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three hell spawns now that is badass

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Amazing job!!!
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Yet another amazing piece of work. Also ghost pokemons are <3.
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oh woah your stuff is amazing!
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Awesome art! :D
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Are you planning on releasing this artbook again? I'd love to get it.
Match Made in hell.
This is just incredibly intimidating and impressive. The Gastly family's monstrous but still cute appearance and Chara's gentle exterior with murder in their eyes.
absolutely stunning!!!
astounding picture!!
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do you ever go to conventions and sell prints?
because all your art is so damn good!
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Fantastic coloring!!!
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Wanna know something? This looks really amazing and I mean that^^ Well done!
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I feel like you could've given her some other pokemon, too... Hmm... OH! You could've given her a Mimikyu! They're both cute on the outside, but terrifying on the inside! She looks good with these pokemon, too, though! I love your art style! How do you get the colors on Mega Gengar to blend so smoothly like that??? :O
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What an amazing job!
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That's so AWESOME!!
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