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Vargr has the controls! Airraft from Traveller

Something Caswell should like^.^ Plus, Ive always liked fiddling with air rafts. Also, Ive always depicted Vargr as being insane drivers - somehow, it just seems appropriate that they would be the sort of raft pilots who offset their skill with an attitude of personal invincibility behind the stick- probably why this human has a firm grip on the " go to hell handles."

Pen and ink on bristol
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Captain-Varro's avatar
I think that vargr dude would love nothing more than to remove the windshield to complete his life.
wbyrd's avatar
Used to joke with a friend of mine who was a dog cop for the local Police......If the dog ever learns to drive and type you are out of a job.
Eraphtelus's avatar
The flying car freshner killed me XD
IsoGraph60XYZ's avatar
Air raft,speed,Vargr flying it-perfect fit
Airlock14's avatar
Love it, you have really given a sense of speed, that and the right amount of bowel-clenching fear on the passengers face. :)
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
You'd think he'd have his nose and mouth out in the slipstream, a la... dog.
RobCaswell's avatar
So is that a little microfusion power plant in the back, under the bubble?
exactly correct.I did the air raft to be a typical field vehicle - less a civilian car, more like a jeep or land rover you'd have on a ship that goes rugged places. Plain, rugged, lots of utilitarian features.
RobCaswell's avatar
Great raft design... and the wagging Vargr tongue is a must!! ;)
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