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Pokemon : Mega Pidgeot

By Sa-Dui
Pokemon : Mega Pidgeot.
Speed paint agian.


I love how they give him a mega evolve, he's one of underused-neverused Pokemon.
I glad he will stronger and have chance in battle! :)

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Thank you!!
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Someone stole your art:

Pokemon   Mega Pidgeot  Brennan Hom
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Definitely one of my favorite Mega Evolutions!

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Mega evolution.

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Really Great artwork. I love the defensive glare.

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Pidgeot best bird boi
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I'm sorry, but I think someone stole this. "Their" digital art is different from their traditional, and I saw this exact picture:  Mega pidgeot  by parkertheeevee13
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aw it looks like that little pidgey is being knocked over from the awesome of mega pidgeot *^*
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oh my gosh I love mega pidgeot!
The points just above the head and to the right of the chest as showing a bit of the background color. It looks a little unnatural.
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That's water painting
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I'm guilty of never using a Pidgey (or it's evolutions) in battle except to teach it Fly :XD: And same applies to their bird counterparts in the other generations lmao. But I won't deny Mega Pidgeot looks badass, specially here :heart:
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mega pidgeot is so special for me <3 my fav pokémon, and your art is amazing. 
Wow Awesome art, can i use this for my book?

I will give credits
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My friend has a Mega LVL 100 PidgeotPidgeot Plz 
Y00FI's avatar
I've always used Pidgeot X3
One of my favorite Pokémon ever.
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This is awesome! I love Mega Pidgeot <3
Dragon-KnightGuvz19's avatar
From this picture, all I can think about are my two Shiny Pidgey twins, Skye and Striker. They are both Pidgeot now, and Striker is currently the only one of the two that can Mega Evolve! However, in spite of how strong Stirker is compared to his sister, Skye is the older of the two siblings.

I really like how you show the beauty and majesty of Mega Pidgeot in this image, as if trying to ward of attackers from the infant Pidgey child sleeping. It's really an excellent piece! 8-)
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Aww this is just wonderfull! Love it! :heart:
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dude plz teach me your drawing ways! *lol* all hail your amazing art!
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