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NeonX Icons

Simple icons pack I made for fun (experimenting).
Enjoy ;-)

Pixadex iContainer available here -> [link]
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So this is the type of content you produce when you're experimenting, eh? Well played, indeed. ThanksHan Solo Salute 
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Sweet and to the point. Nice work.
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Simplistic but i like it a lot,thanks buddy.
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Can you make a version using gold or orange instead? Thanks! :)
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very nice good job :)
Really nice job!! ... but there'isnt a "GNU/Linux folder" :D i see a windows and a mac folder... but none for gnu or linux :D...

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great icons.thanx
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really nice icon set. I use it on my mobile.
do you have plans to extend this NeonX series with further icons? :)

I'm missing a few icons to customize my mobile phone....for example a clock symbol
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Not in my short term plan, unfortunately...
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DO you mind if I use your icons for a samurize config :) ?
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No problem.
How can I install in my ubuntu???
Hi , i really like this icons , but how to use them in ubuntu ?!? , thanks anyway :) .
does rocket docks, or any docks automaticly detect when you put a usb flash drive in your pc and pop with that usb icon? nice work by the way
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I have no idea, sorry :-(
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mad nice- sleek & clean
keep up the good work!
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just i waiting !
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Waiting for what?! :confused:
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do you have a PSD u can post up too?
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No PSD, this is SVG and this is not available for download sorry :-(
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