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red hood

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Published: August 9, 2010
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last night i saw BATMAN UNDER THE RED HOOD amazing movie.....
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It is a good movie. Took the half way decent plot of the comic and made something better out of it.

Also Jensen Ackles does a great role when he wants to
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Fantasticly done love the artwork
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ShadowFire932 Digital Artist
This is awesome i love the Red Hood i mean he does give out a few good points in the Red Hood Movie on why Batman keeps struggling understanding Batmans morals of not killing is hard even though Joker taken everything from Batman. Taken more from Gotham City and Red Hood is trying to do whats right but nonetheless i hope the next Batman movie, they bring Red Hood in the mix i pray they do and it better not be Ben Affleck as Batman cuz he sucks ass
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tomytieneblas74Student Traditional Artist
I remember seeing it awhile back too :). However, it would be better if RH had his own series.
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Loved the realistic detail, lighting composition and the choice of character. (I just finished watching Batman Under the Red Hood too, like twenty minutes ago. I totally know what you mean.) Anyway Love your work, keep it up.
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If only the Arkham Knight version was as awesome as this.
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Unreal.  Well done man this is a fantastic piece of art!
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humomanStudent Artist
Awesome Work! Can you join :iconcomicbookgang:?
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truestrike-llcHobbyist Photographer
Well done. Thoroughly impressed. Even the atmospheric feel is spot-on.
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KarantheartistStudent Artist
Awesome work!
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FruitsofLabourProfessional Writer
I've extremely fallen in love with that movie. Jensen Ackles as the voice of Red Hood, the AWESOME dialogue at the end between Batman and him over Joker, and pretty much everything about it just makes me happy. Now I can add this picture into my love list, haha.~ Really really well done.
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I cry every time I see a crow bar
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WooFooGeek13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so badass B-) (Cool) Headbang! 
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LadyDeadQuinnStudent Traditional Artist
It's such a good movie and this is a great piece of art, I love it
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Love it. There's something really dark about this, and it fits Jason perfectly.
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DakonatonStudent Artist
Fucking genius, I love all the Solo, former Robins equally but there's something about Jason that's just really great artistically. Very, very awesome job!
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iron-ghos Traditional Artist
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Jason Todd, the lord of Red Hood.
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I used to think that batman was the coolest hero ever .............using his wealth to do what he does and keeping up with the bruce wayne persona in the morning ............... I knew batman first and then came iron man .whom is almost the same except for the arrogance and the confessing to the world that he is iron man..........not cool , but ya know wateva keeps the viewers viewing and all that.............then came the real badass THE PUNISHER.......Frank castle is the utmost , coolest . badass, no prisoners , mo mercy, aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooo character there is in  my opinion ofcourse ......but one thing bothered me .............I hold no preferences in comic book companies or whomever writes the stuff, but for some reason I wanted a DC character whom was at some level equal to the punisher................AND HERE HE IS .........THE FUCKIN RED HOOD...................what does he do about the ones that aren't afraid , he does what batman doesn't he TAKES THEM OUT!!!!!!!!! period
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EdwardX1Student Traditional Artist
Jason is not equal to Punisher.  He's not even equal to Batman. Cooler maybe but not equal. Batman has proven already that he can beat Jason anytime he wants, he just lets his feelings get in the way a lot because Jason is (even if adopted) still his son. Jason also has a tendency to let his personal feelings get in the way of his methods. Such as sparing the Joker's life just because he wanted to save Joker for a more dramatic encounter with Batman. He even admits to Talia Al Ghul that he cares more about his revenge than taking out criminals.

Still an awesome character. Not just because he kills but because of his complexity.

...Thank you DC New 52 Reboot... for ruining all that and making Red Hood a softy.  Stare Clap
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why is he not equal to Frank Castle ??? according to what little I have read and seen in comics and tv they both get their asses kicked by what the public considers to be cooler , or if you want popular characters, captain America mops the floor with the punisher whenever he wants as well and Frank doesn't even fight back daredevil gets him too but frank tries to avoid him , I mean Frank is only unrelenting when it comes to the criminals in his story just like Jason , who did a lot to get his hands on the Joker. I agree that Jason maybe a bit more emotional because he cares about the man who trained and honed his skills to become what he is , but I see the similarity in their MO , both Frank and Jason use tricks and reduce themselves to associating with scum but you must have seen yourself , that they are offed just in case in the end because they are scum heh heh ..... well ofcourse I could be wrong , like I said I know very little , so who do you think is like the punisher in DC???
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EdwardX1Student Traditional Artist
As far as methods and goals, I'd say Jason and Frank are the same. I'm just saying Punisher tends to have more success than Red Hood.

And Jason may be unrelenting (like Batman) but he chooses his personal feelings over his pursuit of a better world. Just read Red Hood Lost Days, near the end he admits that if he just killed Joker when he had the chance, the world would've been better for it... but he really doesn't give a crap about the world. He really said that. And that line was written by Judd Winick, the guy who is considered to truly know how to writer Jason Todd. 

I like them all anyway. All interesting characters.

Except in DC's New 52, where Jason is now a huge softie. Yuck.
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he really said that huh!!!............that is incredibly awesome, my definition of badass damn those guys are cool and don't dress like I guess..............or idiots heh heh................speaking of new 52 is that where batman openly admits to Hal Jordan in Apocalypse that he is Bruce Wayne after just meeting up in like 3 issues??? if so then even batman has gone soft , because one of the things I really admired about him is that he had dirt on everyone in the justice league but no one knew a thing about him, well that of course and seriously kicking butt without any stupid superpowers , just dedicated training and intellect. Damn!!! the good ol' days . I mean even someone at Marvel ruined Frank Castle by turning him into some Frankenstein thing , they should really make him out more like the punisher max series, those were absolutely a treasure for me  
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