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Pokemon : Mega Blastoise

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Pokemon Fan art by me.

Mega Blastoise.
LOVE the design!! :D

And Mega Charizard from :iconaquazircon: She invite me to draw Kanto starter mega set with her friend. ^___^

Other Mega Pokemon fan art by me.

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OMG THIS ONE IS MY FAV AND WAS MY LAPTOP BG AND MY DISCORD AVATAR!(yeah. i know...caps which i didnt really need to use. it was just joy that shot into me) great job man. keep up the hard work :D
pup-fu's avatar
This is terribly AWESOME
DatArtDud3's avatar
This is... BADASS!
DJHiryu508's avatar
"whoa everyone! Looks like blastoise is setting up his signature move, hydro pump! And with three cannons its sure to be!..."

Mega Blastoise: (shoots hydro pump from its mouth)

"...god damn it."
LinkTheHero5555's avatar
Again this is awesome!
Hukya's avatar
I love blastoise and maga blastoise
sidetrack1's avatar
it reminds me of the coloration of the blastoise on the cover of "pokemon blue" AND the shiny look a lot of recent animes have
youmad1346's avatar
Badass level: over 90,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
iamawolfiamdemon's avatar
HavocWraith's avatar
You're art… Oh my goodness! You've such ridiculous skill! Wonderful and very inspiring! 
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
Why is this not in my favourites yet? Excellent work.  :fav: 
Pixxlor's avatar
oh man i love all your drawings *.*
Ky-KAI's avatar
KrisFromNewBarkTown's avatar
Loving this pic!!! Everything so shiny and glowy! Great special effects.
clawsthewolf's avatar
blastoise look like he bout to wreck some shit 
Metagross101's avatar
Hey, would you mind if I use this for a fake card?
Yiann12g's avatar
Venusaur gets Thick Fat and Chlorophyl...
Charizard gets 2 forms, one of which is a friggin' Dragon-type AT LAST...
Blastoise does not even get Shell Smash? WHY, I ASK THEE! WHY?!
Yiann12g's avatar
Amazing artwork, by the way... Sorry for getting way too frustrated by such UNFAIR TREATMENT AGAINST MY FAVOURITE STARTER!
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