Girl!”

“I certainly second THAT notion, Rainbow Darling,” Rarity concurred, as she then created a magic diamond shield-field around Supernova, just like she had created one for Adagio earlier that day.

Supernova replied out of shock, “WHOA, whoa whoa, hold on a sec now! Is all of this is REALLY necessary at all??”

Sunset Shimmer added, “I have to agree, girls. I mean, as much as I want more answers from our mystery girl here, isn’t this a bit much? :?

Adagio responded, “OH, so NOW you think putting someone in a diamond prison is too much!”

Supernova then pulled out what looked like a certain prism in her right hand.

Rainbow Dash said, “Wait, the Teleport Prism! But I thought…”

She then checked her pockets, only to find that they were prism-less, much to her dumbfounded surprise.

Supernova said, “Yeah, I might’ve stealthily pickpocketed this off of you while everyone was paying full attention to the little, showy ‘showdown’ that Sunset and Adagio were doing above the lake, despite you all wondering what was even going on since none of you could really hear them talk or sing, so… Buh-bye for now, my Equestria Girls! ^^ ”

And just like that, Supernova Striker immediately teleported herself out of the diamond cage and far, far away from everyone at Camp Everfree, to who knows WHERE, much to everyone’s surprise and shock…

…until she then teleported back, appearing right behind Starlight Glimmer.

“OH, whoops! Sorry, I almost forgot, you’ve got a reunion date with Sunburst!” Supernova said, before hugging Starlight and then using the magic prism to teleport both of them out of sight.

“Whoa, hey! What the-” Sunset Shimmer said, before both of those girls disappeared together.

Supernova then showed up again via teleportation, right in front of Sunset Shimmer this time, making her jump and yelp out of surprise.

“Alright, Starlight’s at Sunburst’s place right now, if you want to see for yourself and even help her out,” Supernova said.

“Wait, what now?? :? ” Sunset asked, feeling pretty confused right about now.

“Yep,” Supernova said with a sincere nod, “So, if you want their long awaited reunion and friendship repair process to both happen TODAY, now is a good a time as any to teleport over there with me.”

“Hold on just a second here, girl,” Sunset Shimmer said to Supernova Striker very strictly, as she walked up to her, grabbed her right hand, and got ready to activate her orange Magic Geode’s power.

Sunset Shimmer clearly wanted to check Supernova’s mind to see for herself if she was telling the truth, and also who she really was behind that horse-themed mask of hers.

However, Supernova anticipated that almost instantly, as she quickly activated her Teleport Prism a split-second before Sunset had a chance to read her mind at all!

Next thing everyone saw and knew, both girls had teleported away, disappearing into thin air and without any trace left behind!

The very next next thing that a surprised and stumbling backwards Sunset Shimmer knew, though, she had been teleported with Supernova Striker to what looked like a casual, modern cottage house somewhere on the outskirts of Crystal City, where Crystal Prep Academy was located in.

“What the hey…?” Sunset Shimmer asked, looking around her before she realized what just happened and where she was now, “We’re… We’re in Crystal City, aren’t we? We’re almost right back where this whole weekend of ours started!”

“Looks like it,” said a familiar female voice close by, making Sunset turn to see that it was Starlight Glimmer herself. She was standing almost right outside of the front door to the cottage house, in fact.

Supernova Striker then said, “Now, look, girls! BEFORE either of you say anything, I’ve brought us here to prove to both of you that I am NOT your enemy nor some two-faced jerkwad! You wanted Starlight and Sunburst to patch up their friendship, right Sunset Shimmer? Well, that’s why we’re here, so let’s get this over with yet done right. Alright?”

Starlight asked, “Wait, you… You mean, RIGHT NOW? AT THIS VERY MOMENT FOR REALZ?!

Supernova replied, “Yep, for realz, though don’t worry. Sunset Shimmer and I are behind you 100% and then some.”

Sunset said, “I mean, you’re really putting us on the spot right now, don’t you think? And why do you want to get this over with as soon as possible, anyway? :?

Supernova answered, “To prove even further that despite everything, I’m not the bad guy here at all. I mean, initially, I could’ve been, but I basically had a change of heart practically before meeting Starlight here, remember?”

Sunset Shimmer replied, “Well, I guess Adagio and I owe you for earlier, so alright. I guess we could go along with your plan here. Although, maybe we should prep Starlight Glimmer here for a while? Not to mention let my friends know that we’re alright, and that YOU are actually legit… so far?”

“Fair enough,” said Supernova, as she let Sunset Shimmer call Sci-Twi using Starlight Glimmer’s smartphone, since Sunset left her own phone and other items back with Flash.

After Sunset let her friends and the others all know where she was right now and why, she hung up and decided to treat Starlight to some much needed lunch, in order to get her feeling fully prepped and ready to see Sunburst and talk to him again, after so many years. Although, Sunset wondered about Supernova Striker, and if she was up to anything right now.

Supernova then said, “I’ll stay here while you two get to prepping.”

Sunset then asked, “Still not gonna show us who you REALLY are, starting with your face? Really?? Even now?”

“Pretty much,” Supernova answered, “Plus, eating lunch with you two while NOT taking off my mask would certainly draw attention to us. Still, I promise I’m not gonna leave you two stranded in this town, alright? You have my word on this.”

Sunset Shimmer sighed a bit and said, “Alright, fine. I guess you haven’t exactly been dishonest with us - yet. Plus, if I were to attempt using my magic mind-reading powers right now, anyway, you’d just teleport away from me or take me someplace else with you. However, I SWEAR TO EQUESTRIA, that if this is some kind of trick-”

“No tricks,” said Supernova, raising up a promise hand gesture.

Starlight Glimmer then asked, “Do you want us to bring you anything on the way back here?”

Supernova replied, “I could for a couple of slices of pizza. Black olives and bell peppers, sold at this gas station called Racing Hooves. Trust me, despite it being gas station pizza, it is REALLY good on so many levels.”

“Alright, if you say so,” Sunset Shimmer responded, as she and Starlight headed over to the nearby diner they saw. It was almost right across the street from Sunburst’s cottage home, in fact, so it was practically perfect.

Meanwhile, back at Camp Everfree, everyone was waiting patiently for Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Supernova Striker to return. The entire group had all, actually decided to pass the time by having lunch at the Everfree Siblings’ place.

Gloriosa and Timber started preparing some food in the kitchen, with Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy helping out. At the time, Flash Sentry was sitting on the living room couch, looking at pictures he had on his smartphone that he had taken over his high school years thus far. Most of the pictures he was focusing on were actually of him, or Sunset Shimmer, or both. Beo, Cheshire, and Ray were all sitting with him, looking at the pics, too.

Seeing and noticing that, Princess Twilight asked Flash, “You’re really worried about her, aren’t you?”

Flash said, “I am, though I’m certain she’s gonna be alright. She’s more than clever and tough enough to handle anything.”

Princess Twilight sat right next to him on the couch, before asking, “I’m guessing it’s at least part of the overall reason why you asked her out to the big Prom Night, isn’t it?”

Flash smiled and blushed as he said, “Uh, yeah, pretty much.”

Princess Twilight then asked, “Soooooo… Any chance you wanna pass the time by telling me the story of when and how you asked Sunset Shimmer out to Prom Night?”

Flash became REALLY flustered by that, as he said with a sheepish smile on his face, “Wh-WHAT?? Aw, come on, Princess. I-I don’t think you, or anyone else for that matter, would be THAT interested in hearing it.”

“OH, we’re ALL definitely interested in hearing it, Mr. Rockstar,” said Rainbow Dash, as Flash and Princess Twilight then all saw that just about ALL of their friends were giving Flash Sentry himself interested and teasing looks, regarding what the deets about him and Sunset Shimmer really were. Heck, even all 3 of the Dazzlings were giving the young rockstar smirks and raised eyebrows.

As for Abacus Cinch, though, she was in the bathroom. Clearly, she didn’t want anything to do with all of the young love-

* cue toilet flush *

Flash then cleared his throat and said with a sincere smile, “Alright, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you. Although, if you really are wanting to hear it, and while some of you are in the kitchen, you might as well make some popcorn. Because what I’m about to tell is a pre-prom date story you won’t EVER forget.

Here is Chapter 5 of this EG story of mine, and this chapter has been uploaded just in time for Valentine's Day! Plus, this year marks the 10th anniversary of "Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks" which is where the Dazzlings made their debut, so this chapter really honors that by having Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle FINALLY settle their arch-rivalry with each other, once and for all.

MLP: FiM and Equestria Girls are both rightfully created and owned by their original creators and owners, particularly HASBRO.

6/14/2024 EDIT: I realized that I made an oopsie in writing this part of the story because I got the EG timeline's events confused and mixed up with each other. ^^; That's my bad, but I fixed it and the story as a whole should most definitely (still) be good to read now!

© 2024 saber360
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