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Pokemon : Lost in Lumiose

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** Full view will be better!! ***

Pokemon X Y fan art by me.

:: Lost in Lumiose city ::

Myself with my team in Pokemon Y.

Meowstic (female)
and Zweilous (She already evolved to Hydreigon. :D )

Lumiose city is a maze for me. @ ____ @
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It does this maze no help that all the outer streets look the same; and the alleys do in fact make it worse.
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I love these kind of drawings SO, so much and og my god, this looks incredible!Love 
I love those team artworks, doing my own right now. It's great to see how different the favourite Pokémon are :D
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Aerodactyl: *Gruff, scratchy voice* "It's that way!"
Lucario: *Deep and calm* "No, it's this way."
Delphox: *Wise and curious* "Are you sure it's not this way?"
Zweilous (head one) *Annoyed* "Look, can we just get going already?"
Meowstic: *Light, high-pitched tone* "Hmm..."
Lantern: *Slightly blubbery* "Where are we going again?"
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Yep! exactly what would happen! :D

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I can't even begin describing how great this is.
this is such a cute drawing!
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I absolutely love your work, I've been blasting you on my new Pokemon Tumblr for the last hour or two rofl.
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This is awesome! And I also have the same problems in the game XD
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That's me in poke'mon Y XD
MLPquang20-c's avatar
Man, I feel so sorry for you guys........ rofl 

All the same, you did great. I'm still considering getting either X or Y someday.
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You should get it.
It's the best Poke'mon game I've ever played X3

-I highly recommend it-
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It's so true :D I love the way they all search the soluce :)

Signed: the girl who always looks at her map to not be lost ;)
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"Lumiose city is a maze for me. @ ____ @"
Me: Agreed. I never could navigate on my own. I had Silver, my Charizard, use Fly as soon as I got it.
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The funniest part is that they all point in different directions 😂
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How are people not freaking out that's there's a prehistoric Pokémon in a café
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Please tell me how long this took, I need to know >.<
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Awesome team! I personally never go anywhere without my Lucario. :) 
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That very simalar to my X tam
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Once again, your ability to integrate so many disparate Pokemon and make the scene appear so "everyday believable" is astonishing. This is exactly what an outsider would see if a trainer and her team were utterly lost in a city and sat down to look at the map...but trying to imagine it on your own is hard unless you have a VERY good mental image of all the different Pokemon.

I can't favorite this fast enough!
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