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Pokemon : Misty and Gyarados

By Sa-Dui
Pokemon Fan art
Misty and Gyarados.

Gyarados use Surf!
I love Misty so much! :D

Pokemon (c)

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Narutopowers88's avatar
Love this, I wanna see my OC with my Gyarados.
Benyto-Mick's avatar
Just so perfect <3 
AkiraMercuraki's avatar
I love this so much!
Breyer-Lover25's avatar
I remember the episode where Misty revealed she owned a Gyarados i always thought she didnt really like them at first but when i saw that, i was very impressed and surprised XD it was an awesome episode. And amazing art work too btw ;)
MaxToTheMaxPower's avatar
thats hot /)///////////(\
Jesus... that Gyarados wants to eat me...
Hirpina81's avatar
AmandaAstrom's avatar
WOW! So cool! Love it :D
LOVE this, especially paired with the Misty & Psyduck painting!!
KickedFromArtClass's avatar
jellylamps's avatar
I thought Misty hated Gyrados... Anyway, PURE AWESOMENESS!!!
heavenlymusicnotes's avatar
Nice style! The colors really pop! Great job <3
transforpuppy's avatar
I miss Misty, And Brock Why did they have to replace them with people with absolutely no new personality
Sorain26's avatar
You have such a lovely coloring style!!! beautiful and vibrant :).
wow love that amazing detail
TablierMotoki's avatar
Amazing colours! Congratulations!
rockgirl133's avatar
omg that is so awsome!!!
mavericknono23's avatar
Waaouwwh hoe make you that it's fantastic !!!!!!! :D
OminousEcho's avatar
misty didnt like her personality trait being like a gyarados xD
Nenna-Chan's avatar
nice pic! love the colors, The gyarados just looks  badass 
reshae9000's avatar
cool, what would be even better is if there was a mega gyarados! :eager:
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