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Pokemon : Triple Charizards

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Pokemon fan art by me.

Red with 3 Charizards.

I really love their mega form! ,especially X form!
(I'll not talk about the final evolved Kalos starter... poor Fennekin. T ^ T )
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Well now ya gotta add Gigantamax Charizard to the mix ;P

Beautifully done!

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Oh, my, gosh!!! You are amazing, this is amazing!!!!
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THIS ...IS.... SICK!!!!!! lol
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Hey, I'm not sure if you're aware, but someone is using your art on laptop cases without any credit to you and making money off of it over here:…
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Charmander FTW :D
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This is anime when given 3 dimensions, at least when compared to other animes. Really neat, this shows you're an excellent artist, but what medium did you use?
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AMAZING !! I love the 3 of them ♥
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This is amazing! 
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Red isn't taking any crap. This is awesome! Would make a pretty boss final battle. :)
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Super awesome!!
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More like triple threat
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Final Smash GO! (  'A')>
Hey, can I use this for my youtube channel pic? its one of the best poke francs I've ever seen :3 Ill give you credit somewhere in the channel
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