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Dumbledore's Death

HBP CHAPTER 29. It's been awhile since I have drawn anything. I had a sketch of this hidden away for a long time now. It's so good to finally have it completed.
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I remember reading the book, it was a true punch in the gut for me and my twin sister. Must've had several sad songs on repeat afterwards...

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I was bawling my eyes out. I remember sitting in an old couch in the garage, reading and crying.

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I wonder how guilty Snape felt after he killed him
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Who’s the woman with the red cape?
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Madam Pomfrey. :)

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Wow it's absolutly wow. :O I love it. 
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I like how detail,color,and emotion you put into I can feel how sad they are for losing Dumbledore great job!broken heart 

I just don't like how Dumbledore told Snape to kill him because he is one his friends and I really think could
used a villain like Albert Runcorn or maybe Lucuis Malfoy to kill Dumbledore instead of making Snape look bad.Hong Kong emote 
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Is that Madame Pomfrey on the far right? And who's the distinguished melodrama villain on the far left? He's far too sexy and dramatic to be Lupin. He looks like he ought to be singing Wotan in Wagner's "Ring." (By the way, from me, any comparison to opera is a compliment.)
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Lol! Yes it is Lupin and Madam Pomfrey. :)
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This moment just,, broke my heart. I was only in elementary school when I read how Dumbledore died. I literally mourned his death for a week. ;_; I couldn´t help it. He was/is that dear character to me.

This is one of the best Potter-fanarts I have ever seen. You really captured the sadness of moment.
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This is stunning. I can't think of words that would be powerful enough to convey the depths of emotion this garners. It feels so real, as if the scene should pan out, and then do a Hogwarts fly-away. 
So sad and evocative---I love the way Ginny's staring so intently at Harry.
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Gorgeous art, but oh, this was the saddest chapter in the book for me!  Seeing Harry hold his hand is heartbreaking! :iconbrokenheartplz:
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