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PHOTOSHOP CS2!!! And Webcomic update!

Fri Jun 30, 2006, 6:13 PM
SAB-CA's journal header!

COMMISSIONS: Now with more options, better prices, more experience!!
Beyond Sketches, lets get down to business!

<img src="…" alt="SAB-CA's Commissions in more traditional media...!>

SAB-CA's Base commission prices!:

-- Half Page Pencil linework: $6.00
-- Full Page Pencil linework: $12.00

Additional Options: Specialize your Commissions!

-- Fully Inked work: +$5.00 to base price.
-- Fully Pencil Shaded Work: +$5.00
-- Fully Colored Work (C.Pencils or Photoshop): +$5.00
-- Additional Characters/Elements: +$6.00 each to base price.

So how does this work out? (Pricing Examples)

-- Fully Inked Single Character Work (Half Page): $11
-- 2 Character Colored Pencil work (Full page): $23.00
-- Simple design sketch (Pencil linework, Full page): $12.00

<img src="…" alt="SAB-CA's Commissions are OPEN!>

Ok, what's are these Pixel Arts and Emoticons?

-- Well, see those little animating images at the end of my journal? That's
-- My personal breed of Emoticon. See the images of the Ninja-dude
-- (tubenose) and the cute girl (character by augustc4) in the
-- banner above? Those are Pixel arts! Pixel art is special in that it requires
-- a person to place each pixel individually: You don't just draw these things
-- with a brush, you map each individual detail out with specific love and
-- attention! They're basically like the character graphics you see in your
-- older video games, and on systems like Game Boy Advance.

I wanna a cute mini character! (prices):
Tubenose: The NINJA! by SAB-CA Woo Ha by SAB-CA Testing, testing, SAB... by SAB-CA
-- Emoticon with No motion: $3.00
-- Emoticon with Animation!: $6.00
---- Please note that animations should be kept simple, like the examples
---- provided below. Nothing over-detailed; that's a bit rough to do.

I want an RPG character Style Portrait! (prices)
X: Tubenose RPG port. style:X by SAB-CA
-- Portrait with just face: $3.00
-- Larger Bust Portrait (Like Cecelia): $6.00


SAB-CA's commission Rules:

-- No overly sexual or lewd ideas will be considered.
------ If you have questions, email me at
------ You see what I have in my gallery, that gives a good idea of what I
------ will and will not do.

-- Fanart or Original Characters OK!
------ Fanart of your own char, a commericially known character, or
------ me producing a character from your description is GO!
------ If you want fanart of a character from someone else on DA/that you
------ know personally, please contact them, and get their permission.
------ Have them note me as well, saying "This is ok!" of some sort.

-- Revisions, Time, and Process.
------ Each project will be given a maximum of 2 weeks from announced
------ start date. I will start after payment is recieved. I will send you a
------ rough work, to be confirmed, before I begin finalizing.
------ All Works will be sent DIGITALLY, at multiple resolutions: At a
------ print-sized resolution (300 DPI) and at web-ready res. (75 DPI)

-- Comission Piece Use!
------ You may use a commission from me for whatever PERSONAL
------ reason you may have (Website logo, forum signiture, avatar).
------ Just make sure to make a link to me, or put my name (SAB-CA)
------ somewhere on the work, when size permits.
------ These commissions may NOT be used for commercial purposes!
------ If you want a commericial commission, PLEASE email me, and we can
------ make an appropiate deal!
------ I reserve the right to use the artwork I produce as a promotional
------ piece, and to post it in my gallery either here (DA) or on my personal
------ sites/forums, but otherwise, this picture is completly yours!
------ I won't be making public prints of it for sale (maybe as part of a
------ collage of personal works at most), unless you give personal
------ permission.

Sound good to you? GOOD!

Or Click here to be taken to the "COMMISSIONS!" journal:…

<div align="left>

Well, first off, le w00t! :w00t: After being promised the thing as a birthday present 9 months ago, I finally have Photoshop CS2! I'll repost my thoughts on it that I posted on Manga Revolution a day ago:

Well, late last year, in November, as a birthday gift, I asked for the latest version of Photoshop. (CS2). And thus, 9 months later... I finally have it! XD

Unfortunately, I don't have any artwork that DEMANDS I use photoshop right now (AHEM, and the ones I do... err.. they're a bit too complex to LEARN with right now...) so I just messed around with it a bit.

"Flow" is everything I thought it would be... gee, combined with opacity, it gives a nice, soft touch to adding color that I've had a hard time replicating in older versions of photoshop. Adding a small smidge of red to a skintone with a few strokes, that still looks SMOOTH, and not as if it has some odd digital barrier to it that only has a chance of being smoothed by deftly using the corners of a REALLY REALLY large brush...

The color replacement brush also seems like a really nice way to color elements of a picture with a hue, that still perserves shadow and highlight. So if one where to make a bunch of leaves of the same color, and sudden'y wanted to make a few a diffrent color, "Color Replacement" seems like a good way to do something simple and quick like that.

Overall brush dynamics look very nice, but I have yet to mess with them too much. I can see potential for alot of the features, but haven't figured out places to apply odd things like "color jitter" or other such thing... XD

I haven't really gone too in depth to the other features, and if anyone else who has upgraded from older photoshop to the recent version can tell me of the other, fancy modifications that matter, I'd much appreciate it!

I'm still missing a tablet, but it's nice to have new Photoshop:) Now I need to work up some new linework to color, so I can really give CS2 a go testing... -cackle!-


Go and visit SAB-O-LIFE!! This isn't by ME, but by my studio partner, SAB-JOE!! I'm doing the lettering for his webcomic, "SAB O' LIFE: EXCEED!" Which is a continuation to our old series "SAB O' LIFE"!! So please check it out, and then either vote of leave comments on it at! Updated every 15th and Last day of the month! (2 times a month, then!)


:shop231821: :shop235084: :shop235105: :shop235102:
Personal Web Site:
MR Gallery:…
Support SAB O' LIFE: EXCEED at!
Dance my Emoticons! Dance!
Tubenose: The NINJA! by SAB-CA Woo Ha by SAB-CA Testing, testing, SAB... by SAB-CA
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Personal Quote: "Sayos for now!"


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