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Orange Orb

Im kinda practicing making orbs now, its hard to make them appear 3 Dimensional but still have the right reflections and so on... This orb is 30 layers.. made it a while ago but never thought of posting it because it just seems... i unno... not as good as it should be. O well I might use it in a sig someday. Cheers.

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Wow, dude.. That's perfect.
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It is a completely perfect looking orb I tell you.
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very high quality! keep it up! i love it cos it looks like pool ball
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The orb looks beautiful sab , good job on the reflections and it looks 3d . Its a great style coz it looks so dense and glossy , no transparency. ;)
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excellent work ! :clap:
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^^^Thanks for all the comments guys^^^ :)
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That's a really nice Orb Sab, looks like a pearl:-) though they are not orange...
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yeah, it looks great, and with making it in this size, it will be greatly detailed in a smaller size. It s good to do things that way, design big, convert small ;)
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I was kinda thinkin' of a resize into a sig. heh. ;)
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thats high quality nice job i got tired of seeing orbs every where

this is a nice exception :)
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Lol thanks Tay, ya orbs are over-rated, but wth right? Its hard to make one that looks nice.
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indeed thats why i said u did good :)
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