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Pokemon : Nature

When playing Pokemon game.
People always looking for a good "Nature" Pokemon, and me too.
So I made this from that idea... :)

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can I used your comic for a comic dub please?
WeAreVenom626's avatar
We love charmander despite fire being our weakness...
JTTWlover's avatar
I don’t really care about the natures. Of course I just started my games.
thekidthatyoudontkow's avatar
Noivernz's avatar
Charmander was my first pokemon and Fire Red was my first game so this hits me in the feels man
Loli-Kei's avatar
Askippzer's avatar
Yes.... yes you are. This is so sweet
Akame9507's avatar
Thats so cuteee
sunclanforeststar's avatar
This is so touching. I think I'm going to cry!
SoggyCroissant05's avatar
not gonna lie i never care about nature
all i care is that i got a good pokemon or rare one or something i ligit ignor what nature it is XD
Italo-Victor's avatar
Straight through my heart Pikachu Crying Plz  it's so beautiful
SweetKirbi's avatar
AWW!!! SO CUTE!!! X3
FlipnoteWitzke's avatar
I love my Pokemon however they are ^u^
For me, its not just about battling and being the strongest, its more about the bonding
and making memories with the Pokemon I am given.
LiamTehChikorita's avatar
I completely agree.
Sergiomathe's avatar
I never cared about my pokemon's nature. I would still love them.
UMFactorius's avatar
Hello. I'd like to translate this epic comic into Korean. Can i do?
SnowPo's avatar
This is too cute man damn.
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