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Not the fish, but one of my iconic characters. Have had several requests to install a Sushi folder for those following her ( ! ) so the girl gets her own, along with a new folder for Crays Settler Supply, her outlet for all things tech and bizarre.

'll be putting in a Wildstar folder as well as I do more work related to that game, and it will be like my Traveller older, a place to showcase stuff specifically for that game. It'll hold things like cartoons, random drawings and commissions as well.
Also coming up in the next day or so is a folder for my horn and bone crafting = keep eyes peeled and excuse all the dust!!
well, 5000 may not seem a lot, but for me its a bit of a milestone.

See, when someone comes by and checks out the page, or favorites a piece or clicks "watch", I get a warm fuzzy, of sorts. Not an ego boo fuzzy ( but of course its always nice to see folks like your work) but one that makes me glad - because if someone enjoys a piece, or likes a cartoon or goofy pic, or is touched or enthused by some bit of work, then I've managed to communicate in some way. Maybe made their day a bit better, or maybe just relived someone of a bit of stress or grief, if only momentarily.

And I seldom respond - just too busy. But every comment is an investment of someone's time - a currency that once spent is forever gone, and even if its only a sentence I read every one, and am grateful someone spend a few cents from the bank of hours to visit and peruse.

So, to all my watchers, visitors and others, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it, and hope you'll stick around and visit again!


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 13, 2013, 7:33 PM

Because bird rescue is way cooler that cat rescue. Which is not to imply there's no disdain for cats, those reincarnated criminal fuzzy butted psychoes, no, no disdain at all. ( yes, yes there is. LOTS)

anyway! Enjoy the humburd shenanigans.

Humburd chick

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 24, 2013, 6:56 PM

I suppose as numbers go its not a huge one, but for me its pretty big, so,


Its always nice to know people are stopping by for looks at the work!

Art and Random Thoughts

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 9, 2013, 7:31 PM

So, some new stuff to post up - I'll be showing ff some line work for some new projects I'm working on.

I'm ginning up ideas for a webcomic series,and some feedback wont go amiss - I'll start categorizing them and posting them to their own galleries.Some you've already seen - Teen Age Monster Hunters! More characters will be appearing, plus some prelims and model sheets.

Also, a webcomic idea, a serio-comic  based on a high fantasy/steampunk setting of mine. You've seen some of those already as well < hint hint>

More to come, plus more from the Wayback Machine.

last, but not least, some recommendations!Check these guys out....

*Turtle-Arts - very appealing characters and a fun dynamic. And she's neat people too.

*xa-xa-xa - and *tchokun  - Lead character designers for Ankama. Crazy mad energy, and characters that will make you laugh.

*alohalilo - Chris Sanders, artists and animator extraordinaire. If you haven't checked out his work, you should, you won't regret it.

More recommendations next time, but check these folks out - if you haven't yet, you've been missing out!

Old is New! Sherman, set the wayback machine for.....

so, I'll be posting a bunch of the old...and some is VERY old...stuff that's been laying around the studio. Some of my earliest work, and a variety of sketches, random pencil drawings and stuff that's just not seen light of day in a few years.
posting stuff to Darts takes time, and I'm finding it an enjoyable but tedious task. So, on the one hand, time sink! on the OTHER claw...while Im posting I'm cruising Darts and getting much inspiration.

Especially like Chris Sanders site -alohalilo -never get tired of his work - and this artist, *KelleeArt, whose style I really dig on.

Welp! Back to populating the site!
well, after much prompting I've actually gone and done it and started a deviant art site and blog. Lets see what comes of it now!