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VolKnob 1.1

A simple volume knob for Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

- Use Middle Mouse Wheel over skin to adjust system volume.
- Use Middle Mouse Button to toggle between mute and unmute.

Update 1.1 : Code revised.

Original code and idea by ~OsricWuscfrea in Volume Knob 1.0
Awesome volume knob graphics by ~heckytorr.
© 2013 - 2021 sa3er
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exactly what ive been looking for! thank you very much!

Simple and perfect - does exactly what I want it to do

This is a great volume controller but imo its just a little too big, it was easily resized in photoshop as well as removing the 'volume' text from below it.  I'm trying to figure out how I can make the wheel click 'pause' rather than mute, have tried using other codes in place of the mute code but it doesn't seem to take :/ Love it though and use it on a daily basis

Depends what music player you're trying to pause (spotify,musicBee,wmp etc.)

Hey Sa3er!

Is there a way to remove the "Volume" tag?

Going for a sleek design for my desktop right now, so it'd be nice to have just the knob itself! :)
I went into Rainmeter >Skins>VolKnob>resources>Images>Ring. Take the image into your image editor of choice and crop the volume letters out, there is still the issue of the shadow which i think is a bad touch on sa3er s part but its his creation so who am i too judge. I spent a bit of time and edited the shadow out. Then just save/overwrite the file, then refresh all in rainmeter and you should be good to go. Theres no easier way that i can find 
Does the same knob skin exist for brightness control? Would be cool to have one for volume and one for brightness
I could make one if still interested
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.....anyone found a way to get rid of the VOLUME writing underneath yet ???????
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Compared to other similar volume controls - this one is hands down the easiest to mod, and it is smooth looking
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Volume text is a part of the png.. photoshop :)
No prob with it! I am depserately searching for a skin to modify the "windows sound mixer" (y'know, with the indicator for each software -Itunes, internet...-) i even tried to make it myself but.... Any idea?
How do I get rid of the "Volume" below the knob?
How do I get rid of the "Volume" below the knob?
works great just what i needed =P... is there any way for me to color it?
Thanks Nice One
How do I download things? I'm new to this..
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GOOD WORK .... thx
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Thank you bro. np. :)
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Thank you sir.
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