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I think I forgot something...



Your shirt, Hebi. You forgot your shirt. XD

Alas! Behold the magnificent and gorgeous Hebi! That hair though... ok so that's not the first thing we all looked at here but that's besides the point. Another pinup here to show off one of my other baes. After days worth of extensive googling I finally managed to come up with the designs for his contract seals. And yes, my weapons are based off the seven deadly sins.

• Chastity contract of Lust- Wolf embracing a Lotus
• Charity contract of Greed- Dolphins circling a Peach Blossom
• Kindness contract of Envy- Elderberry Flowers (located on the back of his neck so I couldn't add a relating animal)

¤ • ☆• ¤

The fourth seal, the "cobra" tattoo on his abs is not directly related to the weapons. It's a contract he made with an Abraxian demon. In my world, the Abraxians are enormous serpents with three necks, eight eyes and they can have anywhere from one to three tails. In Tamaryah (my world) they are highly regarded and respected as Guardians and Sentinels instead of the usual demons' repertoire. Highly inteligent, these creatures are rare and nearly extinct. It's nearly impossible to gain their trust and service but once done they become an ally to reckon.

Zangoo and Tengoo are the linked katanas wielded by Ryuuk though their contract is held by Sekigetsu (Hebi), Charity contract of Greed. They're blades are coated in poison, each being the antidote to the other. The penalty they burden is that, if the contractor is indeed charitable, his arms will slowly become paralyzed over time. If the contractor is not charitable his arms are instantly paralyzed. To everyone's knowledge they have no cure, or so everyone was led to believe. During one of his late night poison research and experimenting, Sekigetsu found that the rare Abraxian blood contained all the components necessary to complete the penalty's counter cure and quite possibly the ultimate antidote that would rid both their poisons completely.

This, in turn, led him to seek and contract an Abraxian; creating an exchange where he would take a small portion of it's blood then give his soul in return which would be later absorbed into a dormant egg and hatched into another Abraxian upon his passing. Not only had he gained acceptance, Hebi also befriended the demon, Arbaq, something that's just never been done or attempted before.

¤ • ☆ • ¤

I had to get that out of my head. X3 Well, now you know what's up with those mysterious tattoos. I'll let you ponder more on the Lust and Envy ones.
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