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My Idea For A Nightmare Before Christmas TV Show
. the series will take place before the events of the nightmare before Christmas
. the series will be animated in flash similar to tangled: the series and the lion guard
. the characters will have different voice actors
. lock, shock, and barrel will be voiced by child actors
. the series will explore the worlds of easter, thanksgiving, and other holidays
. lock will have a mother, shock will have a father, and barrel will have a mother and father in the series
. the series will have a running gag of dr. finkelstein’s lab exploding when he does an experiment in every other episode
. the holiday worlds will face a problem in witch jack, zero, lock, shock, and barrel will have to solve in every other episode
. a villain will appear in every season finale
. oogie boogie would make an appearance in the season 3 or 4 finale  
what do you guys think?
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Sassy Dan Halen by sa6044 Sassy Dan Halen :iconsa6044:sa6044 1 0 star gazing by sa6044 star gazing :iconsa6044:sa6044 6 3
To NickTheIrkenArtist
i'm sorry for bothering you about my request. please take your time and i will be patient and i will never do it again :)
:iconsa6044:sa6044 1 3
My Design For The 2022 Paralympic Mascot by sa6044 My Design For The 2022 Paralympic Mascot :iconsa6044:sa6044 5 0 My Design For The 2022 Winter Olympic Mascot by sa6044 My Design For The 2022 Winter Olympic Mascot :iconsa6044:sa6044 2 1
Jose and Panchito in Kingdom Hearts
here’s my idea if panchito and jose would appear in a kingdom hearts game:  they would be met in Traverse Town where they would be trying to fight the heartless until they run into donald, goofy, and sora. after the two introduce themselves, they recognize donald and asks sora and goofy to help them with the heartless. after the battle, they reveal that donald used to be with them in a group by king mickey until he decided to be with goofy and start to understand that donald should be with goofy and sora
also, they will wear similar clothes like donald
what do you think guys?
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to xXxCreativeEva17xXx
i'm sorry for commenting on your profile, please forgive me okay?  :) can we be friends again? i will never do it again!
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Predictions For Nickelodeon Kart Racers
.lola and Lana (they will drive the same kart)
. the game will be similar to mario kart double dash, and cartoon network racing
. the characters will each get their own decorated kart of their persona
:iconsa6044:sa6044 1 9
Predictions of Gen 8 Of Pokemon
. region variants of old pokemon
. pre evolutions or evolutions for old pokemon
. having one or two new eeveelutions
. the grass or water starter standing on 4 legs
. the starters will be out of their pokeballs when you pick them like in sun and moon
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I Realized Something!
beta Tangrowth reminds me of lucy from the loud house when she smiles!
:iconsa6044:sa6044 2 0
Happy 2nd Anniversary Loud House!
Happy Late Anniversary to this wonderful show!
:iconsa6044:sa6044 6 0
About Valiskibum94's video about the loud house
Valiskibum94 made a video about when the loud house will end.
I think it will be on nickelodeon forever.
:iconsa6044:sa6044 2 5
About The Arthur Episode Francine And The Feline
can anyone tell me why arthur can't understand that pal is feeling sad and playing with nemo in the episode?
:iconsa6044:sa6044 1 0
they are finally making dolls of the loud house!
:iconsa6044:sa6044 4 5
Song Of The Sea Loud House Style
Carlotta casagrande as ben (genderbent role)
Carlino casagrande as Saoirse (genderbent role)
Frida casagrande as connor (genderbent role)
Carlos casagrande as Bronagh (genderbent role)
Lalo, Sergio, Charles, Cliff, Walt and Geo (all sharing the role) as Cu'
rosa casagrande as granny
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Lola by corbinace Lola :iconcorbinace:corbinace 36 1 Grad shot by darrenrosario Grad shot :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 4 0 Nice shot by darrenrosario Nice shot :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 6 0 Any more moves? by darrenrosario Any more moves? :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 5 0 I was thinking by darrenrosario I was thinking :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 4 0 Just a shot by darrenrosario Just a shot :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 5 0 Pitch by darrenrosario Pitch :icondarrenrosario:darrenrosario 7 0 (Crossover) Ed chasing Lola chicken (ENG) by Julex93 (Crossover) Ed chasing Lola chicken (ENG) :iconjulex93:Julex93 54 21 UNKY - Rick Comforts Hawkodile by worldofcaitlyn UNKY - Rick Comforts Hawkodile :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 10 6 LXMR - CAMBIO DE PRENDAS by ThunderSTeam LXMR - CAMBIO DE PRENDAS :iconthundersteam:ThunderSTeam 29 2 Amanda Santiago  by AcropolisGD Amanda Santiago :iconacropolisgd:AcropolisGD 21 3 UNKYXSBSP - Rock Guy, I'll Never Get Rid Of You! by worldofcaitlyn UNKYXSBSP - Rock Guy, I'll Never Get Rid Of You! :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 12 3 TNBC - Zero In The What-If TV Series by worldofcaitlyn TNBC - Zero In The What-If TV Series :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 2 3 Pikachu meets Leni Loud by Simpsonsfanatic33 Pikachu meets Leni Loud :iconsimpsonsfanatic33:Simpsonsfanatic33 5 4 UNKYXSBSP - Pizza Slam In The Face by worldofcaitlyn UNKYXSBSP - Pizza Slam In The Face :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 13 8 Luna Loud scared of Johnny by Prince-of-Pop Luna Loud scared of Johnny :iconprince-of-pop:Prince-of-Pop 1 1…

this is a petition for disney to make a nightmare before Christmas tv show on the upcoming disney+ streaming service

sign this petition if you want this to happen!


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