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Hermione's Sorting

Chap 7 from Philosopher's Stone. Hermione being sorted into Gryffindor in book 1, yay!
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So wonderful! Fantastic details and coloring.
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The detail in this is beautiful :)
WrittinInStone's avatar
This is incredible. 

Wonderful job. 
PocketPixelArt's avatar
So Cool Fav strait away! :D
tamaraR's avatar
Amazing mood you created with color and light. :heart:
Andharian's avatar
zollercoaster's avatar
this is beautiful!
harryandhermionefan's avatar
i love it! :D <3. Amazing work!
trish05's avatar
Frayach's avatar
PERFECT! Why isn't this an official published illustration?
starryeyed-nz's avatar
Cool! I love the details like the floating candles and the magical scroll. McGonagall's robes are also very cool.
dragongirl2101's avatar
you forgot pro. minnies hat! tisk tisk i love the pic its papsolutly perfect sorry for spellin!
SaBenerica's avatar
omg! Your're right! But is it canonly stated in the book that she wears the hat at the sorting? I can't remember. Thanks.
LonelyAdvocate's avatar
That's exactly how I imagined it! Except McGonagall looks older to me:D But anyways! It's super cool!
dragongirl2101's avatar
it is! but its all good! i love the pic though its amazing your a great artist!
SaBenerica's avatar
Oh thanks. McG would have been in her early 60s by this stage, though.
AjnosFTW's avatar
Wooooow, the details! This should be in the Epic Potter club!
Tobi4hokage2's avatar
Amazing! This is just........brilliant. The colors are fantastic!

And you can see little Harry and Ron too!
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yeah, Minerva is wearing a ring on her third finger.
SaBenerica's avatar
She is a widow, poor thing...
Fefe1414's avatar
Beautiful use of colors! McGonagall's robes look amazing!
LadyMothwing's avatar
Beautiful Minerva you have there! :love: :heart:
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