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Hi all who still watches this. Over the years I've definitely grown and often look at this account as a teenager's playground and not so serious. I tend to forget as i look back how much I've grown, and the watchers who appreciate my work.
I've had another account all along, but never really make a link to this account until today.

My new account it :iconnightmarecookie2: , and I still love to animate in flash.
I'm sorry for the delay all this time, but now the truth is out!

Please watch me there and have a good day! :D
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Yea, coming back to DA. I wont be as super active as i once was. Probably will come and visit every few days or so. Real life has definitely been getting in the way of computer time, and its a good thing. Go outside everyone! XD

I play Team Fortress 2 on the PC, so if you play/want to play with me, add me!
Steam: Sabeku
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Leaving DA for a bit cause its virus attacking my computer :I

Till i get a better virus protection (soon) ill avoid DA like the plague.

Ill be lurking on BW if you need me. Peace :peace:
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Just beat it. man... the ending made me cry ;^;
such a good game...great story...
gah its so good
play ittt
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You should all play Splosion Man

Its on Xbox 360
and its so fun~

Heres some pics:……

Back to Bioshock2 (andpossiblymakingabioshock2OC)
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The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
    basically about two guys who happen to become traveling buddies after one decides to leave his home and another just a wandering hitchhiker. BL

The Zombie Hunters…
    like zombies, comic with a good plot, blood, blood, drama, blood? youll like this.

The Phoenix Requiem
    AMAZING artist and a good storyline about a guy who can connect with the dead, somehow. a bit of fantsy, but its very good.

    this is a must-read comic. the art is suburb and sotryline gets you so hooked. its not that long (still unfinished) and very very great, about two people who when they sleep, see into the other person's life.

Black Winter
    self promotions -sob- yaoi/BL

Youtube vids:

Left 4 Deads:………



thats about it :)
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  • Playing: with RP characters, hohoho playing xbox, Left 4 dead 2, assassin's creed 2, and anything else B)
  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: BAD BOOK RAWR
  • Playing: with RP characters, hohoho
Computer, you fiend! It broke once again, but alas, this time it is fixed, for real (lets hope)
Its been a art-less year, but I've got accepted to college (hooray!) so that's good.
Flash, i need flash so bad, sorry for lack of animations.
Life is good, as it should be. The New Year seems promising, with good friends and a new chapter about to unfold. College.... ugh, its so scary and intimidating, but its well worth it in the end.
Hope everyone else had a good year, and hope the next one will be good too :3
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Wtf? XD i don't do much as it is, and yet I'm livestreaming websurf and art and stuff :T

Eventually ill take out my Disgaea and Gravitation DVDs and play them, but for now ill be drawing some tree thing. do not enter >:U
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long journal is long.

i love Christmas
no matter how cold outside, its always so warm
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  • Eating: trying to loss weight!
no need to read this. Just soooo bored

1. Full Name: Sabeku Yayami >:C

2. Male or Female: Female

3. Were you named after anyone?: not that i know of

4. Does your name mean anything?: means something in Spanish. feel like i have to live up to it and fail miserably

5. Nicknames?: Sabe

6. What do you think you look like?: some emo-ish nerd who fails

7. Date of Birth: 3/30/92

8. Place of Birth and Current Location: a hospital and in my room

9. Nationality: American? haha

10. Astrological Sign: Aries

11. Chinese Astrological Sign: monkey i think

12. Religion: meh nothing

13. Butter frying: calories are OVER 9,000!!

14. Political Position: fff i dont have one

15. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?: Orange juice~

16. Hair and Eye Color: natural- dark brown, current- deep scarlet red

17. Do you look like anyone famous: not that i know of.

18. What do you think you look like?: asked already?

19. Any Unusual Talents?: hm. i can button mash pretty good and am good on DDR >:3

20. Righty, Lefty or Ambidextrous?: Righty

21. Gay, Straight, Bi or other?: Bi

22. What do you do for a living?: Draw, even though im still in school

23. What do you do for fun?: play video games, rp, play games on computer, read, draw (at school) write, talk to friends x3

24.What are your favorite materials to work with?: oo... pencil i think. and photoshop. i haven't explored much with materials to really say

25. What materials would you like to work with?: a bunch!

26. Have you met your Grandparents?: yup

27. Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: single

28. Crush?: skip

29. What celebrity would you date if you could?: i dont know celebritys D:

30.Current worries: think i really messed up a very important friendship. almost lost a best friend, and broke their heart in the process n@ also the fact i hurt someone else after i left them. gah school too... mostly the first thing though

31. Favorite online guy or girl: Natalie, Nai/Zeke (even if i dont talk to you guys much >.< )

32.Favorite place to be: my room when its warm playing a good game =w= company would be nice, but that never happens, so my cat does quite well to fill that

33.Least favorite place to be: burning summer heat with no way to cool down. ugh..

34. Do you burn or tan?: after i burn, the burn turns into a tan. its strange. im still pale as a ghost though :T

35. Ever break a bone?: Nope.

36. What is your favorite cereal?: gah! cant choose, i love too many!

37. Person you cry with: Precious :( i never really went to friends when i cry

Do you have...

38.Any Sisters?: no

39.Any Brothers?: no

40. Any Pets?: 2 cats

41. An Illness?: nope

42. A Pager?: nope

43. A Personal Phone?: nope

44. A Cell Phone?: soon i hope ;n;

45. A visible birthmark?: on my shoulders. always hidden.

46. A pool or hot tub?: nope

47. A Car?: nope, cant drive anyway

Describe your...

48.Personality: shy, nice, cant hold a grudge. other stuff too but idk what

49.Driving? nope, dont like it

50.Clothing Style: I mostly shop at hot topic :T

51.Room: Walls covered in pictures of anime stuff

52.What's missing: a dear friend...

53.School: is tomorrow

54.Bedtime: 30 minutes

55.Relationship with your parents: all good

56.Do you believe in yourself?: not at all

57.Do you believe in love at first sight?: naa

58.Consider yourself a good listener?: yup

59.Have a future dream that you would like to share?: animator >.<

60.Get along with your parents?: yes

61.Save your e-mail messages?: yea....

62.Pray?: nope

63.Believe in Reincarnation?: a bit

64.Brush your teeth twice a day?: always

65.Like to talk on the phone?: not really

66.Like to Eat?: yea XD

67.Like to Exercise?: not at all

68.Like to Watch Sports?: NO

69.Sing in the Car? nope

70.What is a Dream you have all the time?: recently its been between me and a certain friend. we'll be walking together into a room with a big table and all the friends i know are there, then he disappears. its strange

71.Do you Dream in Color?: yeah, seems so real most of the time

72.Do you have Nightmares?: yea

73.Sleep with a stuff animal?: nope

74.Right next to you? cat

On my left: WALL

On my right: room/tv

75.On your favorite Coffee Cup: french vanilla >w<

76.On your Mouse Pad: looks like a rug, brought from barns and noble a few years ago, still in great shape

77.Your favorite flavor of Gum: cinnimon and mint

78.Your favorite brand of Deodorant: dunno

79.Your Dream Honeymoon Spot: um... i dont know, somewhere private though

80.Your Dream world: hm..

81.Hiding in your Closet: clothes and old books

82.Hiding under your Bed: another bed! and perhaps a few friends 'accidentally' misplaced there with rope around them... kukuku

83.The name of one of your closest friends: Mica, cause the other two have been dramatic lately

84.Your Bad time of day: mid-school. i wish i was home.

85.Your Worst Fear: dying a slow, painful death maybe. ghost and supernatural a bit. losing all my friends...

86.What's the Weather Like?: snow outside. not snowing now though

87. Your favorite Time of Year?: winter~

88.Your favorite Holiday: Christmas!

89.A Material Weakness: new videogames >U<

90.The weirdest food you like to eat: idk o.o;

91.At the top of your To-Do List: finish this

92.The Hardest Thing about Growing Up: heartbreak and changing friends. you'll change too, but sometimes circles turn to squares

93.A Pet Peeve: old people making constant groaning and noises. excessive sighing

94.Your Scariest Moment: not sure... knowing a family member could die

95.Your Attitude About Love: wish it was easier

96.The Funniest Thing or Most Desperate Thing you've ever done to get the attention of the opposite sex: Dressed up really nice just to get rejected, badly

97.The Worst Feeling in the World: that you hurt someone you loved-- no no... getting broken up with someone you completely love

98.The Best Feeling in the World: love. simply love...

99.Who sent this to you?: stolen

100: Send this to 6 people, who are they?: gaara0013, sin of light, nai/zeke, uh... i forget. anyone else. if you want to, i need to go to sleep!
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  • Reading: 1984
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  • Eating: trying to loss weight!
After the last journal, comp died, in a way. Its all better now, for real, but i have to cut down a lot on the things i download. no problem since ive been on Xbox a lot recently (yay for break in punishment!)

I love winter. its during this time so many new things happen, and i love new things as well as the old-fasion happy feel of christmas, my favoraite holiday! XD

Black winter seems to be doing really good. i'll need to get photoshop 7, flash mx2004 and a few other things back before i can useful @.@;

Schools fussing in my life. I still have to post pics from halloween, yay for hunters!  also found out no cell phone for me :C mom changed her mind =.=;; so i'll see if i can get another phone, instead of the one i wanted (enV3 :( )

i dont know what else to say, too many journal updates to bear, but my comps all fine now (lets hope) i lost my Wii O_o;; i looked everywhere... we'll see when it turns up :shrug:

Anyone know any anime/game conventions in New Jersey? i feel like i should be going to one soon XD I've been wanting to cosplay. i need a job...

My enter bar is working too >D guess thats all for now. i need to go install msn now
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  • Reading: 1984
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  • Playing: (wants to play) L4D2, AC2
  • Eating: trying to loss weight!
So my beloved computer got whiped another time after my previous journal. The tech guy cleared everything so its virus free and squeeky clean. It comes with a catch though... He made it so that the overpowering 'Admin' account (with a password he wont give me 'for my protection') rules over all and restricts all other accounts (thats mine) so that you cant download ANYTHING. not even stupid updates for somethign like shockwave or whatever. It really sucks, but its something i'll have to live with... until my mom gets hold of him... we need to install our printer, but since no downloading is allowed, we cant and shes mad. hopefully she can get the password off him.. Also sorry for no Entering, my Enter key(s) aren't working or someting O_o;; so this is going ot be  a huge essay-like entry. Next thing is School. Its been getting a bit hectic, both class and friends. I happened to wedge myself into a strange relationship/drama situation and it ended rather weird. I hope my friend is okay, he suffers so much heartbreak, but me being the best friend, i hear him vent to me and sure it helps him, but i got involved. Its all good now (dont worry natalie =3= ) I happened to fail my honors english class. badly. my mom found out and thus i got punished for 2 months with no vidogames, computer or seeing friends. right after Assassin's Creed 2 and L4D2 came out too. F**k indeed. I dont know when i'll ever update my DA and cant even get a date intact. i hope i get unpunished sooner. even then, because the accounts are blocked i cant upload anything... damn. I cant wait for winter. Its always been a strange time for me. heartbreak and love, dying in a wintery grave or making a snowman together. its so weird, but i love the feeling of christmas and snow. im not sure why, but its like even though its the coldest time of the year, everything is so much warmer and heart-felt. i really hope things work out. times been going by so fast... already midterms and i still cant accept the fact im moving to college next year, living on a dorm all by myself for the first time in my life. Its going to be so tough... @_@; i just want to pause time and iron out all my problems. Im not even sure how to! xD but getting this cell phone is going ot make a big difference in my life. most social events involve a cell phone, so i think i'll be out a lot more (like i should be at my age instead of staying home playing viedogames) Ive also been watching Dexter. It is simply amazing and i'll recomend it to anyone :) This is a new chapter in my life right now... no matter how slowly i turn the page and stall, its coming and i'll just have to face it and start reading.
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and now im back. Computer had to be wiped out. twice. its back now with a better antivirus, but sadly, i lost everything this time. i hadn't thought of backing up files when i was asked and so i lost flash, photoshop, all my files, everything. I guess its for the better though, like starting anew. i dont really go on DA much anymore, let alone the computer, so if you have a Xbox, feel free to add me or party me (or join one im in), Gamertag: Sabeku
other than that DA is mostly what i go on when i am online... so either way, this is still updated i guess.
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D8 Must warn you! Im getting a lot of pop up from Deviantart! It caused malware to automatically install itself on my computer and such. i had to get my PC repaired. Twice. what downloaded was System Tool, but dont let the name fool you, it automatically installs itself posing as a spyware/antivirus but its JUST A SCAM! if it infects you, take it in some computer repair shop.

The virus on my computer was located here:
C:Documents and SettingsAll Users33---(it was a bunch of numbers, i cant remember the folder name, but it started with a 3)

So please be safe D: watch out for pop up from DA!! My comp is safe now, but yours may still be vulnerable >.<

Edit: I think its my browser? something's terribly wrong, because im getting pop ups all over now, not just DA like it used to be @_@;; any suggestions?
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Back from computer breaking. Computer's not 100% better yet though... I'll try to fix that soon. Other than that, November 17th is coming up so soooon!!! why am i so excited for that date? cause Left 4 Dead 2 AND Assassin's Creed 2 comes out that date FFFF I CANT WAIT talk about a extreme party day!

But before than i have some massive plans too! Like sin-of-light's birthday coming up later this month and another concert I'm going to (nothing big, just a awesome band whose members are at my school) then its Halloween. Halloween!! I'm going to dress up as a Hunter 3 times! 1, for Shelly's party the week before Halloween, the concert is Halloween themed, than actual Halloween! I'm so excited!! ewe

Other than that... Ive got an essay to do. I'll try to post school drawings. Ive been messing a lot with pastels and made a story too (written piece). Til then~
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This is :iconsin-of-light: , Her IRL friend/Uke/Bro, making this journal for :iconsabeku:.

I am making this journal because I am displeased to tell you that :iconsabeku: 's computer is broken, and I dont know when she will be returning.  So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but on a lighter note, my :iconiamyourfatherplz: will be fixing her comp if she cannot. [See you soon!] (-Sabeku)
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  • Playing: Left 4 Dead (in 3 more days &gt;.&lt;)
Halloween is coming. This means Hunter is school, oh yes. Found out 2 other friends of mine want to be hunters, so were gonna go clothes/blood shopping ffff I'm bringing my camera for sure, expect pics AND videos 8D

Woke up today and it was 46 degrees. Just great. Also cant change my mood XD

Nothing more really. OH i wanna make Fungasm my friend without looking like a creepy stalker. Too weird? yes. -stares from afar- o_o wish i could animate like that...
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|: ok sooo I've been gone from DA and letting my deviations and messages stack up (_ _ ) ugh.. well, sorry if i never respond to comments... i suck

But instead! I've been working with school stuff and playing games XD have an Xbox Live? Add me! Gamertag: Sabeku

just like that 8D I'm planning on getting Bioshock >.< its so scary! but i dont know, ive never been into scary video games... o_o i guess its l4d that made me this way.. =.=; Bioshock 2 is coming out soon so maybe if i like this one ill get that one as well... idk XD
I update Black Snow everyday so if you contact me through there I'll probably respond faster O.o; (through PM's?)

I also have to admit, I've secretly been making a flash :T it has a lot of storyline to it, but i haven't worked on it for a while. it goes with a song and is about... id say 30 seconds done and about 1 minute of rough sketches XD nothing too big. Wow that journal was longer than expected! o_o;

Oh, i might also play one day, so if you see a Sabeku, say hi! XD

hohoho i made it look smaller by subbing it all!! :evillaugh:
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Yaoi comic. Boy Love. be prepared. :iconseriouslyplz: