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Pokemon : Baby Dragons

By Sa-Dui
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Baby Dragons Parade ~~~~


Horsea, Trapinch, Swablu are not Dragon type but they will evolve to, so I include them. :D

Same concept as this pic

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dawww :D
Thankful: d:
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All each the making of really awesome Dragon type Pokemon outside of being adorable as hell >W<
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Totally adorable! By far the cutest thing I have seen Pokémon-related.
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Why not remake this including the dragons baby forms of the Dragons of gen VI? Goomy, Noibat, Tyrunt, Skrelp, Charmander, Treecko and Mareep (the latter 3 cause of their mega evos). That would be awesome!!
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and Jangmo-o too from Gen VII
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You should add Charmender, Treecko, Goomy, Tyrunt and Noibat!
Then it would become perfect <3
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Where is the good old charizard?
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Takes forever to vet ahold of these little guys but it's worth it . They're the cutest soon to be dragons ever. Axew and Deino brofist is pretty cool too.
They know they're the reason why we bought Black and White 2 .
They just know .
Thanks for this
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Probably the 1000+ time you'll read this but.... This is so freaking cute! La la la la La la la la 
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ohmygosh! this is so cute, and the art is amazing!
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superb cuteness
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DAAAWWW!! i love the way you portray Pokémon! So cute!!!!
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So cute! Oooh I have always liked the baby dragons they are so cute :)
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Ish...Ish...It's adorable!!!! *kiiiiia~* I really do adore all of your artwork! Some of your pieces have tugged at my heart and made me see some pokemon in a different light! I will definitely follow you, just to what other master pieces you come up with!
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this is amazing. Now redraw it to add GOOMY!
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What about Skrelp?
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not enough goomy
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You should add charmender Heart 
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And Mareep. xD
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Charizard is not Dragon-type, contrary to its movepool.
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But Mega Charizard X is Dragon-Type.
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