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Despicable me : Minions

By Sa-Dui
I watch Despicable me 2 today and Awwww,
I LOVE minions!!
Minions everywhere~~~
Left one is Carl, right is Dave.
Gru know all of their names, how sweet. > w < :heart:

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Edit:: minion's finger.
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Aw, that looks cute!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Herowebcomics's avatar
They look so cute, but why did they have to like bananas in the movies?!
Why couldn't they like apples or grapes or anything else that doesin't have that shape?!
Takostu64's avatar

Apples is they're other favorite, but bananas are way too iconic. Also, speaking of the second movie, Lucy looks like Pearl from Steven Universe. Look at her design!

Herowebcomics's avatar
And it's awesome!
Also, I would enjoy seeing the minions eat jucy peaches!
That would be fun!
Takostu64's avatar

Well, they also like papayas.

Herowebcomics's avatar
Well, that's something I guess!
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SmurfyCarl's avatar
Minions Emote HA HA , COOL !!!
Takostu64's avatar

Oh, for the love of Smurf, since when a Smurf and a Minion can be allies? That makes no smurfing sense!

SmurfyCarl's avatar

That would be a Very Crazy Idea 💡!!!

Takostu64's avatar

I was joking here.

SmurfyCarl's avatar

Ok , I Understand

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I love the Minions! Awesome picture!:) 
EpsilonEagle's avatar
As much as I hate seeing them EVERYWHERE I have to admit that minions are cute, you've done a pretty good job drawing them too.
AvatarLogan's avatar
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They're so adorable!Animated Love Monkey 
Cutely homoerotic.
RainStartsFalling's avatar
someone stole yout art!… I already reported it, but you may want to as well
RobbyL9's avatar
Dave is my absolute favorite. It's really sweet that not only does Gru know all their names, if you look really closely at his phone he has two of his minions on speed-dial. One of them is Dave!

Also, BANANAS!!!
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