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Winners by Saber-Scorpion

The results of my Design a Monster Contest are in! Check them all out here:…

Harry Monster on dA:

Drac0blade19 on dA:

Big thanks to everyone who participated!
Rates Image by Saber-Scorpion

Details can be found in the image above. Rates are subject to change. PLEASE DO NOT just send me a Note on deviantArt, because I don't check those often enough. Email me instead (, or register for my website forums and send me a private message there. Thanks! Feel free to ask questions.
Contest Monster Design Banner by Saber-Scorpion

Join the Wulfgard Design a Monster Contest! Entries can be in any medium - drawings, 3D models, LEGO creations, whatever! See the topic on SSLF (my forums) here for details:…

Hope you decide to enter something!
I'm currently running a contest on my website to create a fantasy comic! The rules are very open in terms of length, tone, and medium - you can make nearly any kind of comic you want. Check out the full rules and post your entry here:…

The grand prize is a minifig of Bob Bumbleton from my old LEGO comic "So You Wanna Be An Adventurer?"! For those who remember that.
It's been pretty slow so far, so I hope you decide to enter! :)
For years now, Brickarms has been making high-quality weapons and accessories compatible with LEGO minifigs and other building toys - Well, now my website Saber-Scorpion's Lair is an official Brickarms reseller!

Check out my selection here:…

Hope you decide to make a purchase and support my website! And don't forget to check out my decals and books too, while you're at it!


In addition to my (currently on hold) webcomic here, I am currently running a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) comic on my website forums! Check it out if you're interested:…

It's set in my fantasy universe called Wulfgard. Users post suggested actions in a reply, and the reply with the most up-votes (that green number in the lower right corner of each post) is the winner. Then at some point I show what happens to the protagonist (a peasant girl named Catherine) as a result.

I may split the comic out onto its own webpage at some point, but right now it's just a fun activity for my forum members. Feel free to visit and participate!
It's weird that I've apparently had this Deviant Art account for 4 years, but never used it. I finally started uploading stuff today. I'll try to upload new content here more often now, just like I do on Flickr,, and my personal website, where you can find all of my stuff.