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War Casualties

Lupin and Tonks... *sniffles* Final Battle of Hogwarts, Deathly Hallows.
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I bet my wand it was Bellatrix.
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Yes, Bellatrix killed to Tonks
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This is SO beautiful, in so many ways! I just adore that flowered boarder. Tonks and Lupin were my favorite couple in the series, and the saddest casualty IMO. I love your linework, the flowing, curling way you drew Tonks' hair. 
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I wish JKR chose someone else to kill. That sounds bad, but I think it was just so cruel for Harry and for Teddy.
Thanks for the comment. :)
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How about Grawp? He could've given Hagrid some angst by dying. 
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Awww.... ;_; This is gorgeous!! I adore the colouring!
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Wow, this is amazingly beautiful and damn sad at the same time. Like them both a lot - especially Lupin who is easily my fav character. :tears:
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so sad.... but a wonderful drawing, full of emotion and awesome details...

the composition is great, too...

I've just begun to re-read it... ready for the many tears..
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I'm ready for a reread of the series. It's been awhile. :(
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that's exactly what I told myself a few months ago... I'm currently reading the chapter about Harry's 17th birthday :)
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