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Pokemon : Mega Salamence

By Sa-Dui
Pokemon : Mega Salamence.

At first I didn't like his design very much.
But now I found out he is cool! :D

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Songbreeze741's avatar

Nothing like summoning Eclipse when you want everything to die, wait, wrong series.

MayonnaiseHimSelf's avatar

Mega salamence was my first mega

Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
Amazing. Great job
ADlEUX's avatar
DUDE, every time I see this piece, I feel SALAMENCE BLOOD BOILING through my poke-veins! DRAGON DANCE,OUTRAGE=KO! Your art interpretation is so sleek, and edgy, I love the fleeting feeling we get as viewers, about to witness or, TAKE? the brutal onslaught that is DRAGON PULSE? or HYPERBEAM! FUCKING AMAZING WORK man! *****
b2j136's avatar
wow this is AMAZING!
10/10 :D
D1000100's avatar
Awesome drawing!!!! 
AToastyWolf21's avatar
Could we maybe get a Shiny Mega Charizard Y. ;w;
RandomVanGloboii's avatar
It had been my desktop for long time and I kindly thank you for it. :love:
spartan38's avatar
Hate to be its target.
LithiumSpartan's avatar
I really do not like the design of the mega but you knocked it out of the park, awesome work! 
KazmaBlack's avatar
AlexisOddity's avatar
GlitchxCity used this ahh
brentken's avatar
Stunning work!
emsoileau's avatar
The effects of the sky and the lighting, and your composition, are all amazing in this one.
NinjaGeko19's avatar
Wow. Just wow. 
DragonMorticia666's avatar
This is beyond epic. I love the effects of the Hyper Beam (I'm assuming) charging in his mouth. 
Iuxa's avatar
Megan Salamence is awesome!! His wings remind me of a red crescent moon.
TheSpidertroll's avatar
Er, a person I know asked me to ask you whether he could edit this and use it as a profile pic on another site.
Doppelmore's avatar
After using one on my team, Mega Salamence has good reason to be considered uber.
Rexvil's avatar
He's much like a F-22 Raptor of the pokemon world ._."
At least he reminds me of that plane 
DeathbyPixels13's avatar
My... all-time favorite Pokemon. (Like a boss)
4Hats's avatar
Could you show a step to step! I've recently started drawing, I'm really bad, but maybe I could get some inspiration from you! Awesome work! :D 
InsertCoolNameHere5's avatar
dude that's so cool! if you got the time I would rlly like to ask some questions like, what you use to do THIS, so awesome!, and how did you make it look so real?
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