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Harry's Sacrifice

A scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Chapter 34, The Forest Again.

Harry's last moments alive before Voldemort kills him.

I imagine Harry being looked on by the invisible ghosts of his parents, which he had seen minutes before finally meeting with Voldemort. They have their eyes closed because while they are with Harry in spirit, they do not want to see the evil Voldemort inflicts.
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I like your Harry with long hair
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This gives me.... there's some kind of literal hurt.... in my chest....

I see the dead waiting for him, the little strain in Lily's brow like she's bracing herself for him....

With their eyes closed there, I get this ridiculous image of.... peek-a-boo. Like they're waiting for it to happen and then, when he joins them, and they can really see each other again....

Somehow seems a soft and appropriate way for these parents to greet their child, after all the hurt goes away and everything is finally done.

Augh I'm gonna make myself cry. You're gonna make me cry!

Thank you for this. :heart:
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STOP BOTHERING THEM, VOLDEMORT! You've already ruined my childhood 😠😠!
P. S.: good job!
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Amazing piece!
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This deserves more attention, it's a beautiful piece.  I love the imagery of his family and at least one friend(Hagrid, always felt bad for him in this scene)watching sadly as this occurs.
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This is some fantastic art, I'm quite stunned! :D
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This is amazing!  Well done!
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Harry's eyes!*-*
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You manage to make Voldemort look absolutely terrifying and I love it. The details are stunning I love the background, the people watching and Harry's emotions.
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This is stunning graphic-wise and very emotionally powerful. I literally got goose bumps. 
The expressions, the light, it captured THAT moment in such excruciating love and detail. 
I love all your other HP art, and I'm extremely excited that you're continuing the project. 
Some details that I found stunning: Voldy's fingernails, the rips, tears and blood on Harry, the AK 

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Thank you so much for your lovely comment. :)
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The space between the back end of Voldemort's jaw and the end of his neck is too long.  Other then that, it looks really awesome!
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it's really a powerful drawing!! this scene is so epic, too... I love Harry's expression
brokenglass16's avatar
Wow. This is actually really well done.
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I really like your version of Harry. Nicely done.
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A beautiful picture, but so sad! I like that you included the spirits of his parents, Sirius and Remus behind him. I also love his face--brave resignation since he knows that he will die. What really got me was how you included Hagrid being guarded by Death Eaters, helplessly watching and unable to help. Powerful!
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this looks really amazing, i love the background here, and i also really love the magic effect you did, and the characters here looks like the real characters, great job, i love it!:D
Harry's face kills me in this. Really powerful.
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Such a heartbreaking scene. I just imagined him so resigned to the fact that this is the moment he dies. Thanks!!!
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