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Jose and Panchito in Kingdom Hearts
here’s my idea if panchito and jose would appear in a kingdom hearts game:  they would be met in Traverse Town where they would be trying to fight the heartless until they run into donald, goofy, and sora. after the two introduce themselves, they recognize donald and asks sora and goofy to help them with the heartless. after the battle, they reveal that donald used to be with them in a group by king mickey until he decided to be with goofy and start to understand that donald should be with goofy and sora
also, they will wear similar clothes like donald
what do you think guys?
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to xXxCreativeEva17xXx
i'm sorry for commenting on your profile, please forgive me okay?  :) can we be friends again? i will never do it again!
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Predictions For Nickelodeon Kart Racers
.lola and Lana (they will drive the same kart)
. the game will be similar to mario kart double dash, and cartoon network racing
. the characters will each get their own decorated kart of their persona
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Predictions of Gen 8 Of Pokemon
. region variants of old pokemon
. pre evolutions or evolutions for old pokemon
. having one or two new eeveelutions
. the grass or water starter standing on 4 legs
. the starters will be out of their pokeballs when you pick them like in sun and moon
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I Realized Something!
beta Tangrowth reminds me of lucy from the loud house when she smiles!
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Happy 2nd Anniversary Loud House!
Happy Late Anniversary to this wonderful show!
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About Valiskibum94's video about the loud house
Valiskibum94 made a video about when the loud house will end.
I think it will be on nickelodeon forever.
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About The Arthur Episode Francine And The Feline
can anyone tell me why arthur can't understand that pal is feeling sad and playing with nemo in the episode?
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they are finally making dolls of the loud house!
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Song Of The Sea Loud House Style
Carlotta casagrande as ben (genderbent role)
Carlino casagrande as Saoirse (genderbent role)
Frida casagrande as connor (genderbent role)
Carlos casagrande as Bronagh (genderbent role)
Lalo, Sergio, Charles, Cliff, Walt and Geo (all sharing the role) as Cu'
rosa casagrande as granny
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i'm not fake
Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake. (Side note, I am not sure if this is a rumor or not but better to be safe than sorry.)
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The loud House Theme Park Ride Idea
"Come along with Lincoln,His sisters,Clyde,Geo,Walt,Charles and Cliff as they go along an adventure through different nicktoon worlds to get to Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise to meet their parents to have a fun time and eat pizza!"
The ride would be similar to jimmy neutron's nicktoon blast with the seats and big screen. The nicktoons in this ride the louds would enter would be: Invader Zim, Rugrats, Welcome To The Wayne and many more. During the ride, The loud siblings,Clyde and the pets would be driving vanzilla
the ride would be at universal studios hollywood
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The Nightmare House Luan's Nightmare Aftermath
Luan wakes up and realizes she's crying. She goes to a briefcase and takes out Mr coconuts and takes him to the living room.
Luan: Mr coconuts i had a bad dream!
Mr coconuts: That's horrible! What happened?
Luan: (voice breaking) I was at a comedy club trying to tell jokes to everyone but they did not respond. I tried to slap a man to get him to laugh but soon i realized that he's a... statue. Everyone in the audience was a statue as well. Even my family! Suddenly, you came to the stage and started to make fun of me until i told you to go away and you where gone. I wanted you to come back.. and I realized i was alone in the club and i did not want to be alone and i started to cry and.. and.. (starts to cry)
Mr coconuts: Luan listen to me (Luan stops crying and looks at him) You are my best friend and i will always be by your side when you tell jokes and make everyone laugh okay? And your family also.
(The two then hug each other)
Luan: Thank you Mr coconuts...
Mr coconuts: You're welco
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Alolan Pikachu by sa6044 Alolan Pikachu :iconsa6044:sa6044 9 1
The Nightmare House Lori's Nightmare Aftermath
(Rita comes into the room)
Rita: Sweetie what's wrong? Did you have a Nightmare?
Lori: (crying) Mom It was awful! I dreamt that you and dad where leaving us and then my siblings say they didn't need me and i started to get smaller until lincoln put me in a jar and i tried to get out but the jar fell and I...I (cries into rita's chest while she tries to comfort her)
Rita: Shhhh... it's okay sweetie. It's just a nightmare. Now go back to sleep okay?
Lori: (Sniffing) Okay mom...
(Lori goes back to sleep while rita leaves her and lori's room)
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To shadesummer..... 2
Please upload some more art and commissions! I really miss you!
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Older Non-Loud House fanart: Invader Zim by NickTheIrkenArtist Older Non-Loud House fanart: Invader Zim :iconnicktheirkenartist:NickTheIrkenArtist 9 7 Cain Pingrey  by chanyhuman Cain Pingrey :iconchanyhuman:chanyhuman 12 16 No Guts, No Gloki  by chanyhuman No Guts, No Gloki :iconchanyhuman:chanyhuman 23 2 A Tellers Tail by chanyhuman A Tellers Tail :iconchanyhuman:chanyhuman 18 12 beta ditto evo by puppycatfan13 beta ditto evo :iconpuppycatfan13:puppycatfan13 1 0 Pokemon Spaceworld '97 Cats by Houkou-NRL Pokemon Spaceworld '97 Cats :iconhoukou-nrl:Houkou-NRL 3 0 Scales of Justice Poster by CandyRandy7D Scales of Justice Poster :iconcandyrandy7d:CandyRandy7D 15 3 I am hyped what about you??? by Glitched-Irken I am hyped what about you??? :iconglitched-irken:Glitched-Irken 64 92 After arm wrestling by ReedAhmad After arm wrestling :iconreedahmad:ReedAhmad 44 47 Baby steps Leni by jmdoodle Baby steps Leni :iconjmdoodle:jmdoodle 37 4 Character Alignment Chart (Loud House) by MrAnimatedToon Character Alignment Chart (Loud House) :iconmranimatedtoon:MrAnimatedToon 11 3 Lana says Hi! by JTrexe Lana says Hi! :iconjtrexe:JTrexe 50 9 Chaz Loves Leni's Kisses by nintendomaximus Chaz Loves Leni's Kisses :iconnintendomaximus:nintendomaximus 51 17 Lola sees Winston shirtless for the first time by manuel2018 Lola sees Winston shirtless for the first time :iconmanuel2018:manuel2018 4 0 Lincoln Loud dressed as a clown by MarcosPower1996 Lincoln Loud dressed as a clown :iconmarcospower1996:MarcosPower1996 22 1
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stole this from Lunarleaf1000


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