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She Hulk

By saadirfan
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another fan art 5 hours ....photoshop wacom
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I'd be truly honored if you would allow me to feature this in a new YouTube video tribute to the "She-Hulk." If you don't want it featured i will respect that and not put it in, or if you say yes. I will guarantee that your name will be in the credits and a link to your DA page or other homepage you prefer in the video description.
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I love this pic! This is how I think She-Hulk should always look. I have never understood why artist usually draw her so muscle bound.
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completely disagree. shes supposed to be a hulk. do you prefer expect bruce to turn green slim and hansom? ...i didnt think so. because thats not what a hulk is. but because she-hulk is female she has to be sexy instead of a hulking monster? nah.
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Really badass rendition of She-hulk. Fantastic work!
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great work. good to see the old purple pants making an appearance ;)
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Shulkie is great!
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DUUUDE this looks awesome!! fantastic job here :D
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Will her shirt rip apart in the movie? :D or she will start wearing some elastic kind of shirt? :(
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No it needs to be a purple and white one piece swimsuit underneath.
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this is a she-hulk type we need in the next hulk movie,
shes perfect beautiful and sexy, magnificent art u done there mate
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Wow I like this. Awesome job on She-Hulk.
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That hair.... I want that hair.... Very very badly. XD Awesome work, she's so pretty!
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The most sexiest She-Hulk ive seen so far!
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