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D8 Must warn you! Im getting a lot of pop up from Deviantart! It caused malware to automatically install itself on my computer and such. i had to get my PC repaired. Twice. what downloaded was System Tool, but dont let the name fool you, it automatically installs itself posing as a spyware/antivirus but its JUST A SCAM! if it infects you, take it in some computer repair shop.

The virus on my computer was located here:
C:Documents and SettingsAll Users33---(it was a bunch of numbers, i cant remember the folder name, but it started with a 3)

So please be safe D: watch out for pop up from DA!! My comp is safe now, but yours may still be vulnerable >.<

Edit: I think its my browser? something's terribly wrong, because im getting pop ups all over now, not just DA like it used to be @_@;; any suggestions?
Gaara0013 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
That doesn't sound good >:
I'm sure you can google something that will tell you how to disable some popups or something... i heard spydoctor or something like that is good (I think you actually told me that XD; ). I sent you what I have ;_;

Good luck and god speed
Textile-Goddess Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
I would say for now go to and get some free stuff and then try to invest in a good anti virus like Bitdefender. Usually the people at the repair shop will be willing to sugest something good. just don't take it to geek squad, they suck.
nainami Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
You've got some serious Malware kiddo.

Ad-aware, Spybot or a trial of AGV Complete. Do it. Do it now.
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Submitted on
October 15, 2009