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June 7, 2011
"Even if this doesnt still work, its beyond cool enough to want just as a conversation piece!" Keyball by ~Saartj1e
Featured by KubusRubus
Suggested by ToriBiohazard
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Alternative QWERTY Keyboard Design
PS/2 or USB Connection
555 Words per Minute
Soft Touch Keys
Fun and Easy to Use
Innovative Modern Design. ;)

Thank you so much for all the :+fav: s.

My Keyball inspired ~TransistoR09 to make this [link]
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Zoran Corporation
Shutter Speed
1/4 second
ISO Speed
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wastedangelematis's avatar
I remember seeing one in the "Animatrix", in the Dedective Noir scenes
Toskaduende's avatar
Perhaps if you had one keyball for each hand, each containing half of the keyboard. They could go on the arms of your office chair.
JD20mg's avatar
Great!  That would be juuuust like what Microsoft would require for the latest release of Windows...
Myaz77's avatar
Just Awesome.
Thickstick22's avatar
Impractical but very cool looking. Could make for good storage of keyboard
Czajuu's avatar
Impractical :v
Ass9999's avatar
People were supposed to know QWERTY doesn't work. It was made not to work.
torturedphoenix's avatar
That is just too cool. :-)
mangaga's avatar
Takes some skills to type with that :D
RinBladeReborn's avatar
Bring spamming your friends to a new level!
introvertqueen37's avatar
Awesome to look at....

Horrible to use!
endergirlwithfred12's avatar
it would be funn to try out though!!
PeteTheGrouch's avatar
Interesting..if rather impractical! My Emoticons: I have no idea 
Lorilanda's avatar
SibireunHaski's avatar
10/10 would use. Only problem might be ctrl-alt-delete.
Soirema-pl's avatar
woow, it would look so cool to use it! like using map in treasure Planet !
Ciu555's avatar
Yes and awesome comparison
ColeslawProductions's avatar
That's gotta be a pain to use, lol.
kumeo's avatar
Unless you're great at fixing the rubiks cube in one hand then no problem, haha!
Estherella's avatar
That's one way to prevent carpal tunnel. :D
edogori's avatar
I want one!!!
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