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so epic!
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When I first saw this, I instantly realized a secondary motif to Jaune. he's not only based on Joan of Arc. He's also based on European heroes and legends. I can see traces of King Arthur and Charlemagne in him (Rookie Hero with a great destiny ahead of him), Siegfried (Hero fated to suffer despite his heroism), Hercules (Insane physical strength, he stopped the Nuckalavee's charge) and Patroclus (close friend to Achilles, who is Pyrrha's inspiration and later wore his armor. similar to Jaune's new armor and sword being made from Pyrrha's metals)

I've also notice some more secondary motifs to other characters.
Qrow - Cu Chulainn
Raven - Scathach
Salem - Tiamat
Ozpin - Merlin
Nora - Frankenstein
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wow good points, i'm glad i'm not the only one who King Arthur in Jaune, but i never thought of Charlemagne, and now that i think he does have Siegfriend (And Jaune has suffered allot) in him, good point about his strength, i gotta do research on Patroclus (And that's a big too with Pyrrha's metals) and lets not forget Jaune's sword is named after Julio Cesar's sword, 

and wow i never notice those 
except for Ozpin since i always notice the Merlin influence in him since he's a wizard, and maybe Professor Dumbledore as well,

and more i think i see more,
Yang-Sampson (physical strength and she doesn't like to have her hair to be touch, and she lost her confidence when she lost her arm same Sampson lost his strength when he got his hair cut)
Weiss-Guinevere (Weiss's name means white and Guinevere's name mean pure white and also back Jaune's King Arthur elements since i'm a Jaune x Weiss shipper)
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The reason I equated Qrow and Raven to Cu Chulainn and Scathach is simple.
While they're both based on Odin's Ravens, their family name is linked to a Celtic goddess. which implies Celtic inspirations.

Qrow is Cu Chulainn, because like Cu. Qrow's life is one unlucky misfortune after another, plus Qrow's a perpetually drunk warrior similar to Cu Chulainn being described as a warrior who walked with a drunken stagger.

Raven is Scathach, because Raven is the Spring Maiden and Scathach is known as the Witch of Dun Scaith. both are known to be one of the strongest warriors in the setting and have trained some of the best fighters (Vernal and Cu Chulainn). plus Raven presides over a Bandit Tribe, while Scathach presides over a Castle.

Salem is Tiamat because Salem is the Mother of Grimm and has birthing pits while Tiamat is the Mother of all Beasts and births them from her skin.

Good point about Yang.
I can also see Weiss becoming the Brynnhildr/Brawnhilda to Jaune's Sigurd/Siegfried.

Other ones.
Blake - Mochizuki Chiyome.
Noblewomen/Princesses who became Kunoichi in a time of conflict.
Lie Ren -Sasaki Kojiro.
Warriors of calm temperament and have fighting styles that prefer grace and movement in opposition to their rival/friend (Miyamoto and Jaune). 
James Ironwood - Andrew Jackson/George Washington.
Steadfast leaders who'll gladly take a bullet for their comrades and country. even more so in Andrew Jackson's legendary endurance which reflects Ironwood's steely demeanor and disposition. 
Taiyang - Sakata Kintoki/Kintaro.
Martial Artists with Gold motifs and legendary super strength.
Adam Taurus - Shirou Amakusa.
Samurai who led a rebellion, Shirou led a Christian rebellion. Adam leads a Faunus Rebellion.
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all good ones, 

i definitely agree on Weiss being Brawnhilda-Like Weiss disobeyed her just like Brawnhilda disobeyed Odin, also Brawnhilda was put in a sleep spell which she bright back by Siegfried same way Jaune bright back Weiss "Which not only makes Jaune Siegfried to Weiss's Brawnhilda but also the prince to Weiss's Snow White" 
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Makes sense.
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any others?
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I think that's all I can think of, at the moment.
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neither can i,


Ruby is Lancelot to Jaune's King Arthur or Astofo to Jaune's Charlemagne 
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Jaune went from a weak loser to the most powerful huntsman and the King of Vile and the Hero of Remnant,


I can actually see this as Jaune's destiny 
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For the love of Oum, don't let that pretty face hide a sadistic sociopath of a monster.
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Beautiful and Noble are the words that come to my mind 😊
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First thing I thought about when I saw this: God-King Garen
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Haha that title works so well, it seems like something Ruby would say :XD:
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Man, the amount of detail is mind-blowing and the colors and lighting are absolutely beautiful! :wow:

Wow! Just wow. Incredible work!

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Overall is kinda cool, but something wrong with floor. Their legs looks odd, like they are not touching floor.
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The comission is amazing, but that story is quite crappy.
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Not going to lie, I'm getting some huge Soul Caliber vibes from this pic 
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Great art. Love the lighting.
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More like the knight of drapes for capes.
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The detail is just so lavish.
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man i love thecoloring and jaunes armor is sick!
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