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nuoveXT is an icon theme for GNOME and KDE.

This is my first attempt of creating an icon theme. There is still a lots to do, but I thought I could share what I've done so far. Made entirely with Inkscape.

A big THANKS to:

- Inkscape: what a great tool! :D
- Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source in general
- All the other GNOME and KDE artists who have inspired me and specially everaldo ([link]) which is, I think, simply the best icon designer out there ;-)
- Open Clip Art Library ([link]).
- DeviantArt: One of the best place for inspiration and artworks.
- for hosting my project.

Constructive feedbacks are more than welcome ;-)



1.3 Updated 05/08/2005
Added over 20 new Mimetypes icons.
Added over 30 new Apps icons (including some distros and kde icons).
Added firewire and usb drives.
Changed gtk-stop icons.
Changed gnome-logout icons.
Added extras folder with various icons.

1.2 Updated 02/08/2005
This is a huge update! There is a lots of changes, here's the highlights:
- Project is now hosted by [link] at [link] Thanks!
- Structure of the theme: it is now based on gPerfection.
- All new gtk icons.
- Redesigned gtk icons (navigation).
- New devices icons (added tags to cds and dvds)
- New filesystems icons.
- All new and redesigned mimetypes icons (also with tags).
- All new emblems icons.
- Added a few apps icons.

1.1 Updated - added a few icons 18/07/2005
1.0 First release 17/07/2005
0.3 Preview release 15/07/2005
0.2 Preview release 14/07/2005
0.1 Preview release 12/07/2005

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Best icon for me =)