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(MMD Model+Stage) Arle Nadja and Puyo Download

Character  Arle NadjaCharacter  PuyoLocation  Forest Path
UPDATE - 04/26/18:
  • Added the missing "Blush" morph for Arle.
  • Made it so the Puyo are "compatible" with motion and pose data. They'll just bounce around...

UPDATE - 04/23/18:
  • Arle is now compatible with MMD motion/pose data.
  • Arle's fingers are now rigged and can be posed, no longer relying on morphs.
  • Changed the way Arle's facial morphs work to be a lot cleaner and instant. They also work with motion/pose data.
  • Improved the physics.
  • Made all of the models properly toon-shaded.
  • Included models in .fbx, and .blend formats.

A set of models from the Puyo Puyo series. I've included Arle, the five basic Puyo, and a stage from the RPG mode.

Arle is fully rigged and comes with morphs for her face and hands. Her hair, cloak, and skirt all have physics. The Puyo have no morphs.

Special thanks to Kharaxel and the people at Puyo Nexus for making this possible!

Puyo Puyo and all related characters, settings, objects, etc. belong to SEGA.
Thank you and enjoy!
© 2017 - 2021 SAB64
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Thank you for the wonderful model distribution. I would like to borrow this!

...Why are some of the Puyos in the wrong shapes in this picture?

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The Sparkle Eye Texture/Function/Feature isn't working...

TianaIgbedion's avatar
The Sparkle Eye Texture/Function/Feature isn't working that much...
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Please, STOP USING NEW SUPER MARIO FONT U!! I told you, that font is a fake!!! Here, take a look at this.

MARIOFontv3 Solid Buatan vs New Super Mario Font U by MatthewThePrep  
TianaIgbedion's avatar
He'll notice that!
TianaIgbedion's avatar
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Very adorable! I want you to also make MMD models of Puyo Puyo Chronicles' Raffine and Maguro!
lewdmon's avatar
This might just be the cutest image on deviantart.
GalacticSlushi's avatar
I saw this model somewhere where arle was doing the fortnite dance~~
wilsonasmara's avatar
Can you do one with Ringo Andou as the main character?
SAB64's avatar
I might add more Puyo Puyo as part of a potential SEGA project I have coming up.
Revenant-465's avatar
Hmmm....any good motion suggestions for the Puyo?
SAB64's avatar
Actually, I don't think I made the Puyo motion-compatible. All they could really do is bounce and flip around, but it might still be useful.
Ness122's avatar
Yay, arle is now updated, woo hoo!!!!! :clap: :la: :la: :la:
SuperShredderX's avatar
Can you fix Arle Nadja's facials?
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The way Arle's facials work, she just swaps faces rather than using dynamic ones like other models. This is the best I can manage for right now.
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Something wrong with this model, arle is still doing the t-pose and i can't make her dance using motions dl's i use from youtube. I love this model sooo much! :(
SAB64's avatar
This one is an old model that I haven't yet made compatible with dance motions.
I'll try and fix it when I can.
Ness122's avatar
Ok. :( Also, it is been a while that none of the other puyo puyo models are released for mmd.
SAB64's avatar
I not real into Puyo Puyo, so I haven't really been working on any models from the series.
Ness122's avatar
Ok. No problem. :(
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