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Xan Breyer by SaandStoorm

Horse ID#: ZS0192
Registered Name: WSA Xanthos
Call Name: Xan, Xander, Apollo, Sun God
Breed: Zlesdin
Sex: Colt
Age: 6 years
Height: 17.3hh
Phenotype: Dunalino
Genotype: ee/aa/nCr/nD
Build: Built slim, like an Akhal-Teke and very tall, with a sparse mane and very long tail. Golden metallic sheen to his coat.

Personality: Xan seems to have gotten traits from both his mother and his father. Like his father Ajax, he is spoiled rotten - he gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Frankly, he has terrible manners, and will step all over you. Like his mother Sushi, he will nip when annoyed and loves to chase people and other horses. He has a small blue stuffed dog that he likes to pretend he isn't obsessed with carrying around.
History: Bred for Windswept Acres by Red Dragon Stables and De Rege Manor
Theme Song: Unknown

Discipline: Halter, Liberty, 3-Day Eventing, Endurance
Trainer: Brianna Summers
Shows Entered: 
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------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: ZS Sagadir
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: DRM Ajax The Great
------------------------------------------ SDS: RD's Sir Dusk
----------------- SD: DRM Principessa del crepuscolo
------------------------------------------ SDD: DRM Signora in bianco
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: RD's Sushi Roll
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

SDSS: RD's Sir Tan
SDSD: RD Shadow Queen

Breeding Slots
Note: All foals are listed under their current owners.
His long tail will pass to his offspring, as he is part of the Zlesdin Royal Family!

Breeding Status: Bullet; Green Open for Inquiry
Stud Fee: 100Points or 1 Full Body Drawing
Please read our Breeding Rules before asking about a slot.
Bullet; Red = Incomplete | Bullet; Green = Complete | Bullet; Black = Not Required
Breeding Rules | Breeding Payment | Breeding Image || Username | Mare | Foal

01. Bullet; Red|Bullet; Black|Bullet; Red || BonBonBerry | X | Foal
02. Bullet; Green|Bullet; Black|Bullet; Red || Concinnity-Castle | X | Foal
03. Bullet; Black|Bullet; Black|Bullet; Black || :dev: | X | Foal
04. Bullet; Black|Bullet; Black|Bullet; Black || :dev: | X | Foal
05. Bullet; Black|Bullet; Black|Bullet; Black || :dev: | X | Foal

Xanthos || Zlesdin Points

Previous Owners: None
Foal Design by SaandStoorm
Zlesdin Foal || Ajax x Sushi by SaandStoorm
Art, Xanthos (c) SaandStoorm
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