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July 15, 2017
Kings clash in Pokemon x UNDERTALE : Asgore and Nidoking by Sa-Dui
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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this picture is

GinGearAKASeanNaulls's avatar

That pose of Asgore is just beyond epic and dauntless! I've never seen something so epic out of the blue before!

hjghhgkj's avatar

hmmmmmmmmmmmm.................who will win?

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I am sorry asgore but nidoking kick your fluffy tailed ass real quick
mixmaster1987's avatar

Yes but don’t poison him

TomaCB's avatar

Battle of the Kings!!

FireLizard2005's avatar
Gogoat's also good for this
mixmaster1987's avatar

Yes this would be true but I don’t think gogoat is regal enough

FireLizard2005's avatar

Just as another of his Pokèmon,not his main one

SilverSugar's avatar
I don't even have words for how much I love this piece.

A well earned DD for sure~!!
Nidoking is my favorite Pokémon versus a video game character from one of my favorite games is just the most amazing deviation I have seen thus far
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Well, this is something that I haven't thought of!
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Love the style you drew Asgore in.
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I don't like how they are both looking down at me...Also nice work! :)
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Beautifully drawn! :D
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I'm the 1000 like!! Jaja. Your art is incredible, and this painting is outstanding!! Keep the amazing work! :D
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Congratulations on your DD! :la: Thank you for giving us such an epic showdown, and many thanks to TsaoShin for featuring! 
DPSans1337's avatar
Nidoking vs King Asgore.
Artwork is amazing but... why Nidoking? It's probably the derpiest stage 2 pokemon other than Nidoqueen.
Excuse me?! Nidoking is my favorite Pokémon and you should keep some of your opinions to yourself! Not to be rude. Sorry...
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Dude i posted this like 6 months ago. I don’t even know why i commented this.
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