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Grass Pokemon Wallpaper

I was inspired to make a series of wallpapers based on all the starter Pokemon of the games and series when I watched the first Pokemon movie on CN. Lol...nostalgia. Anyway, these are the grass types. I got the original pictures from the Pokedex. In order from left to right, they are:

Red, Blue, Yellow Game Versions:
#1 Bulbasaur
#2 Ivysaur
#3 Venusaur

Gold, Silver, Crystal Game Versions:
#152 Chikorita
#153 Bayleef
#154 Meganium

Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Game Versions:
#252 Treecko
#253 Grovyle
#254 Sceptile

Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Game Versions:
#387 Turtwig
#388 Grotle
#389 Torterra


Links to my other Pokemon Type Wallpapers:
Fire Types --> [link]
Water Types --> [link]
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I really liked generation 3 and 4 starters