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  • Listening to: Death Cab for Cutie
  • Reading: 1984
  • Watching: Fall bleed into Winter
  • Playing: (wants to play) L4D2, AC2
  • Eating: trying to loss weight!
So my beloved computer got whiped another time after my previous journal. The tech guy cleared everything so its virus free and squeeky clean. It comes with a catch though... He made it so that the overpowering 'Admin' account (with a password he wont give me 'for my protection') rules over all and restricts all other accounts (thats mine) so that you cant download ANYTHING. not even stupid updates for somethign like shockwave or whatever. It really sucks, but its something i'll have to live with... until my mom gets hold of him... we need to install our printer, but since no downloading is allowed, we cant and shes mad. hopefully she can get the password off him.. Also sorry for no Entering, my Enter key(s) aren't working or someting O_o;; so this is going ot be  a huge essay-like entry. Next thing is School. Its been getting a bit hectic, both class and friends. I happened to wedge myself into a strange relationship/drama situation and it ended rather weird. I hope my friend is okay, he suffers so much heartbreak, but me being the best friend, i hear him vent to me and sure it helps him, but i got involved. Its all good now (dont worry natalie =3= ) I happened to fail my honors english class. badly. my mom found out and thus i got punished for 2 months with no vidogames, computer or seeing friends. right after Assassin's Creed 2 and L4D2 came out too. F**k indeed. I dont know when i'll ever update my DA and cant even get a date intact. i hope i get unpunished sooner. even then, because the accounts are blocked i cant upload anything... damn. I cant wait for winter. Its always been a strange time for me. heartbreak and love, dying in a wintery grave or making a snowman together. its so weird, but i love the feeling of christmas and snow. im not sure why, but its like even though its the coldest time of the year, everything is so much warmer and heart-felt. i really hope things work out. times been going by so fast... already midterms and i still cant accept the fact im moving to college next year, living on a dorm all by myself for the first time in my life. Its going to be so tough... @_@; i just want to pause time and iron out all my problems. Im not even sure how to! xD but getting this cell phone is going ot make a big difference in my life. most social events involve a cell phone, so i think i'll be out a lot more (like i should be at my age instead of staying home playing viedogames) Ive also been watching Dexter. It is simply amazing and i'll recomend it to anyone :) This is a new chapter in my life right now... no matter how slowly i turn the page and stall, its coming and i'll just have to face it and start reading.
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nainami Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009
;-; Bwah we miss yew
My2Sisters Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009

Your mom seems strict.

Mine is too, but... not as much as yours.
Sabeku Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
she has reason to be @_@;;
My2Sisters Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2009
o_o I see...
Gaara0013 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
Maybe because the cold brings people together to stay warm? <:'3
I'll call and keep you company if you want ><;; That way you're not completely alone...
I'm sure you'll get ungrounded soon too, you usually do. I was wondering how you were grouded XD;; Usually its computer and stuff... but I figured your compter isn't doing anything anyway... idk.
I hope your class works out somehow. And good luck in everything :\ Hopefully whatever you do, you end up happy
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November 20, 2009