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Milky Way Vertical Panorama - Port Willunga

My first try at a 180 degree vertical panorama. It's made up of 5 portrait images, all of which were shot at 11mm/f2.8 with a 35 second shutter.

Taken down at Port Willunga, South Australia with a 550D/Tokina 11-16 f2.8
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Aug 7, 2012, 9:51:31 PM
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Oh my god, amazing. Never seen anything like it before.
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A nice and novel picture !
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I love this! Great work!
wonderful work...
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thats a different way of doing it! never though to do vertical panorama of a landscape scene! great work!
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this is absolutely stunning!
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That's amazing:D
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Wow this is amazing : O
I've never seen a 180 panoramic shot before how cool :D
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nice job. Which tripod have you used? I am curious about your setup :)
Good that the tokina is already wideangle lens, with a normal lens it will be hard I guess, don't you think so? I guess it would need 4-5 shots more.
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I don't have a crazy tripod yet but I'm saving for something better than the $40 one I currently have. [link]
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ah i see a lot plastic, but it seems to be quite stable ;)

I have just recently bought some new one (a light weight alu one).

plus some not so big/expensive, but good in keeping Ballhead-HEAD for it.

I definitely want to try getting some stars / night sky shots. Right now we have a quite damn cloudy weather. We will see.

Thanks for the info! :)
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Yeah, it's fairly stable for what it is. Gets good height too.

I wouldn't be surprised if the pan/tilt knobs end up breaking off from over tightening though. But yeah, fairly stable, especially considering the insane amount of wind there was the night I took this.

The Velbon looks nice. I was planning on spending around $600 on a good video tripod (with a decent fluid head) that could double up as my new photography tripod too, but I'm starting to think I might need a dedicated photo tripod. Something like the Velbon would be good, and much easier to carry around than the big Manfrotto or whatever I end up getting for video.
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that confused me at first, but when you get your head round it, it is a very nice picture indeed.
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This is a fantastic idea. I wouldn't have thought of a vertical panorama but it works really well. I get a little case of vertigo when I follow it to the top and see the mountains hanging there....but that's just me. Awesome shot! Thanks for sharing.
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This is absolutely fantastic. I cannot begin to explain how awesome this is. Clap clap sir, clap clap.
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Spectacular capture! :)
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