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nuoveXT is an icon theme for GNOME and KDE.

This is my first attempt of creating an icon theme. There is still a lots to do, but I thought I could share what I've done so far. Made entirely with Inkscape.

A big THANKS to:

- Inkscape: what a great tool! :D
- Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source in general
- All the other GNOME and KDE artists who have inspired me and specially everaldo ([link]) which is, I think, simply the best icon designer out there ;-)
- Open Clip Art Library ([link]).
- DeviantArt: One of the best place for inspiration and artworks.
- for hosting my project.

Constructive feedbacks are more than welcome ;-)



1.3 Updated 05/08/2005
Added over 20 new Mimetypes icons.
Added over 30 new Apps icons (including some distros and kde icons).
Added firewire and usb drives.
Changed gtk-stop icons.
Changed gnome-logout icons.
Added extras folder with various icons.

1.2 Updated 02/08/2005
This is a huge update! There is a lots of changes, here's the highlights:
- Project is now hosted by [link] at [link] Thanks!
- Structure of the theme: it is now based on gPerfection.
- All new gtk icons.
- Redesigned gtk icons (navigation).
- New devices icons (added tags to cds and dvds)
- New filesystems icons.
- All new and redesigned mimetypes icons (also with tags).
- All new emblems icons.
- Added a few apps icons.

1.1 Updated - added a few icons 18/07/2005
1.0 First release 17/07/2005
0.3 Preview release 15/07/2005
0.2 Preview release 14/07/2005
0.1 Preview release 12/07/2005

© 2005 - 2022 sa-ki
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Best icon for me =)
zgornel's avatar
What about a Firefox 2.0 theme ? :)
nordlicht's avatar
No interest in updating this any more?
nordlicht's avatar
One of the best Iconsets in existance. Thank you so much for this!
Nerdiphied's avatar
Been using this theme for a long, long time.
Me loves it. :D
JoaoCordeiro's avatar
One beautiful icon set, featured at [link]
ScislaC's avatar
fantastic icons!
wedderburn's avatar
Whoa mate you're the one that made this thats sweet as mate
as a kde and gnome user this icon set just makes things look more polished great job
thanks heaps :highfive:
Josephs's avatar
Alex! Our iconpackage is complete! Now WindowsXP Users can apply your Amazing icons!
If you wanna have a look at it, or maybe leave me a comment... ;) You can view them here [link]
Thanks so much for allowing me to do this, and I thought I'd let you know I am working on your SnowIsh Icons next!
See you Soon!
sa-ki's avatar
Good job! I like it ;-)
Let me know when SnowIsh will be ready ;-)
Josephs's avatar
These icons are absolutely devine!
I love every one of them, they appear so smooth and high-quality.

:+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
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any way us xp uses might be able to use these?:(
sa-ki's avatar
Someone already asked me if he could port this theme to Windows XP ;-)
rdj550's avatar
it would be great, i think everyones tired of the aqua relovution, we need some gnome and linux stuff here....the xiamian desktop is one of my favorites and these would go perfect with those, or at least the smooth gnome....
fishie's avatar
a firefox theme would be awesome to go with this.
theturner's avatar
Very nice work! I like it.

But why are the KDE and GNOME packages seperate? KDE and GNOME support the same icon theme spec, just the naming conventions are different. You can put them in one package and symlink the names. Contact me if you need help!

It would be cool if you could take the time and generate these icons in all sizes, it gives better (sharper) results than letting the DE scale down to all sizes.
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awesome icons :clap:
+ favs ;-)
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