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(MMD Model) Patrick Star (Rehydrated) DL

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Character  Patrick starLocation  Bikini Bottom
© 2020 SAB64
Spongebob's best friend in glorious HD. Patrick is compatible with MMD motion and pose data and has many morphs you can use. A model of a drinking cup is also included.
This model comes with .fx files that can be used with MME to activate normal mapping on the model, as shown above. They will automatically apply themselves to the correct models, but you can use whichever effects you like.

This download contains models that are only designed for use with MikuMikuDance (MMD).

The original models were ripped from Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated by :iconcherryboyyt: and ChrisCross.
I did the conversion work for the MMD models.

Spongebob Squarepants and all related characters, settings, objects, etc. belong to Nickelodeon and Viacom.

:star: This was done as a commission for :iconcherryboyyt:! :star:

Is there a model you really want me to convert to MMD? Then consider commissioning me to have it made. Just send me a note for details.

The download button can be found just under the preview image.

Thank you and enjoy!
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can't wait for the krusty crab

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Entzminger500Hobbyist Digital Artist

Patrick is my favorite character he is so cute with the XD shorts

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DragonesSaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
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cool! also, i think i sent you a note today about toad and toadette mmd models. if not, then i'll send another note to you about toad and toadette.

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sonikfan2New Deviant

Convert Rehydrated Spongebob Into A MMD Model

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I still await Oxide & his Hovercraft(Nitro-Fueled), Goddard, Lola Bunny (JCThornton ) and the Classic Kart (CTR Nitro-Fueled) patiently.

(Not requesting tbh)

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Can you make a MMD model of Rika Furude from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Ruru Amour from Hugtto Precure, and Choco from Last Period Owarinaki Rasen No Monogatari? I would love to see them interact with Daggett, Zim, and Razputin Aquato because Richard Horvitz and Yukari Tamura are both my favorite voice actors.

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JewelBandiBunHobbyist General Artist
Yes! :w00t: Can't wait for the rest of the Rehydrated models.
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Peter-the-Gamer1992Hobbyist Digital Artist

Me too! ;)

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AlexanderGanttHobbyist General Artist

I knew this would come...

"The Rehydrating" Begins...

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leedle leedle lee

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I....I guess you can say he got


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yeeeees and so it begins!

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Patrick: Hey buddies. I'd just flew in from stupid town.

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saltydoesDAHobbyist Digital Artist

Did you find my lost socks?

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Not yet, Patrick
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saltydoesDAHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh....Did they find you?

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Peter-the-Gamer1992Hobbyist Digital Artist

Nice! Can't wait to see the other Rehydrated models.

Also, will you be doing Disney Infinity models in the future?

DrewThg2002's avatar

O.O...Interesting OuO

are you doing spongebob models again but in rehydrated?


I love Patrick he is my #1 favorite Spongebob character he's so funny and so fat

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Patrick looks so round and soft here.....

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Fartx3Student Artist

motion support?

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BoogeyBoy1Hobbyist Digital Artist

Sweet! can't wait for Plankton next. ^^

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