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So this was done a while back, maybe a year ago. I got carried away with what Hex would look like if he was in Tamaryah. I got told it looks like a cross between a WOW druid and a Destiny Warlock. XD which I got the pose from a Destiny screenshot.

Here's a list of items he eventually acquires. Mostly stolen or cheated off of. Lol.

• Carbon Golemn Chestplate
• Left Ifrit Gauntlet
• Right Abyssian Gauntlet
• Minotaur Nosering Buckle
• Abraxian Belt
• Leviathan Spinal Fins
• Elvian Tunnel Spider Silk Trousers
• Basilisk Throat Boots
• Armored Basilisk Shin Guards
- Woven Pegasus Tail Bindings
• Left Spaulder of Calamity
- Unicorn Horn
- Succubus Horns
- Hell Tiger Fangs
• Right Spaulder of Ruin
- Volcanic Troll Horn
- Mineral Salamander Spine Spikes
- Wasteland Dire Fangs
• Heart of Subjugation (middle finger ring)
• Light of the Fool (ring finger ring)
• Amulet of Mayhem
• Eye of the Nightstalker (left eye)
• Cloak of the Behemoth
• Hand of Armageddon (staff)

-3- yeah, he's managed to collect quite a bit over time.
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