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*Imitates F1 engine sounds*
Pigment liners, red marker. 
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Ugh tää on jotenkin niin hienostuneesti tehty! :iconloveloveplz: Tykkään siitä kuin kapeeta kynää käytit ja et jätit valkosta päällekkäin osuneiden koipien väliin!
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why you had to write that line about F1 voice
now i can't look at this picture without imitating its sound 
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I did it because I'm evil.
Don't you understand, the line was absolutely super important information that just had to be written down. LIFESAVING WORDS. 

Hah, just kidding though. Sorry about that. Hopefully you've overcome that compulsion of yours. 
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Thank you! c:
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I think he should...
Drink some blood.
He looks hungry.
That why he's running?

Nice lineart,
looks natural (teh rabbits in southern Finland are skinny like that)
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Haha yeah, he's hungry for blood of his enemies. 

And thank you so much! You made an interesting point, since I actually live in southern half of Finland myself. Who knows, maybe the hares of this area have an influence in my drawing style. 
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That's what I deduced :D
Enjoy the darkness whilst waiting for snow~~
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I love the way you draw rabbits.
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I'm glad that you do! Thank you c: 
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