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My new photography website is running now. Give some love plz!!!
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Hello everyone
I'd appreciate a lot if you'd go to my FB page and give it a LIKE. 
Besides I am more active there so you won't miss anything!

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i just got promoted to Co-Founder of Grand-Photography ... yeep yeep !!
give us a visit grand-photography.deviantart.c…
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Rain oh Rain ... u smell so good ;)
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so ... first of all sorry for yet another petite disappearance :)
i didnt really shoot new stuff .... but i got Tons and Tons of stuff which still needs some make-up and a touch of lipstick ... a bit of mascara and that other thing to make spooky eyes :D
but enough with my inspiry terms ... the headline is that i'll submit new stuff .... which i suppose is EXCITING ... but u know whats more EXCITING ??

Huston ? we have 2 pictures ready to submit ... do u approve ? :D :D :D
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in case if u r shocked after seeing my new ID .... its from my bday cake-adventure :D
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Ermm .... aint got anything to say :D
well i cought cold ... at the end of april ... would u believe that ? :D
edited a couple of pics, uploaded just one ....
found a site called ... which is a great place if u r a reader ;)

until the next one :)
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yes i am still alive :D .... i'm just being lazy ... and giving some more time to books :)
hope to upload new stuff soon :)
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you know whenever i come to DA and i see all those favs and sweet comments, doesnt matter how bad my day was ... u make it BEAUTIFUL !!! U GUYS ARE FANTASTIC !!!! THANK YOU :)
u guys are giving me more than i deserve ... your love is IMMENSE .... even if i try to hold it near my HEART with both my arms ... its still spilling out !!
so i wanna thank you all and i wanna KISS u all and i wanna enjoy the moment while it lasts. Coz tomorrow is never promised my dear friends so i believe THE BEST WAY IS TO LIVE THE MOMENT AND BE GRACIOUS ABOUT IT :)
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You are a wandering shining star
You light up the sky, you take me so far (take me far)
One crystal inside my lonely heart
You light up my life, I embrace your light (you're my light)

You're my healer
I am lovelorn
In the cool breeze I hear your sweet voice
I'm your treasure
I am forlorn
In the rain I feel your warm tears
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My face pale and thin
Embraces cold and bare
I whisper lullabies
So tearful as I glare

The road to perdition
A dead ending dream
Will you paint the horizon
If it leads to the end?
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This bird so crippled - little bird
Just wants to learn to fly - Longing for the sky
Tell me fellow - sufferer - Tear apart my fate
Who broke them and why - Just another try

Sophistication - Tell me why ?
Sophistication - No wings to fly...
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  • Reading: Bird Without Wings's lyrics