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Pokemon : Lovely enemy

By Sa-Dui
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Team Rocket follow Ash and company to everywhere in Pokemon world, sometime they might be annoying.
But I think they like a parents who follow their kid during journey. :D

I love them! Team Rocket!!

miss them so much.

hug hug ~~
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FiregloomHobbyist Writer

SOOO CUTE!!!!!Kojiro (Heart Eyes) [V1]

This reminds me of the second movie, cuz if they haven't sacrificed themselves this definitely would have happened! And the others would have probably gone: WHAAAAAA!? Pika Box- Confused

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WillieMangaStudent Photographer
Because of all the times they back up Ash or obsess over his Pikachu, not to mention their goofily failed attempts to be evil, I do think they have a soft spot for them. They should just retire from Team Rocket and become his friends. 
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ArnikumPlusHobbyist Traditional Artist
They are more like cats and dogs. They tease each other sometimes but when they work together, you doesn't want to mess with them.

If they didn't meet Ash, would they have their actual personnality ?
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Screaming-SheldonHobbyist General Artist
Charming picture....but there's no way in this world or any other that they'd be forgiven.
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DollsInTheNightHobbyist Writer
Am I the only one who thinks that'd it be interesting to see a spinoff series where they quit Team Rocket, and end up as Ash's traveling companions?
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Yeah that would be cool. Definitely would like to see them walk away from Team Rocket or; become the new Leaders of team rocket but with the real antagonist puling strings from behind the scenes. We know they're truly not bad so it would be so cool seeing them in with higher status, power, and some smarts. Like they could be under the position of making serious decisions that can make or break the world around them. Jessie, James, & battle bond Meowth haha
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Screaming-SheldonHobbyist General Artist
Quick Ash, slap handcuffs on them!
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This looks heartwarming <3
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doomboomerHobbyist General Artist
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Ash should count his blessings whilst he can, what if he has hassled by some criminals who were actually good at their job...
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WrylentynHobbyist Photographer
This takes me back to Pokemon the Movie 2000 when Team Rocket sacrificed themselves to save the world.  Naturally they didn't die because they're pretty much immortal, but it was touching nonetheless.
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Team Rocket aren't evil, far from it. They try, but they proven time and time again they aren't. I hope that eventually they join Ash along the way and we get a new more evil group causing trouble for Ash.
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ArtistStar144Professional Digital Artist
I, personally, want this to happen in the anime.

I don't know how long I'll have to wait for it, I just want the ol' TR and Ash to have some sappy moment.
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NineTailWyndfoxStudent General Artist
Very touching and humorous.
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Hey, I'd become attached to someone I had been following around for 20 years.
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i saw this and i couldnt help but think "awww thats so sweet"
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Si James no menciono tu colonia en el doblaje tienes infancia.

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Team rocket and ash must be good friends after all these years!
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
So precious!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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nickoswarStudent Digital Artist
I saw this picture while listening to Emotion from the B/W soundtrack. Instant water eyes.
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OR 3

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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
Yeah. Sometimes Team Rocket really are like this. And while they most likely would deny it, they are not that evil. I mean they care for each other and their pokémon, and somewhere deep inside they do care for the "twerps" too. So I believe, at least. :)
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Narutopowers88Hobbyist Artist
I agree they care more about their Pokemon than Paul. Team Rocket also tends to keep secret or not tell the truth.
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