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It rains.
Drip drop.
Always the same sound.
This rain is endless.
It's falling down ,
washing away our sins.
We are now clean.
But we will sin again tomorrow.
Because this dullness doesn't suit us.
We wear our masks for too long.
We don't want to take them off.
This rain is going to destroy them.
It's our enemy.
Make it stop.
We have to make it stop.
It will take away our perfect disguise.
And  we will be naked in front of the world.
Drip drop.
The lies are fading.
How are we going to live now?
This shelter we had built is old.
It is collapsing under the truth.
Because the rain is the truth.
The truth we have hidden behind our little finger.
That life is not exciting unless we lie.
But lies are for the dreamland.
Reality is made of truth.
But we think that the truth is dull like the rain.
So we open our umbrella and keep going.
Drip drop.
We cover our ears.
Our eyes are closed.
And just like that we keep living a dreamland.
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 5 4
The evil stepmother
There was still a little light in the sky. She could see it from the window , not that she was looking outside.
No, her eyes were looking  somewhere else.
Somewhere far from the light...
'' Ah, what a marvellous sight!'' She clapped her hands in delight, as the boy in front of her was still fighting to stay alive.
He was heavily bleeding from a stab on his stomach.
The boy was around eight years old. His mother had died from a sickness and his father had married again.
'' Be careful , my lovely child , you will stain the floor.'' His stepmother said , amused of how he looked up at her with eyes begging for help.
And mercy...
The bloodied knife was dropped on the floor , no longer needed as it had filled its purpose.
She had married the father of this boy , a true gentleman as she was often calling him.
The only problem was that he had a child and she hated children.
She had vowed to never have children of her own and she looked at people with children with a look of disgust.
An ev
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 3 1
Accidents happen at sea
'' Help!'' She managed to say, trying not to drown.
She was at the middle of the sea... A sea that was dragging her down to the abyss.  Fifteen minutes ago a storm had started and a wave threw her out of her boat.
She looked around , hoping to find the boat in which her sister was.
'' Anna! Help me!'' She shouted for her sister, desperately waiting for an answer that didn't seem to come.
She kept screaming for help , not remembering that she had bring her own self in such a situation.
One year ago she had fallen in love with someone. But that certain someone loved her sister instead of her.
Her stupid , lovely, little sister.
So, she had decided to get rid of her. She knew that she had never learned how to swim, so she dragged her to go fishing.
The rest was easy. When they were far away from the coast she would drugged Anna and throw her out of the boat.
Accidents happen at sea...
But everything went wrong.
The storm was not part of the plan...
'' Help! '' She shouted for one las
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 4 2
Sweet poison
So seductive , your voice echoes in my mind,
Makes my body tremble with desire.
One look into your eyes and I'm trapped,
I can always run away , but you have my heart.
Sweet poison is your love,
It kills me everyday
and even if I want to,
I can't run away.
Lust invades my mind,
My control is left behind.
One last chance to escape,
but only in your arms I feel safe.
Sweet poison is your love,
It kills me everyday
and even if I want to,
I can't run away.
With you I want to stay,
even if I know your schemes.
You're the only one,
that can turn my nightmares into dreams.
Sweet poison is your love,
it kills me everyday
and even if I want to,
I can't run away.
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 6 4
Only at nights
She should have taken the coat with her...
Outside it was freezing cold. It was January and it was snowing all day long.
But at the morning she didn't have time to take the coat with her.
What a bad decision.
Now , as she looked at her blood stained dress , she realised how stupid it was her decision to come at his home only wearing a dress.
She had nothing to cover the dress...
She turned around to see his lifeless body in a pool of blood.
In his hand she had put his own gun.
A plan to cover his murder...
No one knew about his relationship with her.
His wife and his two daughters knew nothing about it.
The two of them had shared nights full of passion.
Only at nights he was hers...At the days he was the perfect husband and perfect  father.
It wasn't like she wanted him all for her.
She just wanted to spent a whole day with him.
To wake up with him , to have breakfast , lunch , dinner.
To have a walk at the park in the evening.
Only that , nothing else.
But he denied. It was
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 3 6
A young lady is dancing in a field of poppies...Every dancing step she makes and a flower withers...
The wind which blows suddenly makes her stop her cursed dance.
She sighs , rubbing a hand through her hair, as she starts singing a song.
A song about remorses...
A little boy who hears the song , approaches her with curiosity.
Although, we can't blame him for being curious.
The lady has crimson red hair , skin white as the snow , bloody red lips.
She wears a black dress , which matches the color of her eyes.
What a terrifying and outstanding creature she is.
As she notices the boy , she stops her song and approaches him.
Poor boy...The moment he looks into her eyes , is the moment that he looses his eyesight.
'' What is happening?'' The boy asks , scared.
'' Exactly , as I had imagined it. You , people , know how to use my name but you can't even look at me in the eyes.'' Her words are full of venom.
The little boy begs for help , only to receive a hysterical laugh.
'' Why are you so e
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 2 4
Poppies! by SabedoriaAmetista Poppies! :iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 2 0 A gate with flowers by SabedoriaAmetista A gate with flowers :iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 3 0
The melody of the tempest
It is such a silent night.The stars seem so indifferent and so far away...But then again , they are always far away.
Clouds are gathering .One by one , they are covering the stars.
From the bottom of the sea rises a raven haired woman. Her hair is long ...Not long enought to cover the sea , though.
She stands there , watching the sky...She knows ...She knows that the tempest will soon begin.
And she is right.  A lightning breaks violently the silence and the tempest begins.
The woman smiles . A moment later a piano rises from the sea too.
It's time for her to play the abandoned melody..The melody of the tempest.
For a moment the time stops...To start again when the music begins.
It is such a strange melody...It seems like it can control the tempest...
Or is the tempest who controls the melody? Who knows...
The raven haired woman doesn't seem to care , though.
She cares only for the music that she plays.
The waves become more violent as the music reaches them ...The wind blows her hair.
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 2 3
The dead Rose
'' It's not your fault...'' People were telling her that phrase again and again.
'' But it is ...It's my fault.'' She insisted...
There was nothing wrong with her pregnancy...She would have named her baby girl, Rose...She always liked roses...
'' Where is our baby sister, mommy?'' One of her seven year old twin boys asked.
'' We want to see her.'' Her other son stated.
'' Well...'' She paused for a moment to think about what she was going to tell.
Should she tell them the truth?...
'' Your baby sister died at birth.''
Or should she lie to them?
The truth was that she wanted to lie...Maybe if she repeated the same lie several times it would become truth...
''If you hadn't picked up that rose...You murderer! You killed your own baby!'' A voice echoed in her head.
She covered her ears in a failed attempt to make the voice stop...
But that voice was right... She was at the garden of her house, watching the beautiful flowers...
And then she saw it...It was a little , beautiful, red rose...
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 2 6
Your heart belongs to me forever...
Memories...Memories of her. Her golden hair, waving at the wind...
Her red lips - his pale lips onto her lips. Her fragile body, hugging his strong one...
Beautiful memories of her...The blind girl... Those sapphire eyes were cursed to never see the beauty of this world.
They were blessed to never see its ugliness...
He had loved her more that he had intended to...At first he wanted to help her...
At the end he wanted to keep her heart only for him...
And her? What about her?...Did she love him too?
Her excited face whenever he called her name was more than enough proof for her love...
Although she never said it...
No matter how many times he had begged , she never admitted that she loved him.
Unlike him, who never wasted any chance to declare his love...
That was a little strange, wasn't it?
But their feelings were the same. He was sure about that...
And even if they weren't , he would make sure that they would become...
She was his...And he was hers.
'' Finally, my love...Your heart
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 3 12
Mature content
Crying :iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 3 2
Between imagination and reality
She stopped for a minute to catch her breath. Maybe she was being chased, maybe not. It was dark and she couldn't be sure. But she could hear the foreign footsteps on the ground. Or so she thought...She always mixed her imagination with reality.
But if this was reality she had to run...She was in danger...
She had no idea where she was going. She was just running away from the one that was chasing her. Or she was just running away from her imagination. She was too scared to find out the truth.
If this was her imagination she was crazy...She was in danger...
She fell on her knees with eyes closed. She had no stamina at all. But he/she was getting closer. Closer and closer. So close that she could feel his/her breath.
So close that she could hear his/her heartbeat...
Suddenly, she remembered that she had a knife with her.
Without thinking too much she used it to get rid of the dangerous reality.Then she opened her eyes.But she saw no one. Maybe the one that was chasing her, had managed t
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 4 2
That's the ruler of my life.
For lalf my life I bow down my head to unconsciousness.
I have sweared not to cry, not to love,
not to feel at all.
I am not allowed to care for others.
I have to look at those who are screaming for help
with eyes of apathy.
It doesn't matter that my heart begs for a little caress.
It doesn't matter at all...
unconsciousness is the ruler of my life and a servant I shall be...
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 3 2
Boredom and tiredness
The young lady entered her room and lied on her bed. She looked bored and tired. Bored of being tired or tired of being bored? Even she, herself didn't know. She closed her eyes not to fall asleep, but in a failed attempt to make the world disappear. After a minute she opened them and sighed. She sat up and reached for a book. It was a book about a girl who committed suicide because of boredom and tiredness. The idea sound appealing in her mind. To tell the truth she always had the strangest ideas. Like, when she was little, she disappeared into a forest because she wanted to be a fairy. Or when she wanted to open a shop in which she would sell stars and tears of mermaids. And now she suddenly had the idea of dying not for a valid reason but just because she was bored . Bored and tired...She took a bottle of poison and opened it with a triumphant smile. All she had to do was to drink it and then she wouldn't be neither tired nor bored. She would be dead. And as far as she imagined a de
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 2 5
The boy with the silver chain
Running...All she could do was running. It didn't matter that her legs were bleeding. It didn't matter that she was exhausted. The only thing that mattered was that he was there, in the middle of the forest, seriously injured. He had appeared suddenly in front of her saving her from a wild animal, taking the attack instead of her. She hadn't  noticed him before . He was  the boy with the silver chain around his neck. Nothing less , nothing more. How did he manage to appear in the forest and save her she couldn't tell...After a while she didn't manage to find anyone so she returned to the injured boy who had passed out. She held his hand in an attempt to comfort him. He opened his eyes and looked at her . ''Ah! It seems that I had to be at risk of dying for you to notice me'' . He said with a weak voice. ''I don't understand. What are you talking about?'' She asked him surprised. ''I was there. All your life I was there. I was trying every day to make you notice me ,
:iconsabedoriaametista:SabedoriaAmetista 4 3


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