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Pokemon : It doesn't affect..


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Poor Gengar! So cute!
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Ouuuuuuuuch poor gangar...
rabbitspika90's avatar
Poor Lil gengar
he just wanted love
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I know what rejection feels like.   I can sympathize with Gengar here.
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i feel bad for gengar
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what was that ghost pokemon again? ghastly? anywaysfeel bdfor him cuz -whisper--i think he has a crush on clefable-
ahyuncandy's avatar
oh yeahi remeber gengar
ashenrisen's avatar
awwwwww...poor guy
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Clefable = Fairy type.
Gengar = Ghost/poison type.

Get your revenge, my boy.
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*Teaches gengar discharge* Eyebrow-Wigglin' Bonnie Icon (commission) 
RazorVolare's avatar
*Teaches Gengar Attract* Go get her champ. x3
xXderpyman10Xx's avatar
Listen here gengar, clefable is a different type now. She's fairy. But if it doesn't work, try someone else..
Bafa's avatar
It's so priceless, sad and absolutely out of this world adorable!! I love it! :')
SkullyTheAlchemist's avatar
Well Clefable is now a Fairy so it works now.
HandxPalm's avatar
poor little guy ;_;
SkullyTheAlchemist's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *hugs the gengar* Don't cry little guy
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