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Ernesto De la Cruz

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I just love the Chihuahua in the background.
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As Mexican I can say Ernesto really made the movie Coco a lot darker if u think about it, that being said, awesome drawing.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.

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Yes of course! He's a great villain as dark he is!


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esto de la Cruz.

All i can say without saying too much, is that i dont think ill be able to ever forget this fiend.

You made a great job wih him and bonus points for including his Brije.

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Thank you so much! Can't forget his chihuahua!

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Ernesto is so friggin terrifying.

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Yes, he is!

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Ah, yes, the bastard.

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The only and unique.

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I actually kept calling him that throughout the movie once that plot twist was revealed. :giggle:

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The plot twist villain who really! REALLY! Worked.
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I A-G-R-E-E!

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Exactly. He's honestly the best take on a twist villain--I never saw that twist coming. Heck, when I was watching this movie with some friends--one of them, who had never seen the movie before was actually happy when Miguel finally gets to meet Ernesto--not realizing that he's not at all who he appears to be.

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Forgot Him....

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As he deserved.

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Before seeing the movie: He's so cool!

After seeing the movie: No he isn't.

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You know what's delicious? He's now hated in both the living AND dead, and until humanity dies, he's going to be trapped in the Land of the Dead forever, unable to be forgotten for his crime.

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Yes, like an eternal limbo!!!

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This is Disney's best take on a "twist villain." I legitimately never saw it coming.

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